What is the peplum style? How to wear it?

What is the peplum style? How to wear it?

When and how to wear peplum dresses?

Peplum dresses have now become the bliss of the Pakistani fashion industry. The dresses are inspired by Western origin and designers are working hard to introduce new trends and styles to make the dress more gorgeous for every personality. In all the Eastern parts of the world, it has several shapes and they can be worn with different stylish bottoms including flared pants, straight pants, jeans, and leggings. Embroidery, lacework, stones, and buttons give a great edge to your dress. It looks like the best choice for weddings too. Many brides choose small peplum shirts with gharara that make their outfit excellent and according to the latest trend. Different designer brands are also committed to providing innovative dresses in this style and making several changes to enhance the overall look. RJ’s Pret also offers luxurious and stylish dresses for casual and formal events. Here we will discuss why, when, and how to stylize your dress according to the latest trend.

What is the peplum style?

This dress trend has been raising for years as it looks both stylish and graceful, and also suits every age and personality. This is basically a most particular kind of dress, which comprises a simple fabric piece being gathered that further flares up and makes different ruffle hems. The dress is part of that category which has been classified as the most vintage kind of look by fashion designers. Now, this dress trend has been getting enormously popular as its special waist looks unique and gives a splendid vintage charm besides making your body look attractive. The dress has been surpassing the popularity of other clothing styles due to its unique and special look.

What does it mean in fashion?

It is a short flared and slightly gathered kind of dress which is available with different styles and innovations. Some dresses have a belt attached at their waist which makes your body appear slim, smart, and attractive. The dress has not been new in the fashion industry, but due to its unique appearance, it has got a huge popularity and many girls consider this for their wedding as well. The best part is, the dress is available in different fabrics, silk, cotton, Lawn, and velvet. And can be worn with multiple bottoms such as gharara, flared pants, straight pants, tulip shalwars, and cigarette pants.

Peplum skirt:

Now you must be wondering what is a peplum skirt? Well, the skirt is basically a short and tight outfit that is beautifully draped over to some other garment, trousers, and breeches. This dress style has also been used as some other term for overskirts, and you shouldn’t confuse it with dresses.

What to wear with a peplum dress?

These dresses are worn with sandals and heels especially on formal occasions. But you can also choose shoes to wear with peplum dress as they can wonderfully stylize your personality. You can choose a neutral shoe design with a printed belt to look more stylish and graceful. Girls also love to wear high heel shoes as they add extra flavor to your overall personality.

Which body type looks best in this style?

According to some people, these are only suitable for girls who have an hour-glass body type. Though we cannot deny the fact that hourglass figures look more adorable in these dresses, it doesn't mean that other girls with a pear-shaped body cannot wear the dress. There are different styles and every style is created specifically for different body types. Like if your body type is straight then you need a gathered design but if you have a heavy lower half body, then the flared type would make your personality elegant and different. Girls also love the pleated style, as it can easily hide their extra fat rolls. However, if you choose an asymmetrical pattern, then you can gain the impression of appearing more voluptuous.

Why you should own this dress type?

As we have entered the modern era, every girl wants to choose this dress as their dream garment because it helps girls to attain the attractive hourglass body. This dress updates your wardrobe according to the latest fashion and makes your personality modern and different from others. This dress has a more feminine, decent, and graceful look. The dress can also give you the most timeless and classy appearance for every occasion. And more importantly, you can look extra gorgeous when you pair the dress with gharara at your wedding.

What are the best occasions for this dress type?

This dress is quite versatile that can increase your personality’s grace no matter what the occasion is. The fluted hem simply adds more fun to your evening party. But if you are decorating it with stone, beads, and tassels, then it would be a great outfit for a wedding occasion. Other than that, you can also stylize the dress in simple Lawn material which can be paired with leggings, jeans, and straight pants.

Tops and bell-bottoms:

These tops are beautifully designed to wear with bell-bottom trousers, as both the outfits are in bell style, so they make an exceptional combination. If you want a formal version of this dress, you need to carry the top with embroidered trousers with laces that are made of silk material. While if you want some casual look, then a printed style with simple white or black trousers will make a great style.

Now you have all the ideas about peplum, you know when and how to wear the dress for any occasion, so what are you waiting for? Go and get your dress from one of the most reliable designers that can help you select the best design for your graceful look. If you are feeling confused and couldn't decide something best, then you can also consult with RJ’s pret designers as their professionals can provide a more detailed guideline and suggest something right according to your personality and latest trend. You can visit the website for different ideas.

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