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Rj's Pret Leena Collection 

You feel excited, like a young girl, when you get an invitation to an event that demands a party-wear dress, and you're eager to pick out a new gorgeous item to add to your wardrobe. A new dress is the best way to make a woman feel like royalty! You want to locate a dress that is right for you, whether you're going to a charity event, a wedding, or a cocktail party. 

We know you are tired of wearing boring old traditional Pakistani clothes and want to spice up your wardrobe with party dresses for women. Well, we are here to make your life easier and more sensual. 

ONE is a well-known clothing brand Rj's Pret in Pakistan for all sorts of western wear, casual outfits, and party wear. Today we are here to talk about the best party where you can buy online in Pakistan. Down below you will find some dresses that might intrigue you. 

Leena Collection

For winter outdoor attire, the Rj's Pret Leena Winter Collection is ideal. Leens Collection clothing keeps the body warm while making the wearer seem sharp and highly fashionable. leen fabric has become a new public favorite, thus many major brands are including it in their collections. Rj's Pret thus always pays attention to the requirements of its customers and offers a vast array of gorgeous dresses online.

Step into the winter wonderland with Leena Collocation, where style meets warmth in the enchanting realm of RJ's Pret brand. Embrace the season's festivities with a curated collection of the best party dresses, meticulously crafted to blend Leena's signature elegance with RJ's Pret avant-garde designs. From rich velvets that caress the skin to intricate embellishments that sparkle like winter frost, these dresses encapsulate the essence of glamour and comfort. Join us on a journey through the frost-kissed landscapes of winter fashion, where Leena Collocation and RJ's Pret converge to redefine sophistication in every stitch.

Leena Collection Dresses 


Traditional yet modern ensemble, a must-have for all-season soirees. This appliqué Ralli work kurta on a pure tissue rose gold foundation is flawless in every way. The gold and navy blue combination is an essence of elegance in and of itself, but pairing it with these luscious velvet trousers, which have the same boxy morphologies at the bottom, makes sepia a magnificent choice for you to remain in.

For a chic winter party looks, consider selecting a sepia-toned dress from Rj's Pret for Leena. The warm, earthy tones of sepia bring a cozy elegance to winter festivities. Choose a dress with long sleeves or a three-quarter length for added warmth during the colder season. A midi-length dress strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, allowing Leena to move gracefully at the party. 

Rj's Pret offers a variety of styles, ensuring you find the perfect match for Leena's taste. Opt for a luxurious fabric like wool or velvet to add a touch of opulence to the ensemble. Leena can showcase her style with the perfect blend of warmth and glamour at any winter celebration.


With this stunning tie-and-die combination, you may channel your inner traditional diva. This enticing combination includes a contemporary-designed loose-fit kurta with a button-down style and beautiful crystal patterns on the hem, making it a fashion statement. For extra refinement, the ensemble is completed with contrasting trousers.

For a winter party look with an opal dress, consider a sophisticated tie-dye combination that blends rich, deep tones like navy blue and emerald green. This unique blend adds warmth to the ensemble, perfect for the colder season. Leena Collocation, a distinctive choice within RJ's Pret brand, offers elegant designs that seamlessly combine comfort and style. 

The result is a chic and contemporary outfit that captures the essence of winter celebrations while showcasing the allure of RJ's Pret collection by Leena Collocation.


A timeless exquisite Quilted Floral masterpiece embroidered in numerous resham threads on jacquard fabric. The embroidered kurta is paired with straight jacquard trousers embellished with embroidery embellishments, which adds a subtle ethic beauty and charm to the appearance, making it ideal for your winter evening cushiness.

The Victoria dress from Rj's Pret brand emerges as a stunning winter wear choice, showcasing a blend of timeless elegance and seasonal warmth. Its intricate design and cold-weather-friendly fabric make it a standout piece in the collection. When paired with Leena's accessories, the ensemble achieves a flawless collocation that captures the essence of RJ's commitment to style and comfort. 

The Victoria dress, with its classic silhouette and attention to detail, harmonizes effortlessly with Leena's curated pieces, creating a sophisticated winter look that resonates with those who appreciate both fashion and functionality.


A beautifully constructed traditional masterpiece depicting stylish regalia with a hint of glitz. The luxurious set includes a long shirt with velvet panels zardozi & reflective cut dana and lace accents. It is teamed with a lovely organza dupatta decorated with tilla designs to keep you warm this holiday season.

Imagine embracing winter in style with RJ's Pret collection featuring a chic Capri dress. The Capri dress, designed with a modern silhouette and winter-appropriate fabric, effortlessly combines fashion and functionality. To elevate the ensemble, pair the Capri dress with Leena, a timeless coat from RJ's Pret. 

Leena, with its tailored elegance and cozy warmth, complements the Capri dress, creating a sophisticated winter look. This curated collocation captures the essence of RJ's Pret, offering a blend of trendsetting design and cold-weather comfort for the fashion-forward individual.


A beautifully curated long shirt made of superior quality chiffon with sequins underlay in a pleasing tone of sand. The shirt has beautiful aari embroidery on the sleeves, neckline, and hem. This vintage suit has side entry pockets and is paired with embroidered culottes. We love how it's layered with different fabrics.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with RJ's Pret as you embrace the season in a stunning Stand Stone dress. The Stand Stone dress, adorned with intricate details and crafted from winter-friendly fabrics, embodies both style and comfort. To complete the look, layer it with Leena, a sophisticated coat from the RJ's Pret brand.

Leena's tailored design and cozy appeal perfectly complement the Stand Stone dress, creating a seamless fusion of elegance and warmth. This curated collocation showcases RJ's commitment to offering fashion-forward winter wear that effortlessly blends luxury and practicality.

Alyana Shamsii association with Rj's pret brand leena Collection

Alyana Shamsii's association with RJ's Pret brand, particularly the Leena Collection, marks a collaboration that seamlessly blends contemporary fashion with timeless elegance. Known for her keen sense of style and design aesthetics, Alyana Shamsii brings a fresh perspective to the Leena Collection, enhancing its allure and sophistication.

The Leena Collection, under her influence, reflects a fusion of modern trends and classic charm, offering a curated selection of pieces that embody the essence of both Alyana's distinct design sensibilities and RJ's commitment to high-quality, fashion-forward attire. This collaboration brings forth a collection that appeals to individuals seeking refined, on-trend fashion within the realm of RJ's Pret.


Onyx is a mix of classic and contemporary design, delicately selected with a blend of classic charm and modern attractiveness. The intricately embroidered kurta with a traditional floral motif is teamed with embroidered bootcut trousers on a black canvas with a hint of velvet inserted on the neckline to create a set that is a symbol of renewed elegance.

The onyx dress serves as an elegant winter wear option, seamlessly blending style and warmth. The rich, deep tones of the Onyx dress complement Leena's signature collection, creating a sophisticated collocation that exudes fashion-forward charm. 

The Onyx dress, with its tailored design and cozy fabric, aligns perfectly with Rj's commitment to delivering chic and comfortable attire. Paired with Leena's accessories, this ensemble embodies a harmonious blend of winter fashion for those who seek a perfect balance between glamour and coziness.


Dress up and shine brightly in this one-of-a-kind denim ensemble. Elevate your outfit with this dual-toned denim kurta accented with light embellishments, long sleeves with cuffs, and front patch pockets, combined with fashionable boot-cut denim trousers.

The Denim dress from Rj's Pret brand offers a chic and versatile winter wear option, seamlessly blending casual charm with seasonal practicality. Its denim fabric provides a stylish yet cozy feel, making it an ideal choice for colder days. 

When paired with Leena's carefully curated accessories, the ensemble achieves a distinctive collocation that embodies Rj's dedication to modern aesthetics. The Denim dress and Leena's accessories together create a fashion statement that resonates with those seeking a trendy yet comfortable winter look from Rj's Pret brand.


Dive into the divine attraction of this stunning Amethyst set. It's a heavenly masterpiece decorated with beads and pearls all over the kurta with chikan kari work, this is certainly a one-of-a-kind set crafted with resplendent detailing on a magnificent silk background. The stylish plazzo in the same color completes the design and elevates it to the level of a fashion statement.

The Amethyst dress from Rj's Pret brand stands out as a winter wear masterpiece, with its rich color and luxurious fabric exuding both warmth and sophistication. This carefully crafted dress seamlessly aligns with Rj's commitment to blending style and comfort. Paired with Leena's accessories, the ensemble achieves a captivating collocation, where the Amethyst dress becomes the focal point of an elegantly curated winter look.

Leena's additions complement the dress, adding a touch of glamour and completing the ensemble with a harmonious balance of fashion-forward design and seasonal practicality for Rj's Pret brand.


This silhouette is a wonderful combination of class and elegance, reflecting modern style and contemporary cuts. The long jamawar shirt has embellished velvet sleeves and bodice in contrasting colors, as well as a button-down style, to give beauty to your traditional outfit. With a chiffon dupatta embellished with lace and jamawar embellishments. The matching Jamawar trousers have princess seams for a flattering fit.

For RJ's Pret winter collection, envision a stunning rose quartz dress that exudes elegance and warmth. The soft, pastel hue complements the season while the luxurious fabric provides comfort. Pair this enchanting dress with Leena, a sophisticated coat crafted from a blend of rich textures and tones. Leena adds a layer of refinement to the ensemble, making it perfect for both casual and formal winter occasions. Together, the rose quartz dress and Leena create a harmonious blend of style and coziness, embodying the essence of RJ's Pret brand.


This combination, in a trio of blossoming new colors, gives the perfectly delightful and magnificent vibes you've been looking for. This lovely Maroon Purple & Fuscia Kurta has delicate thread embroidery all throughout, with laces on the front and richly embroidered sleeves, and is coupled with marron embroidered bootcut trousers. 

Step into winter glamour with RJ's Pret as you embrace the season in the Topaz dress. The Topaz dress, with its rich color and luxurious fabric, exudes sophistication and warmth. Paired with Leena, a timeless coat from RJ's Pret, this ensemble captures the essence of winter elegance. 

Leena's tailored silhouette and cozy texture complement the Topaz dress, creating a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Together, the Topaz dress and Leena form a statement look that embodies RJ's commitment to delivering chic and weather-appropriate fashion for the discerning individual during the winter months.

Sona rafiq Collorbation with Rj’s pret Leena Collection 

As Sona Rafiq collaborates with RJ's Pret for the Leena Collection, expect a fusion of artistic flair and contemporary style. Sona Rafiq's unique design sensibilities are poised to add a distinctive touch to the Leena Collection, enriching it with creativity and a fresh perspective. This collaboration is likely to result in a collection that seamlessly marries Sona Rafiq's artistic vision with the timeless elegance of the Leena line. Anticipate a range of fashion pieces that exude sophistication, reflecting the combined essence of Sona Rafiq's creativity and RJ's commitment to delivering high-quality, trendsetting attire through the Leena Collection.