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When it's a desi wedding there are endless joyous things you can do. And if it's a mehndi function it is the ultimate fun time during a wedding. No hustle but only singing dancing and other joyful things are happening around. It is a fun time with your family just before your nikah/ barat day and what makes it extraordinary is the colorful hues of the outfits you all are wearing. If you’re a bride or if you’re a bride's friend we have captured you all. Tell us what you want for the event and until we prepare to deliver it to you go for some dance practices.

Letting the hues from the cultural traditions and innovating them to create the masterpieces that really rock at Mehndi events is what artisans at RJ’s Pret are doing. We have a lot to share with you and so we are here. Explore our collection and find the outfit that really fits your need and desire. We are sure that you can find some ensembles that will give you a dream Mehndi bridal look. The mehndi as a pre-wedding festival is more common and is the master of all events so one should look more prettier and different from other looks.

Don’t waste much time finding the outfit and leave it to us. As we have everything that our customers can demand and desire. Let the world see you and be stunned by your look with Ghagra having a nice flare and a royal drape that catches everyone's sight. And believe us we create what others haven't done yet for you so you could feel and look both like a queen. And a girl who is happy at her wedding is a true queen.

Our artisans strive to provide even every little detail to suit your taste and styling sense. There’s a huge range of mehndi and mayun dresses to pick from and it is true. If you want a complete cultural look or looking for something that fuses a touch of modesty with tradition we deal in it. The impeccable craftsmanship of skilled artisans can be seen through the detailing on the ensembles you look while exploring your outfits. We don’t want you to compromise what you’ve gotta wear instead we blend the vibrant hues on luxury fabrics and create amazing designs for you. As we all know that mehndi is an event that our generations have followed and this is our time to retain this tradition but in a unique way. You will have to pick everything that will make its impact so lasting and become them memory for the attendants till anything more amazing happens. Let’s sort out your problem of finding outfits by our end by presenting our mehndi and Mayun dresses collection. These ensembles are adorned with intricate threadwork, mirror work, intricate embroidery, and the skill of the artisans that are making designs that really stand out for you every time.

Whether you’re finding a perfect outfit for henna or for mayun we have got you all covered. We have many outfits complementing different styles and fashion eras. As you will start exploring them one by one you will feel satisfied you’re finally on the place where you find an outfit that really meets your needs and can make you the center of attraction and attention on the event. The zardozi, resham, and dabka detailing on these ensembles complement the cultural values which are not competitive by any other culture. And you feel at ease that you have gotten an amazing sense of style to carry. 

You can easily explore us while navigating from the main page and find the Mehndi dresses collection under the wedding section. And then, you can easily get opened to the world where henna actually takes place. Where you get the outfits of your dreams to let the sky be singing and helping you out celebrating this grand pre-wedding festival. Let the culture and the fashion fuse together and create amazing ensembles for you so if you don’t dance on the beats the intricate details tell the tale of amazing rhythms. That's how we bring amazing things to you to give tabeer to your dreamy looks.

Visit us we already have collections that already should have the pieces that will capture your heat. As we are one of you and we understand how important is it for you to find something amazing for events like Mehndi and Mayun. Explore with us and you will have an exceptional shopping experience with us as we show only the thing that you desire. We are available every time to listen to our customers and give them guaranteed satisfaction. If you feel any worried just ping us so we could sort the stuff out for you and could have a good shopping experience with us.

We have exclusive mehndi ensembles that one can wear for their and their loved ones' ceremonies and can turn the heads of others towards them. You can choose any dress for the mehndi and mayun event and can rock on the floor. Let the hues dance together and bring the richness of contemporary style on the fabric to look amazing and center of the show. Explore our collections without wasting a minute and get your exclusive mehndi attire on your doorstep in just a matter of a few days. We recommend going through all the ensembles so you could feel free of regrets to find something more amazing than one and that's how an outfit should be selected.