Wedding celebrations in Pakistan are integral to culture. Most important part is the dresses.Weddings are one of... the most important and awaited events in any society. But in Pakistani society dress has maximum importance. Wedding party dresses are always in demand.
Weddings last almost four to five days in Pakistan. It starts with a mehndi function where close friends and family of both bride and groom gather for casual singing and dancing. Mehndi is one of the most colorful events. People prefer funky dresses rather than formal dresses for weddings. The more fun you have singing and dancing, the more memorable the event is. The closer you are to the bride or groom, the more you enjoy the function.
RJ’s Pret has been the go to brand of Pakistani ladies for decades. The brand has earned a name with fine quality fabrics and the best designs. RJ’s Pret specializes in wedding dresses. Dresses are available for all wedding occasions like Mehndi, barat, and walima.
So, if you need good wedding dresses for women, RJ’s Pret is the best option. Every kind of Pakistani wedding formal dresses are available.
After mehndi, there is a barat function where the groom's family travels to the bride's place. After nikah, the bride and groom officially become husband and wife. When the groom's family returns, the bride comes with them.
RJ’s Pret Wedding barat collection has a lot of great dresses for barat events. You can also get a great bridal dress. Whether you are a bride or a bride’s sister, this collection of RJ’s Pret has got you covered. Wedding and barat collection has many dresses with enough embroidery work for the bride.
After barat, a walima function is held. In most cases, walima is the day after barat. And in some it is after two or three days.

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