Pret is a ready-to-wear fashion, trendy all over the world these days. The word is derived from the French term... prêt-à-porter. It conveys the meaning of a product being mass manufactured in standard sizes and sold in finished condition. Luxury pret dresses are nowadays trendy all over the world.
RJ's Pret is one of the best brands for luxury pret. Their best-selling collections are block kari exclusive and Pristine. All articles are comfortable, trendy, durable, and amazingly beautiful. Buy ethnic luxury pret that make you look shiny in gatherings.
Pristine is a stunning collection of modern silhouettes and bright colors. Feel and look pristine in our luxe silk collection.
History of Ready to Wear Fashion
All clothing in the world was bespoke before 1800. Tailors prepared or sewed outfits for their clients after taking their measurements at the individual level. US governments started mass producing military uniforms in the war of 1812, and those were the first ready-to-wear garments in history. The concept continued to exist after the war. By the end of the century, any man could visit major departmental stores in the city and buy himself ready-to-wear clothing.
Just like today, ladies' fashion was much more complex back then. It had to be more fitted than gents' clothing. Everything, including fitted waists, sleeves-making, and necklines, was almost impossible. But at the beginning of the 20th century, the media brought the concept of ready-to-wear clothing to the US. People found ready-to-wear clothing much more practical than bespoke clothing due to the economic difficulties of those times.
In 1966, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent opened his first store selling a ready-to-wear line. That encouraged many other designers to add ready-to-wear clothing to their traditional inventory.
Difference Between Ready to Wear and Haute Couture
Ready-to-wear clothing and haute couture are two different approaches to clothes making. Ready-to-wear is clothing sold "off the rack." Companies design their standard size and mass produce them, and buyers can start wearing them immediately. On the other hand, Haute offers custom cloth that the tailors exclusively sew for the individual wearer.
Here are some other significant differences
Ready-to-wear, aka pret, is made in factories through automated processes. Haute products are handmade in general. People design and stitch them by hand.
Ready-to-wear clothing streamlines the production process by offering standard sizes that can range from extra small to extra large. Huate is tailor-made for an individual.
Prets are easy to produce in terms of price. That is why customers can also get them for lesser prices. Haute is much more expensive, comparatively.
RJ's Pret is one of the best luxury pret brands. Pakistani textile today has a specific position in the fashion industry. Pakistan's luxury prets are adored all over the world. RJ's Pret designers work hard to provide the best prets that make you look stylish and glamorous. Pakistani heritage and culture inspire the luxury pret dresses of the RJ's Pret.
Green Garden
Green Garden is one of the best articles in the Pristine collection. It is a two-piece outfit that includes a shirt and trousers. Green Garden is available in purple and pink colors.
Black Slitz
Black Slitz is a signature sequenced cape top in net fully embellished and enhanced with sequins red roses over a luxe silk set. You can pair it with rose motifs and plato pants. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Black Slitz is also from the Pristine collection.
Emerald is part of the latest Block Kari exclusive collection. It is a gorgeous three-piece outfit with shirt, dupatta, and trousers. It is available in large, small, and medium sizes.

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