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Sabeen farooq-Biography, Career, and Everything You Need to Know About Her

Sabeena Farooq is a young, emerging, and talented Pakistani actress. Sabeen Farooq is a new addition to the Pakistani drama industry. She has done a great job of winning everyone’s hearts through her strong performances in dramas like Suno Chanda, Tere Bin, and Kabli Pulao. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Sabeen Farooq Personal Information 

Sabeen is 29 years old and stumbled into the industry. She was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, to a Punjabi father and a Pashtun mother. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She received her education at Springfield School in Karachi. Sabeen stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 58kg. Her eyes and hair are both naturally brown. Sabeen is very protective of her family members, which is why she doesn’t want to disclose the details of her family. The only thing that she has shared is that her mother is a housewife and she has three siblings, i.e., two sisters and one brother, and she is the youngest one. Her bond with her family is very strong and adorable.


Sabeen became an actor by chance. Her college seniors encouraged her to pursue acting because they saw confidence and pzazz in her. She was an excellent student who was self-assured in college. Sabeen mentioned that her college was right next to PTV in Islamabad and that she had gone there for auditions. In 2018, she was cast in her debut drama, Dhanak, starring Nauman Ijaz.

Sabeen Farooq Dramas

Here is a list of dramas Sabeen Farooq has done till now.

  • Suno Chanda 2
  • Muqaddar
  • Kashaf
  •  Mohlat
  • Dil Awaiz
  •  Meri Shahzadi
  •  De Ijazat
  • Log Kya Kaheinge
  •  Tere Bin
  •  Kabli Pulao

 Social Media

Sabeena Farooq's Instagram is full of stunning images from both the set and real life. She also shares her modeling collaborations on her Instagram. She has 1M followers. Her Instagram handle is @sabeena_farooq.

Sabeen Farooq's collaboration with brands 

Sabeen Farooq is a newcomer to the Pakistani drama industry who has worked with numerous brands. It would be fair to assume that she has worked with a large number of designers. She is a fashion diva and a style icon. People adore her fashion sense. She is breathtakingly lovely in every piece of clothing she wears.

Sabeen Farooq in the Eliyah collection of RJ’s Pret

Sabben also worked with RJ’s Pret to promote its Eliyah collection. She looked stunning in every dress from RJ's Pret Eliyah collection. Our working experience with Sabeena Farooq cannot be expressed adequately in words. From Rang Mehal-An ivory white kalidaar, Raani-A raspberry pink flared, Jahaan -A rustic traditional, Kiran- beautifully crafted heirloom. the Eliyah collection covered different colored outfits and won the hearts of our beloved customers.  Sabeen made working with RJ's Pret a delightful and unforgettable experience by being professional and sincere in her work. You may learn more about Sabeen's collaboration with RJ's Pret by visiting their website. 


Sabeen is a lovely Pakistani actress who has been in a number of plays. Many people recognize her work, and she is a favorite of many. Working with Sabeen Farooq was also a pleasure for RJ's Pret. People loved seeing her in nice clothes.