Popular Bridal Mehndi Dresses 2023 Beautiful Designs

Popular Bridal Mehndi Dresses 2023 Beautiful Designs

Do you want to spice things up at your wedding by wearing the latest Mehndi dress as a bride? This blog is the ultimate stop for you that will definitely help you find the most popular bridal Mehendi dresses 2023. 

Wedding events in Pakistan usually begin with Mehndi. And a bride always looks for beautiful designs when finding an outfit for Mehendi. Don't worry! Don't think about how you can find the best designs for bridal Mehendi dresses. Here we come to rescue you. We have some amazing bridal Mehendi dresses here on the list. Pick the one that you like the most.

The Two Basic Styles For Mehndi

Traditionally, there are two basic styles usually worn by brides on Mehendi. One is a lehenga choli, and the other is Anarkali pishwas. Although you can wear whatever you like, these two are typically more conventional and specific when it comes to choosing the outfit of a Mehendi bride. Have you made up your mind about what to wear on your Mehendi? Are you thinking of wearing a lehenga choli, or do you want to go for an Anarkali pishwas? Whatever your mind, here are some top picks for you from RJ’s Pret.

Khushi - Most Popular Mehendi Dress 2023

Wedding events are full of joy, happiness, and heartfelt moments. It's the time to depict your timeless traditions with your preparations which include everything from clothes to decor. Here we have an amazing article named Khushi, which is designed typically for Mehendi events, keeping in mind the traditional colors.

Here we have the complete dress details for you. It is basically a four-piece dress comprising a lehenga, choli, yellow dupatta, and a chunri dupatta.


Popular Bridal Mehndi Dresses


The color combination is typically designed for the Mehendi event. Yellow and punk give a bright, refreshing vibe and make you look super fresh at your pre-wedding events. The heavily worked lehenga and choli make a great bridal dress for you.

Pairing this dress with an additional dupatta adds a bit more Royal touch to it. Carrying an additional dupatta, that too of a different color, not only gives a color break in the dress but also helps you look stunning.

Fabric Details:

Here are the complete fabric details for you.

  • For lehnga, silk fabric is used.
  • The choli is made of pure organza.
  • The yellow dupatta is made of pure Zari organza fabric.
  • The fabric of the chunri dupatta is pure chunri silk.

Henna - An Amazing Bridal Mehendi Dress

If you are not a lehnga choli lover, don't worry! It's not a must for the bride to wear a lehenga choli. You can opt for myriads of other options. One such alternative is henna, a brilliant anarkali pishwas by RJ’s Pret.

Popular Bridal Mehndi Dresses


The dress is designed in beautiful hues of orange and pink. The combination simply looks ethereal. The Anarkali style gives it a traditional yet attractive touch.
The sequence worked pink bodice is combined with the orange pishwas having front open style. It is a three-piece dress with pishwas, a dupatta, and pants. The chunri dupatta looks stunning yet traditional as it lets you relate to the traditional Mehendi vibe.

Fabric Details:

  • The shirt is made of pure raw silk fabric.
  • For the dupatta, we have used Chunri fabric.

Ronaq - A Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Dress

If you want something different from the yellow and orange color of Mehendi, you can go for a bottle green outfit. Ronaq is one such outfit designed by RJ’s Pret to meet your diverse color needs. The dress is an absolute combination of the brightest colors. The base is bottle green, which is heavily worked with Zardozi and gotta. Dont worry about the stitching as we have stitched this pishwas to perfection in a front open style. The pishwas is paired with a banarsi lehenga of hot pink color.
And you will fall in love with the dupatta of this outfit. It's designed in Chattha Patti style. We have chosen the brightest colors for the dupatta to make your Mehendi event even brighter.

This dress is perfect for a Mehendi bride both in terms of style and color theme.

Fabric Details

  • The pishwas is made of organza.
  • For lehenga, banarsi fabric is used.
  • The dupatta is also made of organza.

Want Some More Bridal Mehendi Dresses?

These are just the best ones RJ’s Pret has mentioned here on the list. If you want to explore some more products designed for Mehendi brides, you can visit RJ’s Pret website. We have so many articles, from heavily worked to simpler ones, from brighter to darker. We have something for everyone.

All you need to do is to contact and choose RJ’s Pret for your Mehendi event. And we will add such colors to your memories with our designs that you will never forget. All our dresses are made with a lot of love to meet the perfection standards our customers expect.

Sum Up

Finding the right dress for your big day is not easy. But it becomes super easy when you land on RJ’s Pret page. Because we have the most popular bridal Mehendi dresses 2023. The best designs, premium stitching, high quality, and eye-catchy color combinations make our articles the best ones. You will never regret wearing our breathtakingly beautiful dresses on your big day.

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