Prets are sold and ready-made in many forms and styles. Prets are ready to wear. The designers with decades of experience... make these forms and styles and ensure the product is available in different sizes. All outfits are made with any generic size in mind; machines usually make them instead of human hands. The number of manufacturers who make 'on-the-shelf' clothes by hand is very low. Prets save you from wearability problems.
In every country, different size identification systems work. Also, standard size measurements can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, it is not possible for anyone to find out a universal number that suits each individual.
Prets can be expensive, depending on the brand. RJ's Pret is one of the best brands in Pakistan for ready to wear luxury prets.
Advantages of a ready-made suit
You can buy both online, or visit the brick-and-mortar store
Comparatively low costs
There is nothing you have to do after buying it. Just pay, and start wearing it
Disadvantages of a ready-made suit
The sizes are standardized
Different countries and different brands may have their own size measurements.
You cannot customize the garment
Sometimes, fabrics come in low quality
There are few models available and you have to adjust
Made-to-measure suit (custom)
The tailored suits are made in the light of the precise measurements of customers on an anatomical basis. But, not just measures, customers are also free to make choices in the garment and its material.
There is a lot you can do to get a truly personalized product. Some things you can change are fabric and pockets. You also have freedom of selecting the buttons and internal embroidery single.
However, many brands offer you made-to-measure offers on their different suits. You can provide your measurements and finalize the suit of your choice. They will provide you with the same suit in your measurements, but it can take time.
When buying online, it's essential to research the brands you're interested in. This will help you make sure you're buying from a reputable retailer and also help you determine how much an item is worth.
Bloom Collection By RJ’s Pret
RJ's Pret is one of the best luxury pret brands. The Bloom collection is a diverse luxury pret collection full of gorgeous dresses with vibrant designs and embroideries. Each Pakistani luxury pret wear is available in different sizes.
Glorious Night
Glorious Night includes a shirt, dupatta, and pent. The beautiful embroidered black and white makes you look classy. Daaman is also embroidered with loads of laces. Wear the organza dupatta, with lines of white design, and pants with appliquéd floral motifs on painchas.
Blush Ballet
Blush Ballet is Kalidar peshwas with dupatta. Wear a feminine twirly pastel pink peshwas on beautiful patterned pure organza panels set up perfectly with laces paired with a heavily embroidered dupatta to stand out in the event. You cannot miss out on this ethnic luxury pret.
Ruby Desire
Ruby Desire is also Pakistani luxury pret wear. The perfect cotton net kalidaar peshwas in a beautiful off white n gold tone with a fully worked bodice in red Resham embroidery highlighted with stones, pearls, and gotta comes with the very traditional churidar sleeves and a gold zigzag dupatta in the cotton net. So you are sure to dazzle this Eid wherever you go.