Tips for choosing Shalwar kameez 2020

Tips for choosing Shalwar kameez 2020

How to choose the best Shalwar kameez 2020?

Are you looking for something that makes you the center of attraction in the whole party? Shalwar kameez 2020 designs are exceptional enough to make your dreams come true. Many talented designers in Pakistan are introducing new styles of shalwar kameez that are decorated with stones, laces, embroidery, sequins, buttons, and much more. With that being said, many people tend to explore the designs that flaunt their looks and give maximum attraction to their personality. There are different leading brands in Pakistan, such as RJ’s pret, Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed, Khaadi, Nishat, etc that offer stitched shalwar kameez suits that are perfectly designed according to modern trends.
However, choosing the best style among all is the most important consideration meanwhile. That's why RJ’s pret designers have come up with different tips that can help you choose the right salwar suits for any occasion.

Check the time of your special occasion while choosing shalwar kameez 2020:

When you have to choose shalwar kameez for some special occasion, then it’s important to check out the time of the event like when your event is going to start, because when you analyze the time, you can easily select the color of your dress. For example, if it’s a daytime party, then it’s recommended to choose light colors such as light pink, blue, yellow, lemon shade, or green. The reason is, these colors simply help you look delightful and cheerful. Many designer brands suggest using sea green, grey, ivory, white, sky blue, light yellow, and many more. When you wear shalwar kameez in these light shades, it looks elegant and decent. But if you have plans to attend an evening party, then it's recommended to focus on some dark shades, which include black, red, maroon, royal blue, purple, golden, orange, and brown.

The total amount of bling on your shalwar kameez 2020:

The total amount of embellishments and bling on your salwar kameez can make your overall dress look gorgeous and attractive. By considering shalwar kameez design 2020 girl in Pakistan, you can get inspiration and adopt everything according to trends. By choosing these designs, you can simply get the undivided attention of many people around you. Other than that, the type of dress you want to choose for the party will also decide the overall need for decorations and bling you have in the dress.
But if it’s some simple family get-together, an informal occasion, or birthday party, then you could choose both light and heavily embellished salwar kameez designs. Modern and talented clothing designers in Pakistan are also making great use of gota, embroidery, laces, tilla, silver/gold cords, pearls, threads, and sequins to enhance the overall appeal of your kurta and salwar. In the case of formal parties, the total amount of embellishments would also be reduced as these parties require a more decent and graceful look. The embroidery and other style patterns are usually horizontal and vertical, which simply adds more touch of elegance to your outfit.

Know what your body size/type is:

Salwar kameez is always available in multiple amazing styles. Now the biggest advantage of this style is, it looks great on every body type/size. Every woman looks attractive and graceful in shalwar kameez. But if you want to double the elegance of your dress and personality, you need to understand your body size properly. Stand in front of the mirror and analyze your size deeply. Check if you have a small waist with large hips that have the same measurements as the bust? Or you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body. According to many fashion designers, women with these body shapes can simply wear any style of suit. Since your body shape is stunning, you must let your fabric cover the whole body closely.
If your hips and tummy are a little heavier than the shoulders then you have a pear-shaped body. And for that, you need to choose the A-line body which should not be tight around your buttocks. But if your shoulders are heavy and your waist is slimmer, then you possess an apple-shaped body type. Your shalwar Kameez which tends to offer volume to your waist as frock styles and Anarkalis, then it would look striking on your figure. You could even select the outfit with a small jacket that covers your upper body for a more fabulous look.

Choose your fabric with more care and precision:

It’s important to choose the most comfortable fabric according to the requirement of the current season. And this requirement becomes more essential if that event is going to be organized open-air in summer months. So quality fabrics like cotton, lawn, and net offer exceptional breathability. However, if the venue of your event is a banquet hall or some residence then you should not depend enough on the fabric for ease and comfort. You can even choose satin, chiffon, silk, velvet, and organza. To get some better results, you should not choose some clingy fabrics especially if you are slim. So it’s better to select the ones that offer great volume to your overall body size, like velvet, cotton, and organza. As an alternative, if your body is bulky, you need to select fabrics like polyester and silk. They comfortably drape around your body and show off all the curves elegantly.

Choose prints according to your body:

There are simply no limits available when it comes to the prints of your salwar kameez. You could choose an entirely printed shirt and plain shalwar. This look often creates the best illusion of your height as well. Means if you have a short height then this combination would appear taller. And for every tall lady, printed shalwars are the best choice. Most of these prints are available online, so shalwar kameez online shopping is a great choice to choose versatile prints. Motifs and prints are always scattered over your entire shirt and then remain concentrated on some specific areas such as borders, back, sleeves, and front.
There are lots of ideas for shalwar kameez 2020 designs, if you want to explore some more options, you can consider visiting RJ’s pret where professional designers recommend stylish, elegant and beautiful designs according to latest trends.

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