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Rj's Pret Eliyah Collection 

RJ's Pret Bridal Dresses Collection in Pakistan is an excellent depiction of the brand's ideology, which expertly blends the worlds of history and modernity. Rj's Pret outfits demonstrate the brand's commitment to artistry and artisanal features, as well as its unshakable determination to maintain and celebrate Pakistan's rich tradition of workmanship. The clothing in the collection is a harmonic blend of contemporary design sensibilities and traditional crafts, exuding timeless charm.

We'll take you on a journey through the enchanting world of Eliyah bridal dresses available at Rj's Pret. From exquisite designs to unique features, we'll explore why Eliyah's bridal dresses are a popular choice among brides-to-be. Let's dive into the world of Eliyah collocation bridal dresses at Rj's Pret and discover what makes them a splendid choice for your wedding day.

Eliyah Collection

When it comes to finding the perfect bridal dress & nikkah dress that encapsulates your dreams and aspirations, Eliyah's collection at Rj's Pret stands out as a beacon of beauty and sophistication. Eliyah has long been synonymous with timeless elegance and breathtaking designs, making it the ideal choice for brides seeking that ethereal look on their special day.

Eliyah is a world of timeless elegance and easy expertise, where versatility meets. We are glad to present you with an outstanding collection of maxi and gharara. Each ensemble is carefully crafted to revolutionize your wedding day and boost your style. Eliyah Luxury Formal Wedding & Party Wear Dresses in Pakistan is the height of elegance,  providing a treasure trove of cutting-edge options for women who want nothing less than the finest for their special occasions.

Eliyah Collection Dresses

Rang Mehal

Rang Mehal-An creamy white kalidaar takes you to a time when traditions were valued. This ensemble is handcrafted with an abundance of Kaamdaani, gotta, Resham, dabka, and naqshi and is coupled with a banaras lehenga beneath it. Dupatta adorned with thick gotta and Mukesh borders. You may complete the appearance with complementary pouches and khussas. It's ideal for nikkah and weddings.

Delight in the allure of Eliyah Collocation Rang Mehal's NIKKAH dresses, available exclusively at Rj's Pret. This site will take you on a journey through the beautiful world of wedding fashion, presenting the newest trends, creative ideas, and suggestions to assist you in selecting the right bridal attire for your big day. Let us enter the realm of ageless elegance and refinement.


Raani-A raspberry pink flared dress with a long v-neck shaped bodice displaying exquisite craftsmanship gold with criss-cross, zigzag, boti, pillar woven khaddi silk fabric. With its organza dupatta embroidered with three types of borders and booti, patterns sequins chan all over finished with Kiran, this dress would make you feel like an emperor. Can be customized in any color and includes a matching Potli pouch. The perfect outfits for a bridal shower and engagement.

Prepare to be enchanted by the opulence and charm of Eliyah Collocation Raani's bridal shower and engagement dresses, now available at Rj's Pret. we unveil a world of style and grace, featuring the most exquisite choices for your pre-wedding celebrations. Join us as we explore the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, offering you insights and inspiration for your upcoming bridal shower and engagement events.


Jahaan -A rustic traditional Mughal-inspired gharara outfit decorated with threadwork, gotta, beads, and sequins with a dash of parrot green and red that will catch everyone's attention. An organza dupatta with a four-sided border and tassels. Can be ordered with a personalized purse and khussas, making it the ideal combo for Mayon, Mehndi, and evening wear. 

It can be worn with a bottle green dupatta and a full heavy gotta Jaal to make a beautiful wedding ensemble. Style it with our most popular khussa and pouch for a complete ensemble from head to toe. It's perfect for Mehandi and Mayon. 

Eliyah Collocations' stunning Jahaan Mehndi and Mayon dress blends traditional and modern styles. Discover this elegant attire on RJ's Pret, where fashion meets culture.


Kiran- this wonderfully constructed heirloom outfit makes a statement this wedding season with the pastel palette delicately hand-made v-bodice with kalidaar panels hugged with Mukesh, sequins, and tilla work, twirl in the exquisitely embroidered lehenga to complete the ensemble. It's the perfect outfit for Walima and engagement.

Eliyah collection of Kiran dresses for Walima and engagement attire for Rj's Pret showcases her commitment to providing a comprehensive range of outfits for various wedding events. She skillfully blends traditional and contemporary styles, offering brides the perfect attire for these special occasions.

 Whether it's the regal elegance of the Kiran dress for Walima or the stylish engagement outfit, Eliyah keen fashion sense shines through. Her selection of outfits is a testament to the versatility and quality of Rj's Pret collection, making it the go-to destination for brides looking for the perfect attire to celebrate their big day.

Sabeen Farooq Collaborated with Rj's Pret Eliyah collection

Sabeen Farooq has partnered up with the well-known fashion brand RJs Pret. She displayed an excellent array of costumes that reflect elegance and charm. Sabeen's appealing Eliyah is combined with RJs Pret's immaculate designs in this partnership. It resulted in a fashion-forward collection that redefined style. Sabeen Farooq and RJs Pret deliver an enthralling fashion narrative. Sabeena's professionalism and dedication to her work made our collaboration with RJ's Pret a truly unforgettable experience.

Eliyah's collocation of nikkah, bridal shower, mehndi, and mayoon dresses for Rj's Pret showcases a stunning array of choices for brides-to-be. Her selection demonstrates a keen eye for fashion and an appreciation for traditional and modern styles. Whether it's the elegance of the nikkah dress, the grace of the bridal shower attire, the intricate beauty of the mehndi outfit, or the vibrant colors of the mayoon dress, Eliyah's collection caters to diverse tastes. The careful curation of these dresses serves as a testament to her dedication to helping brides look their best on their special day.