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Sona Rafiq Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Net Worth & Unknown Facts

Sona Rafiq is an Instagram model, video creator, TikTok star, social media influencer, and lifestyle and fashion blogger from Pakistan. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and adorable grin. She is well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram. She primarily enjoys performing, dancing, traveling, and blogging. She is highly enthusiastic about acting. Sona Rafiq has worked with a number of well-known and respected businesses. Aside from that. She was also promoting numerous kinds of beauty goods. She has a sizable fan base on her social media channels. 

Her fans and followers adore her for producing fresh and insightful articles. Sona Rafiq has over 100,000 Instagram followers. She was born in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Sona Rafiq is a well-known personality who rose to prominence by publishing images with inspirational words and Reels on her Instagram account. Anyone with access to her social media account can view her most recent images and videos. 

SONA Rafiq Personal Life Details 

Sona Rafiq is one of the most talented and attractive Social Media influencers. She began her educational studies in her hometown and subsequently transferred to a nearby city for higher education. She finished her education and began working in the modeling industry right after college. She promotes a variety of beauty, clothing, nutrition, and electronic products on her Instagram account. We mentioned some personal information about Sona Rafiq in this section.


The physical condition of celebrities is one of the most crucial factors for fans. Physical beauty, height, weight, and eye color have always followed the others. We are well aware of that. Sona Rafiq stands approximately 5.5 feet tall. She is very health conscious, and she keeps her weight in check to retain her ideal body shape. Sona Rafiqa's eye color is brown, and her hair color is brown. She also had tattoos on her wrists and feet that she linked.

SONA Rafiq Favoutite Beloved Things  

Sona Rafiq is a well-known online influencer. Her social media account has a large following. As we all know, she has shared numerous beautiful clothing images on her Instagram account. She favors dresses in red, black, and yellow. Sona Rafiq is also very health concerned, thus she only consumes nutritious meals. Pizza, chocolates, and ice cream are favorite cheat meals here. She spends the majority of her time with her family, but she also enjoys working out at the gym and traveling.

Sona Rafiq's notable Work with Rj’s Pret Plush Collection 

Sona Rafiq, the creative force behind RJ's Pret Plush Collection. Sona's notable work reflects a fusion of elegance and innovation, bringing a unique touch to each piece in the collection. Dive into the world of exquisite designs and craftsmanship as we explore the artistry behind RJ's Pret Plush, curated by the talented Sona Rafiq. Sona's keen eye for detail is evident in every stitch and fabric choice, showcasing a commitment to quality that defines Rj's Pret Plush. 

Her designs seamlessly blend contemporary trends with timeless elegance, making each ensemble a statement of style. Having garnered recognition for her distinctive approach to fashion, Sona Rafiq's influence extends beyond mere aesthetics. She weaves stories into her creations, allowing wearers to express their individuality with confidence. Each piece tells a story, and together they form a tapestry of style that transcends the ordinary.