Velvet Shawl Pakistani Designs | Winter Shawls Collection for Women

Velvet Shawl Pakistani Designs | Winter Shawls Collection for Women

Online Velvet Shawl in Pakistan | Ladies Designers Shawls Collection


Velvet shawl is a very exclusive and considerate style accessory to wear on the winter wedding ceremony and look fashionable as well as you will stay warm and comfy. The shawl has different designs and styles. These stunning shawls look astonishing on any formal occasion such as a winter wedding ceremony or any formal party. Velvet shawls have become much attractive this year and appear very graceful on literally everybody. Here at RJs Pret, we have different designs of ladies’ shawls with beautiful light and heavy embroidered work. Ladies are using these gorgeous embellished shawls in bright colors like yellow, green, and red with simple chiffon and banarasi outfits in more brilliant colors. Pakistani artists like Sana khan and Sara khan wear velvet shawls with their winter dresses.

Latest Designers Velvet Embroidered Shawls Designs:

These attractive designer embroidered shawls do not derive from just a single design but have a lot of differences in them. You will get unique designs of shawls in the marketplace. Some are fully embroidered with threads. And some shawls are simple with the elusive border and a thick embroidered border. You will similarly get fully embroidered shawls with their base fully embellished with glitters and thread handwork. Danka and gems are similarly used in the shawls. 

Fully Embellished Velvet Shawls:

Top Pakistani designers introduced these fully embroidered shawls. These well-known designers offer thickly embroidered shawls for women with the latest and unique designs. The color combination of these fully embroidered shawls is bright and darks. You can wear these embroidered shawls at weddings, parties, and formal events. These fully embroidered shawls can be worn on simple suits and also wear on light embroidered suits. These shawls are specially made for young ladies because they want to look pretty and comfortable in any formal event.

Shawls with Embellished Border:

These stunning shawls have a very dexterously embellished center and base but have very thick embroidery on the border. Approximately of these shawls with embroidery designs with thread, Danka, and nugget work although some with dory and tinsels. Beautiful Shawls with Heavy Embroidery: These beautiful shawls with heavy embroidery look stunning. However, they are pretty deeply embellished with fiber work. More prominent and greater outlines are used in these pretty shawls for the gossamers to show on deeper shades.

Simple Shawl for Women:

Yes, the embroidered shawls are in extraordinary demand. However, women similarly purchase simple shawls in excessive quantities. These look fashionable with any simple casual outfit or any eastern wear as well.

Ideas of Shawl with Pakistani Outfit:

You must select to wear a simple outfit with an embroidered shawl similar to these celebrities. A simple silk peplum or shirt looks very graceful with a Pakistani embellished shawl.

Chiffon Outfit with Embroidered Shawl:

Matching as base embroidery on chiffon also looks very decent with shawls in Pakistan. You can go for pink or any brighter shade to wear under the shady color such as a red shawl.

Anarkali Dress with Embroidered Shawl:

Maria Ali is looking fabulous in this simple blue Anarkali frock and embroidered shawl. She has worn this pretty shawl at her close friend’s wedding ceremony, and it twisted out uniquely of her finest styles.

Beautiful Shawl with Banarasi Outfit:

Banarasi is similarly the very best fabric to rock with your embellished shawl. Sara Khan is wearing a dark blue shawl with a striped banarasi outfit on a modeling show.

Shawl with Raw Silk Pakistani Outfit:

This is so attractive to wear on any day occasion or an evening gathering or a casual meet up. You can select a dress color brighter than your shawl shade to look marginally different.

Stylish Shawl with Fancy Dress:

This stunning fancy outfit with shawl appearances is astonishing to wear on any formal occasion. The shade suggestion is similarly very stunning along with the design of the outfit.

Wonderful Bridal Shawl for Women:

Bridal Shawl styles for ladies in the winter season. We like this embellished fashion for heavy ethical brides in Pakistan. In Pakistan bridal wear has developed a very current that quietly wanders anywhere along our ethos borders. However, we like our pure and ironic ethos, and the women dressed in a pure ethical outfit look the finest. This stunning embellished bridal shawls fashion not solitary looks very ethical but, similarly very majestic. Numerous top designers in Pakistan have promoted this fashion of embellished shawls. These designers make embroidered shawls every winter season in Pakistan.

Red Bridal Shawl:

Red is the shade for brides in Pakistan. Most ladies liked this stunning burgundy and red shade in their bridal shawls. It drives truly well with both ethical red gharara and bright-colored frocks as well.

Green Bridal Shawl:

This attractive dark green shade in the shawl looks just pretty. A beautiful color to go with your bright colored walima outfit. It looks best with pink, greys, and golden and sparkles like blue eyes.

Black Ladies Shawl:

Black is the best-preferred color once it derives from bridal shawls. However, the best stunning shawls are made in black shade. Gold has a delightful friendship with black and maroon, therefore looks very handsome with a wedding ceremony outfit. You can similarly wear this one on the day after the wedding ceremony.

Blue Ladies Velvet Shawl:

Every age of women likes this beautiful blue shawl. It looks just the best with any outfit, especially bridal wear. Women commonly go for a light blue or majestic blue in bridal shawls. However, there is a range of blues in shawls. If you want to buy these different color shawls, you can visit our website.


Here at RJs Pret, I have explained different designs of velvet shawls for women. These shawls are specially made for the winter season. The top Pakistani designer made these shawls every winter season in Pakistan. Some of the shawls are lightly embroidered and some are heavily embroidered. You can wear lightly embroidered shawls on heavily embroidered suits and heavily embroidered shawls you can wear on the simple suit.
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