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Alizeh shah-Career, Biography, and Experience

Who doesn't know the style diva of youth? Yes! I am talking about Alizeh Shah, a remarkable celebrity in the Pakistani drama industry. When we see her on our television screen, it's natural to follow her style and get curious about her. 

Don't worry! This article is to end your curiosity and let you know everything about Alizeh Shah. Read on to find out about the dramas, age, personal, and professional life of Alizeh Shah.

Acting debut

The drama which introduced this pretty face to the television world is Choti c Zindagi. Alizeh Shah played a supporting character named Alina in this drama. And it is where her acting career started. 

Drama serials 

So far, Alizeh Shah has worked in many drama serials. If you want to find out the list of dramas Alizeh Shah has worked in, here you go.

  1. Choti C Zindagi: Aired in 2016, Alizeh Shah played her debut role of Alina in this drama.
  2. Daldal: She played the role of Tamanna in Daldal. The drama was aired in 2017. It was also a supporting character.
  3. Ishq Tamasha: Palwasha was the character played by Alizeh Shah in Ishq Tamasha. The drama was aired in 2018.
  4. Dil Mom Ka Diya: This drama was also aired in 2018, and Alizeh played the role of Farhat in it.
  5. Bisaate Dill: Next on the list is Bisaat e Dill in which the character of Shafaq was played by Alizeh Shah. 
  6. Hoor Pari: Gulnaz is the role of Alizeh Shah in Hoor Pari. This drama was also aired in 2018.
  7. Baandi: You can also see Alizeh Shah in Bandi playing the role of Bakto in 2018.
  8. Ehde Wafa: 2019 was the year when Alizeh Shah started getting the main roles in the drama. She covered this distance from the supporting character to the main lead in a few years. In Ehde Wafa, she played the role of Dua Saad.
  9. Jo Tu Chahy: In 2019, Alizeh Shah played the role of Mashal in Jo Tu Chahy.
  10. Mera Dill Mera Dushman: Next comes 2020, where Alizeh Shah played the role of Mairah.
  11. Tana Baana: Aired in 2021, Alizeh Shah was seen as Zoya in Taana Baana. 
  12. Bebasi: Alizeh Shah played the character of Ifrah in Bebasi. 
  13. Taqdeer: Next on the list is Taqdeer which was an amazing drama. Romaisa is the name of Alizeh’s character in Taqdeer. It's her latest drama, as it was aired in 2022.
  14. Khel: For the drama, which is still airing in 2023, Khel is on the list. The drama is aired on Hum Tv.

This was all about her dramas. She has been a promising actress in the Pakistani drama industry. To know some more details about her, continue reading.


Alizeh Shah was born on 9 June 2000. Which means she is only 23 years old. It's quite surprising to get such huge success at this very young age.


When searching for our favorite celebrity styles, we look for their different features, like what's their height. Well, Alizeh Shah is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Beautiful feature

Alizeh has stunning eyes, which makes her a distinctively beautiful and demanding actress. 

Marital Status

Alizeh is not married yet. She is single so far.

What makes her different?

Alizeh Shah is pretty young, and the innocence on her face brings her amazing character. She is often seen playing the role of an innocent young girl. Her eyes adding more to her beauty are another reason for her being cast in big roles.

What's the reason you like her? Let us know in the comment section.

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