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Alyana Shamsi

Who is Alyana Shamsi? Well, this question is not unanswered as she is a very famous social media influencer rising in the world of social media. She is not only a style inspiration for so many people but also a blogger. 

From where did she start her career? How did she make a name in the Pakistani fashion industry? What makes Alyana Shamsi different from other influencers? This blog post is to answer all such queries. Here is everything you need to know about Alyana Shamsi. Read on to find it all.

How did it all start?

Alyana Shamsi said in an interview that she was always very keen to start her blog. She used to talk about this idea with her friends and sister. However, she never knew when it would be the right time to take the first step. 

She used to design her clothes, and she really enjoyed doing so. The same was the case with her sister. Finally, both sisters shared their ideas and decided to use the blogging platform to express their style, showcase their talent, and create content to influence people’s lives. And who knew this initiative would turn them into style icons that different brands now approach for promoting their outfits? 

Alyana Shamsi's favorite designer

Although Alyana Shamsi has worn so many designers, if she had to choose the one she could wear for a lifetime, it would be Christian Dior. It is because she loves the glamorous touch in their clothes. She also shared her obsession with Prada. 

Faraz Manan is Alyana Shamsi’s favorite designer for the wedding season.

Alyana Shamsi Videos

Most of her work is for the fashion industry. She loves styling outfits and making short transition videos. She is equally praised for her videos and outfits.

Alana Shamsi’s captivating social media presence makes her one of the most in-demand faces by brands.

Alyana Shamsi Instagram followers

Well, what's her fan following? On Instagram, Alyana Shamsi has 45.4K followers. 

Alyana Shamsi’s favorite Makeup product

In summer, Alyana Shamsi loves using concealer. She can compromise on foundation, but concealer is a go-to makeup product for her in summer.

Alyana Shamsi as a glamorous influencer

Alyana Shamsi has always been very confident with her style. She posted her glamorous pictures from the gym, which also went viral. Alyana is never hesitant to flaunt her style, which can be clearly seen in her Instagram posts. 

Alyana Shamsi posting

She posts her fashion blogs regularly. This is the reason she remains in touch with her fans. Recently she also posted pictures on independence day. Despite her posting on her own page, you can find her on brand pages. It's nearly impossible to count the number of brands she has worked with.

Alyana Shamsi Work

Although it's hard to count the number of brands Alyana has collaborated with, here we have mentioned some of her work. She has worked with RJ’s Pret, Nishat, Gul Ahmed, Farah Talib Aziz, Maria B, Asik Jofa, and Crosstich. However, these are only a few I have mentioned here. The list is too long, and it's difficult to mention all her work in some lines.

Alyana Shamsi's noticeable work with RJ’s pret

There are so many brands Alyana Shamsi has worked with. She has made transition videos for different brands. Also, she has been selected as the brand face of different clothing brands. One such brand is RJ’s Pret. Her work with RJ’s Pret didn't go unnoticed, and people loved seeing her in RJ’s Pret outfits.

Alyana Shamsi promoted the Inaya collection of RJ’s Pret. She wore five outfits from this collection, and each outfit was styled beautifully by Alyana. From Black pishwas to raspberry floral outfit, mint rose article to honey bee dresses, each outfit was a big hit. It was truly an unparalleled experience working with Alyana Shamsi. 

It would not be wrong to say that Alyana Shamsi made a name in the social media world entirely on her own without the support of any brand. She showcased her fashion content with her sister through her fashion blog, and it turned out successful. Now she is no less than a fashion model who has done modeling for so many Pakistani clothing lines. In fact, she is much more than a model, as every renowned brand has worked with her. We wish her the best of luck for her future.