Traditional Pakistani Clothing |Pakistani Traditional Dress Female

Traditional Pakistani Clothing |Pakistani Traditional Dress Female

Traditional Pakistani Clothing |Traditional Dress of Pakistan Online


The Pakistani individuals and culture are exclusive in their way of life, concepts, and morals. Traditional Pakistani clothing reflects Pakistan's ethos and the ethos of those provisions Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Kashmir areas of the nation. Here at RJs Pret you can buy traditional Pakistani clothing with international shipping. The Pakistani outfit culture is developed by portraying traditions and thousands of year’s old heritage. Clothing is the identity of any nation. The outfit is in each local culture imitates the climatic situations, lifestyle, and specific design that offers it a different identity in all values.

National Outfit of Pakistan:

The salwar kameez is Pakistan's national outfit and worn by males and females in all 4 provinces. Meanwhile, in 1984, all Government representatives working in the Secretariat have compulsory to wear the national outfit. Each state has its style of wearing a salwar kameez. The well-known are Punjabi salwar kameez, Sindhi salwar kameez, Pashtun salwar kameez, and Balochi salwar kameez.

Salwar Kameez for Ladies:

Pakistani ladies wear salwar suits with different designs, shades, and embroiders with unique styles and embellished designs. The size of the kameez and sleeve can vary in the designs. Pretty straight cut pants, Patiala Salwar, Tulip salwar, Churidar pyjamas, tight Pajamas, long Pajamas, or Plain trousers can be wear with kameez.

Salwar Kameez and Kurta:

Commonly Pakistani men wear Salwar Kameez, and some similarly wear Pakistani coats on them. The kurta is equally a significant customary attire in Pakistan. It appears like a sack that enfolds with a string. The size of the kurta spreads to the wearer’s laps. Kurta can be wear with salwar or pants. Gents likewise like to wear a coat with a kurta and a trouser kurta and pants. It makes the outfit appearance very stunning.


Sherwani is mostly a long coat that commonly lowers to the knee. It is considered as the best outfit for her special event and sets you separately from the world's respite. It is a customary attire blend with western aesthetics and a sign of cultural morals. Sherwani is the best formal outfit for marriage ceremony. It is commonly made of adequate fibre, cutwork, and embroidery. In common, the golden, maroon, and black sherwani are usually used. After the independence of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam frequently wore sherwani. Moreover, most individuals and government representatives in Pakistan, such as the leader and prime minister, started to wear the black sherwani on salwar kurta for state events and national trips.

Regional Clothing:

In a regional outfit, the Baloch wear heavy stuff salwar kurta with very varied salwar’s to keep themselves from warm from the breezes of the Kharan Desert. They wear a full-sleeved Balochi dress, with a cap to save their heads from the sun’s heat. Sindhi people wear salwar kurta with customary Sindhi cap and ajrak of stunning designs. Punjabi males wear salwar kurta, and dhoti kurta according to Punjabi fashion. A squeaky fabric turban is similarly used along with a salwar kurta, specifically in Punjab's urban areas where it is called a turban. Khussa is equally used with dhoti kameez. In a Pashtun outfit, persons wear customary professional chapel. By ladies' religious outfit, we mean the dressing in which they can cover all their bodies, excluding the face and hands once they drive out of the household. Most ladies cover their bodies with a Dupatta or shawl, but religious ladies choose to wear a Scarf or gown.

Traditional Pakistani Clothing:

Every country has its specific ethical outfit. The same is case of Pakistan. Our ethical outfit is the salwar kurta. It is decent for all males, females, and kids of Pakistan. It is similarly famous in all provinces, towns, and cities of Pakistan.

Sindh Clothes:

Sindhi wear a variety of the salwar called Suntan which obligated a shirt called Chola. Another ethical attire contains Sindhi caps and Ajrak stunning styles that are designed locally. Men similarly wear a dhoti. Sindhi ladies wear lehenga and gharara called goji, a foothill shirt that wears in backward areas of Sindh. Goji contains small, genuine panes, embroidered on chiffon and tinsels. Sindhi clothing is fully embellished by using a glass.

Punjab Clothes:

Punjabi males wear traditional cut Punjabi salwar kurta, lungi, and dhoti. Other Punjabi salwar designs include Multani Salwar, Pothohari Salwar, and Bahawalpur Salwar which is very varied and rich in numerous layers. A high turban is similarly worn in urban areas of Punjab where it is called pager with khussa. Punjabi ladies wear traditional cut Punjabi salwar kurta, which is frequently worn in urban areas. Punjabi ladies also wear Pothohari salwar, tuple salwar, laacha, Gogra, kurta, sharara, and lehengas.

Baluchistan Clothes:

A Baloch wears a long pyjama such as a smoky dress, a wobbly salwar, a long cheddar or a scarf. Along with a lawn fabric turban, and the best of the shoes drift under the bottoms. Baluchistan's attires contain different kinds of kurtas and salwar’s, turbans, footwear, and scarf. Balochi ladies wear intensely embroidered salwar shirts and dupatta with the embellishment of mirror work. Balochi Dutch, a well-known Balochi outfit, is too exclusive, and it takings months to whole a single Balochi outfit. And most importantly, Balochi chapel has fans from all over the world.

What is the latest fashion in Pakistan?

Short shirts with straight trousers are the latest fashion in Pakistan. This year bright colours and designs will increase the attraction of short shirts. In 2021, numerous designers are launching short shirts with unique cuts, designs, and graceful styles, therefore giving us a wide range of short shirts. These shirts are perfect for both spring and summer season with high-quality fabrics. Single shaded straight trousers with buttons will offer you the best slim and smart appearance.

Where I Can Buy Traditional Pakistani Clothing?

Here at RJs Pret you will find every kind of traditional Pakistani clothing and Pakistani national dress. We offer national and international shipping. Pakistani attire refers to traditional clothing usually worn by individuals in Pakistan. Pakistani ethical dress expresses Pakistan's ethos, along with the demographics of Pakistan, and ethos from Punjab, Pashtuns, Sindh, and Baluchistan regions of the country. Each regional ethos's outfit reflects climate conditions, lifestyle, and an exceptional design that offers it an exclusive identity amongst all cultures.
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