Latest trouser design ideas by RJ’s Pret

Latest trouser design ideas by RJ’s Pret

With new trends evolving in the fashion industry of Pakistan, there are a plethora of trouser design ideas growing rapidly which are appropriate for every occasion and special event. Every young girl is looking out for new trouser designs so they can complete their dressing style uniquely and beautifully. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing new designs for trousers and pants, girls often feel confused, as they couldn't think of some new ideas that can go well with the design of their shirt or frock. Hence, they go for typical styles that are not even suitable according to their personality. Every girl wants to dress beautifully from top to bottom, therefore, it’s important to choose some sleek and stylish trouser designs that feel comfortable and look dazzling as well. Therefore, rather than going with simple styles, you should consider choosing the designer's trousers collection as they are stitched uniquely, based on perfect cuts and the latest designs. RJ’s pret is one of the favourites and preferred choices for every woman for trousers collection. The brand presents some chic and fabulous trousers that make you feel stylish, comfortable and modern at the same time. Their collection is an absolute necessity for this Eid and other occasions. You can find a diverse color range and creative designs. Therefore, whether you are looking for formal or casual trouser collection, the designers are here to help you select the best design for your gorgeous looks.

Have a look at this compiled list of latest trouser designs by RJ’s pret:

New Trouser design- Black straight pants

Black trousers look like evergreen apparel for girls. These are the most stylish and perfect companions that complement every shirt you wear whether it's red, blue, or yellow. The beauty of this color is, it looks great with every shirt and frock. Especially when you are wearing black cut straight pants design, it ultimately makes your personality stylish and ultra-modern. The design is increasingly popular these days and may look well with a short black shirt. This ready to wear trouser is made of comfortable fabric and embellished with cutwork. As the design is ultra-elegant and modern these days, you can grab the piece in under Rs. 6000/ in every size; small, medium and large.

Latest trouser design- Tulip pants:

Who else loves wearing tulip pants in the summer season? If you are also a tulip pants lover, this style is for you! The design of these pants is unique and different from other trousers and pants. Their cut is narrow at the ankles, billowing at the top, and has multiple layers of airy fabric. Every fashion enthusiast loves wearing this stylish trouser as it looks great on young girls who want to be the style icons in parties and events. This is the most stylish trouser design among all and carries a dazzling appeal. Especially this white tulip pant decorated with laces on high-quality cotton lawn fabric. The pants are finished with trendy chained lace that is rarely used by any other brand in Pakistan. The tulip pants are available in all the sizes, small, medium and large, and most importantly, its price is affordable for every woman, as they are available under Rs. 4000/.

Cigarette pants- trouser design 2020

Cigarette pants are the 'must-haves' in every woman's wardrobe these days. This is the hottest trend these days and compliments your look whether you are wearing a short shirt or long one. These are basically skinny-fit ankle trousers that are good for both working ladies and college-going. So if you are looking for beautiful trouser design 2020 for Eid, try these elegant cigarette pants finished with laces. This ready to wear trouser looks well on vibrant colored dresses and complete your personality amazingly for every occasion. These trousers have the most flattering appeal that looks decent on every age woman and makes the personality extra gorgeous and graceful. You can accessorize their look in tons of stylish ways. You can add laces, buttons, beads, stones, and pearls or anything else according to the need of your occasion. You can grab this piece at quite affordable rates, under Rs. 2500/.

Black floral pants- bell-bottom style

Bell bottom trousers always look contemporary and cool as compared to other designs. These have extra grace and uniqueness that set your personality apart from others. These flared leg pants have originally a functional design that was popular in the 1960s, but now with the evolution of new trends, the flared pants are again in style & trend. The pants are flared down from the knees and tight around your thighs. As you can see, the black floral pants are quite stylish and look great on short shirts. This simple trouser design is a current favorite of every lady in Pakistan, as it provides comfort and joy at the same time. The trouser is all embellished with flowers and has made of premier quality. The trouser is purely made of cotton that is comfortable for the summer season; moreover, it looks good for both casual and formal collection. You can buy these stylish pants under Rs. 4000/ from RJ’s pret.

Bottom line:

Therefore, if you are inspired by this latest trouser design collection for 2020, update your wardrobe with these trendy designs and compliment your whole look by wearing extra stylish pants every day, on every occasion. Especially if you are looking something unique for this Eid, then scan the above list again and add your favorite trouser in the shopping cart today before it goes out of stock. RJ’s pret is here to provide you the latest design collections whether you are looking for something for casual wear, formal occasion or special events like Eid or weddings. The brand presents outclass ideas suitable for every personality. So if you want to upgrade your beautiful self for this Eid, visit the official website today and let the professionals handle your styling needs more efficiently and elegantly.
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