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Fabric: Shirt: Silk Trouser: Silk

Color:  Gold

No. of Pieces: 2 Pc (Shirt + Trouser)

Dispatch Time: 5-6  Days 

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Gold Melody - A statement front open long shirt with beads, betki and pearls work and laces. It is surely a unique pick and is paired up with straight pants.

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Additional Information

Looking good is not the only thing that matters. What you wear, the way you dress up and how you do it is what makes all the difference. The way we carry ourselves and conduct ourselves also reflects our cultural values and practices. 

A woman’s dressing style says a lot about her personal tastes and preferences, her cultural identity, as well as her level of education and social status. Culture, traditions, and personal choice are among several factors that impact what women from Pakistan wear on a daily basis. 

From head to toe, an ensemble should be clean, simple, modest but also reflect one’s unique personality as an individual. This article will explore different ways in which Pakistani women dress. 

If you are looking for the best Pakistani luxury pret, one of the best choices you can make is buying from RJ’s Pret. You can browse their website, choose the dress, and order it  online. 


Hijab is the term used to refer to the Islamic scarf that Muslim women wear to cover their heads. Some women also choose to wear a burqa over their headscarf. Hijab is a choice, and it is the most common way that Pakistani women dress. 

There is no consensus on the proper way to wrap and wear the hijab, so there is a lot of variation in how women choose to dress their head. Hijab can be worn in a variety of ways; the common types are the “traditional” hijab and the “modern” hijab. 

The traditional hijab is a large scarf that covers most of the wearer’s head, with only the eyes visible. The modern hijab is a smaller scarf that only covers the back and sides of the head, and leaves the face exposed. 

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez is the traditional Pakistani outfit for women, consisting of an upper garment that covers the lower half of the body. Shalwar are loose-fitting pants and Kamiz are loose-fitting shirts that are worn with a dupatta (long scarf) to cover the upper body. 

Shalwar kameez is the most common outfit worn by Pakistani women who want to follow the traditional path when dressing. The shalwar kameez is usually worn with a dupatta, but other types of headscarves (such as the hijab) can also be worn to follow the Islamic code of dressing. 

The shalwar kameez outfit can be worn in a variety of styles, including: - 

Shalwar kameez with baggy pant legs that resemble pajama pants (salwar). This is the most common style of shalwar kameez. 

Shalwar kameez with a long, loose-fitting shirt that hangs past the waist. - 

Shalwar kameez with a long, loose-fitting shirt that is tied in the back like a traditional Sikh turban.

Pajama Kurtas

Pajama kurtas are loose-fitting, long-sleeved tunics that are worn with baggy pajama pants. Pajama kurtas are similar to the Shalwar kameez, but are shorter and less modest. They are a popular choice among middle-class women who want to look fashionable, but also want to be modest. 

Pajama kurtas can be sleeved or sleeveless. - Pajama kurtas are usually made of cotton, but some are made of silk. Silk pajama kurtas are more expensive and are usually worn by wealthier women.

Moreover, the fashion of getting ready to wear dresses, rather than going to tailor is also taking over Pakistan. Ready to wear dress is easily available both online and offline. However, the online trend is slowly taking over.   

Daring and Bright Colors

Bright and daring colors are often associated with western fashion, but some Pakistani women choose to incorporate this into their dressing. Daring and bright colors look great on women who want to stand out, and are also a good choice for women with darker skin tones. 

Many Pakistani women prefer darker shades of colors, especially reds and greens, because they are associated with luck and prosperity. 

It is All About Gifts

Showering of love is an important part of dressing. It is an important part of culture and tradition to gift your loved one with the outfit that they wear which is the best gift someone can get. It is a very common practice in South Asia, especially in Pakistan. There are many occasions where the families and friends shower their loved ones with gifts. 

Some of the most common ones are weddings, engagement, and birthday parties. On the occasion of engagement, it is a tradition to gift the bride with an outfit that she will wear on her wedding day. Birthday parties are not only about receiving gifts but also about giving gifts to the people you love.

Dressing is an art that involves a lot of creativity, imagination and personal styles. The term “dressing” can be applied to everyone, irrespective if a person has long hair or short, if the person is male or female or any other difference between people. 

It all starts with a simple thought that evolves into an idea and finally culminates into an amazing outfit that represents the person's personality. 

There are no set rules for dressing, nor are there any limitations. There are only different ways of dressing, different cultures and traditions that define how people dress. This article explores different ways in which Pakistani women dress. From head to toe, an ensemble should be clean, simple, modest but also reflect one’s unique personality as an individual. The world is full of diverse cultures and dressing styles, and it is important to understand and appreciate them all.

Pristine Collection By RJ’s Pret

Pristine is a stunning collection of modern silhouettes and bright colors by RJ’s Pret. Feel and look pristine in our luxe silk collection. 

Gold Melody

Gold Melody is a statement front open long shirt with beads, bhetki and pearls work and laces. It is surely a unique pick and is paired up with straight pants. Gold Melody is the best Ready to Wear Luxury Pret Pakistani Dress.