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Color: Maroon

No. of Pieces: 2 pc. (Shirt & Shawl)

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Don’t miss out our beautiful zardozi n mirror embellished silk shawls with block printing all over paired with a rich organza kalidaar frock with intricate mirror n hand work on front n back neck.

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Additional Information

Pakistan is home to some of the most fashionable ladies you will ever meet. From small-town girls to big-city trendsetters, Pakistani women have an innate sense of style that no one in the world can replicate. These stylish ladies know what looks good on them and what doesn’t. 

They experiment with various fashion trends, coming up with their signature styles along the way. This article looks at how Pakistani women choose their outfits from head to toe. 

This article covers everything from the clothes they like to different ways of wearing them. So whether you’re a local girl or a new immigrant planning to settle down in Pakistan, this guide will help you understand the nuances of Pakistani fashion so that you can dress like a native in no time!

RJ’s Pret is one of the most famous Pakistani brands for ladies dresses. You can buy dresses for women online, no matter what season it is, and what kind of  event you are going to attend. Since it is Pakistani brand, designers understand the complexity of Pakistani wedding and design wedding dresses accordingly for Pakistani customers. 

What do Pakistani women like to wear?

When picking outfits for parties, casual Fridays, or even school or college, Pakistani women prefer shalwar kameez or kurtas. Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and kurtas are the traditional dress of Punjab. 

These two clothes will make up the bulk of your wardrobe in Pakistan. 

You can add a twist to your shalwar kameez by wearing it differently. For example, you can wear it long, knee length, or even above the knees. Similarly, you can choose how to wear your kurtas – long, short, or with sleeves. 

While shalwar kameez and kurtas are the go-to clothes, Pakistani women also like to wear Indo-Western attire. This is a combination of Pakistani salwar kameez and Indian sarees. You can also wear suits or long, loose tunics for formal events. For the all-weather climate of Pakistan, you can also go for lightweight shalwar kameez and kurtas made from chiffon.

Shalwar Kameez and kurtas

Shalwar Kameez: Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan that both men and women have worn in the country for centuries. This outfit consists of a long tunic that falls to the knees or ankles and baggy pants tied at the ankles. 

Traditionally, the Shalwar Kameez is made from cotton, but you can also find it in silk and other fabrics. The tunic is usually worn above the knee level, and the pants are loose and fall below the knee. 

The Shalwar Kameez can be worn in various styles – long, short, high-waist, or low-waist. You can also mix and match silk Shalwar Kameez fabrics with a cotton tunic or vice-versa. 

Kurtas: Kurtas are traditional Punjab dresses made from cotton or silk fabrics. These are long shirts with open collars that can either be worn long or short. You can wear kurtas with a belt or without one. You can make it a bit more stylish by adding a belt or a scarf to it.

You can use shalwar kameez and  kurtas on both formal and casual occasions. RJ’s Pret specializes in both. You can buy both formal dresses for women and casual dresses for women.  

Dressing up with shalwar kameez

Long Salwar Kameez: The traditional long Salwar Kameez is a one-piece outfit that covers the wearer from head to toe in loose fabric. However, you can make it exciting by experimenting with different materials, colors, and patterns. Long Salwar Kameez can be made of cotton, polyester, silk, or a mix of fabrics. 

Since the long Salwar Kameez is an all-season outfit, you can choose according to climate. For example, if you plan to visit a cold country, you can pick a warm fabric like wool or fleece. On the other hand, a long polyester Salwar Kameez is perfect for tropical countries like Pakistan, where the weather is hot and humid! 

Short Salwar Kameez: The short Salwar Kameez is a hybrid dress that combines the tunic top from the Shalwar Kameez and the loose pants from the traditional Pakistani Shalwar. If you want to go out on a warm day, you can pick a lightweight fabric for the tunic and light color so that it doesn’t absorb too much heat. You can also go for a short Salwar Kameez made from chiffon or lightweight silk fabric.

Knee-length tunic over trousers (KLT)

The knee-length tunic over trousers is a stylish dress you can wear on special occasions. This outfit is perfect for women who want to wear something comfortable but stylish. You can go with a knee-length tunic of synthetic fabrics like polyester or viscose. They are lightweight, easy to wash, and don’t require ironing.

Dressy Shalwar Kameez (DSK)

A dressy Shalwar Kameez is a cocktail-length Shalwar Kameez dress that is perfect for parties and special occasions. The dressy Shalwar Kameez comes in a variety of designs and fabrics. You can pick a dressy Shalwar Kameez in silk or synthetic fabric. You can also go for a metallic or shimmery fabric for a more stylish look.

Off-shoulder kurtas for parties

An off-shoulder kurta is a long shirt with bell sleeves and a loose hemline. You can wear an off-shoulder kurta with flared jeans or a long tunic. You can also pair it with a short skirt for a bold look.

Indo-Western dresses aka lehenga cholis

A lehenga choli is an Indo-Western dress with a long skirt and a short top. The skirt is usually chiffon or silk that falls to the ankles. The top can either be a long shirt or a short blouse. You can wear lehenga cholis to weddings, parties, or other special occasions.

Long Chiffon Hijab to go with dresses and lehengas

Chiffon hijabs are long scarves that are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Chiffon hijabs are lightweight fabrics that are easy to wear and don’t require much maintenance. 

You can go with a long chiffon hijab that you can tie in many ways to suit your style. You can also pick a long chiffon hijab stitched in a fancy design. These are just a few ways to wear your Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas to make them stand out! 

If Pakistani women dress is an art,RJ’s Pret is the picasso of it. Divine Maroon is a masterpiece of the Plush collection of RJ’s Pret. It comes with a shirt and shawl.

Enjoy the beautiful zardosi and mirror embellished silk shawls. They come with block printing all over paired and a rich organza kalidar frock. The frock comes with an intricate mirror in hand work on the front n back neck. You cannot miss it.