Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani Wedding Dresses - Mesmeric Details and Trendy Hues

Nowadays, the wedding season is just around the corner. People are looking for the latest trends so that they can get ready for the wedding festivities. Well, the trend changes with season and time. So one needs to update the information regarding the latest trends to dress up according to the latest fashion.

The hustle behind choosing the perfect Pakistani wedding dresses is huge. It's always daunting to find the best Pakistani wedding dresses but there is nothing to worry about when you have landed on this page. From mesmeric details to trendy hues, we have covered everything about Pakistani wedding dresses.

Let's not delay it and add some brilliance to your fashion knowledge.

What Hues and Styles are In Trend For Pakistani Engagements?

Wedding festivities begin with the engagement. It's the day of commitment and an announcement of your wedding. The day is grand and holds great significance in your life. This grand celebration requires your dress to be grand, embellished heavily with fancy stuff like tilla and zardozi.

For the fabric, try choosing the one that has elegance and grace. Go for a fancy fabric like chiffon, silk, or organza. Obviously lawn or cotton can't do justice to your look at engagement. 

Try wearing a dress that elevates your look on this important day. Don't settle for less. Instead, go for the heavy embroidery and embellishments. 

Trendy hues: The trendy hues for engagement dresses usually belong to the soft color palette. Although it's completely your choice to wear the color you love, the trend is to wear soft colors giving a calming tone like grey, pink, mint green, etc.

A Beautiful Engagement Dress-Our Recommendation

If you want a ready-made engagement dress that you can wear and flaunt on your engagement, RJ’s Pret is here with an amazing article called Ghazal. This attire is specifically designed for wedding events like engagements to add brilliance to your look. Mahnoor is another amazing outfit suitable for engagement. Visit RJ’s pret website to explore a wide variety of Pakistani wedding dresses.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses


Mesmeric Details of Pakistani Nikah Dress

Next comes the nikah event on which you officially become life partners. It's the day when you sign the papers of lifetime togetherness. Such a big day and you don't know what to wear? Don't worry! Here are the mesmeric details of the latest Pakistani Nikah dress.

The trend these days is to wear a ghraara on nikah which takes you back to the Royal Mughal era. Ghrara is the perfect choice for a nikah event. However, you can also go for an Anarkali peshwas for Nikah day. 

When it comes to fabric, you can choose any fabric that gives a fancy touch. For instance, banarsi gharaara is trendy these days. Whatever is the fabric, make sure it's embellished and adorned well so that it looks perfect for nikah. 

Trendy hues: The trendiest color these days for Nikah's dress is white and gold. Any shade belonging to the family of golden and white will go amazing for Nikah Day.

Our Recommendations For the Best Pakistani Nikah Dress

If you want to look Royal and elegant on your Nikah day, Mughlai Farshi Ghrara designed by RJ’s Pret is the best choice for you. The gharara is designed keeping in mind the minute details of the Mughal era making you feel no less than a queen. 

Best Pakistani Nikah Dress


Kashish is another amazing option for you, that too is a Gharara set. The dress is designed in shades of gold suitable for nikah day. RJ’s Pret has a lot for you to choose from.

Best Pakistani Nikah Dress


What Is the Trend to Wear on Mehendi?

Looking for the details of beat Pakistani Mehendi Dresses? Here you go! Mehendi events are always full of colors. It's all about spreading happiness and making joyous memories.

Mehendi dresses are full of vibrant colors keeping a spark alive in the event. The trendy hues for Mehendi dresses are bright yellow, rust, orange, bright pink, and any other happy shades that give happiness to the eyes. 

A typical Mehendi dress is simply a burst of colors bringing your colorful imagination to life. 

One more thing, it's not all about colors. Mehendi dresses are super fancy. You can't overlook the significance of heavy embellishments and adornments done on a Mehendi dress. A Mehendi dress is full of embellishments done with gotta, tilla, zardozi, Resham, and many more. 

Our Recommendation For the Best Pakistani Mehendi Dresses

If you want a colorful lehenga chili for your Mehendi, Khushi attire from RJ’s Pret will work amazingly well for you. For something in Orange and pink, you can go for the Henna article which is a Peshwas designed specifically for Mehendi events.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses


Trendy Hues For Barat

Barat is the main wedding event. For the brides, it's customary to wear red or maroon. But it's not mandatory. It's your big day. You can wear whatever color you want. However, red and maroon have a lot of variety now. There are a lot of shades and a lot of designs in each shade for the Barat day. Whatever the color, barat dresses are meant to be heavily embellished and adorned. No compromise on the embroidery and embellishment can be made while getting a baraat dress.

Our Recommendation For Barat Dress 

If you want a royal bar dress that makes your big day memorable, Aafreen from Khushi's collection of RJ’s Pret is a wonderful choice for you. The dress is designed typically for barat brides. 

Pakistani Wedding Dresses


Mesmeric Details of Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Guests

It's not your wedding but you are a guest at a Pakistani wedding. Now you are thinking about what to wear for the wedding. Here you go with the details about the outfit you should wear to a wedding as a guest.

Always go for a fancy dress. A well-embellished formal attire that reflects your happiness in attending the wedding will be a great choice. 

The fabric should be fancy and formal. However, the options are vast. It can be raw silk, chiffon, organza, banarsi, or velvet.

For the style, you have so many options. You can wear a sharara, gharara, or a lehenga depending on your choice. In fact, Capri shirt can do justice to your look if you get it in a fancy fabric with some embellishment. 

To Sum It Up

Hope you got an idea of the mesmeric details and trendy hues of the latest Pakistani wedding dresses. Minor details can do big to enhance your look at a wedding. Keep these details in mind while getting your hands on the best Pakistani wedding dresses. You can visit RJ’s pret online store to find a perfect wedding dress. The store is full of amazing designs and beautiful colors, all outfits designed keeping in mind the latest trends.

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