Latest Pakistani dresses 2020 

Latest Pakistani dresses 2020 

Pakistani dresses 2020 with price


Traditional embroidery of Pakistani clothing gained full recognition because of their culture and heritage the clothes are in demand these days. Traditional Pakistani dresses 2020 are specially designed in the embroidery style, which is our culture. In antiquity, the embroidery was handmade on dresses, women used stones and various threads on different fabrics. This hard work was used to make a piece of the finest and fashionable clothing. Since the industries have developed, we now have the equipment to do this all the time.

People now brace for fashionable clothing that is dragging a safe place in the fashion industry in many ways. Embroidery with wool, threads, stones, pearls, applique work, and tussles are requirements of Pakistani fashion. If you go shopping, you will find such trendy clothes everywhere in the market. There is a limitless range of gota kinari, zardozi, and Multani embroidery dresses. So here at RJ pret I am going to describe the 3 Pakistani embroidery styles that never get old.

3 Pakistani embroidery styles that never get old

1. Gota Kinari - Pakistani dresses 2020

Gota Kinari is from the early '80s, which was the work of gold or silver on the lace to create a shiny and stunning touch, which is now in the trend. Although people used to wear this type of dress at the wedding. The straps of gold and silver were delicately embroidered on the garment that looks stunning. This was expensive, but the timing changed dramatically with affordable and long-lasting options. And now these types of dresses are available at a very low cost.

In Pakistan women usually wear these heavy embroidery dresses on their weddings and the bride's sisters and cousins ​​also wear those dresses in a multi-colored combination. The wonderful colors are orange, green, or yellow with a kinnari dress in henna work. However, designers show off their creativity in costumes to make them more attractive.

2. Zardozi embroidery - Pakistani dresses 2020

The zardozi designs on clothes never get old over time as it becomes more popular in the fashion industry and has high requirements as fashionable attire. The work features metallic embroidery that once belonged to the royal dress, for providing a beautiful and luxurious dress with delicate stones and pearls.

You can choose the right color that best suits your personality and be popular among the girls of your age. These types of dresses can be worn at weddings and parties. Zardozi's embroidery looks amazing on fuchsia, pink, black, or white and you can pick up a net dupatta on a long shirt. This type of embroidery could be done on dresses that can be worn at weddings or events.

3. Multani style hand embroidery:

According to modern fashion, Multani dresses have become a trend even though they sound like old times. But most of the Pakistani designers are decorating their new collection with Multani embroidery this summer with the touch of handmade embroidery. These dresses are loved by women.

These Pakistani dresses 2020 are not limited to a particular region now they are very trendy and in demand all over Pakistan. Multani embroidered kurtas give you a fashionable and sophisticated look with applique work on its multicolored dupatta. Shalwar kameez and fully embroidered dupatta, give a traditional look to the outfit. Update your wardrobe with stunning Multani embroidered dresses.

6 Stunning shalwar kameez designs 2020

The Pakistani woman still loves her national dress as there is no doubt about how shalwar kameez has become the main dress line. The modern fashion world of Pakistan may have transformed the sense of dressing, but shalwar kameez still holds the center of attraction that offers a casual and comfortable look for a feminine identity. This dress can be worn normally or occasionally by old or young women. The combination of the previous pattern of this trendy dress with the latest styles, you will find many stunning designs.

1. Stunning shalwar kameez of lilac

In this summer season, the trendy shalwar kameez are available in a variety of sizes you would like to wear. Stylish and stunning lilac kameez shalwar make your personality look vibrant and beautiful. The color and design are all you want for your outfit, the applique work on the lilac makes it very vibrant and stylish. These dresses are available in many online stores.

2. Palazzo with Kurta

According to the upcoming trend of women dressing, women love to wear palazzo with a traditional kurta. Studies show that the combination of different colors is usually loved by teenagers. Moreover, colors such as pink, lemon, blue, and inky are becoming popular among girls. You can wear pants with kurta separately and it will also look great.

3. Applique work kurta

Today's generation loves applique kurtas with an exciting appeal, which makes them look luxurious and attractive in any gathering. Chiffon dresses with velvet applique are very trendy in Pakistan. There is also a practice of applique work in fashionable silk which makes it very stylish. These types of dresses are available at a very high cost.

4. Mahira Khan style

The perfect white shalwar kameez with colorful dupatta is very trendy with the name of Mahira khan's style. The white dress always maintains a good look and ethnicity. The white kameez looks beautiful with all types of trousers such as Patiala salwar, bell bottom, a narrow stitched trouser, and also with tulip pants that look very elegant and give you a traditional feel.

5. Floral kameez with plain shalwar

However it is hot summer, and during the hot season, all Pakistani women like to wear simple Pakistani dresses 2020 such as floral kameez with the combination of plain shalwar and bright color dupatta, because bright colors give you a cool effect. These types of dresses will look amazing and give you an excellent look.

6. Kameez with a gharara

You must have attended some wedding ceremony and wore your shirt with gharara as some were gripped with this style. If you have never tried this outfit, choose one, and you will not regret it. This will enhance your personality and make you more beautiful than any other casual style of dress.

Bottom line:

With the growing fashion industry, we may have lost the traditional sense of dress, but shalwar kameez is still a symbol of our culture. Pakistani designers are preparing new styles and hues continuously to ship various designs of traditional dresses during the summer. Every woman is looking for a combination of new and traditional dresses. Kameez shalwar is in demand these days. Girls or young women in summer do not wear a lot of heavy clothing, they only love to wear simple and decent dresses.

Since here at RJ pret I am talking about Pakistani dresses 2020 that are never getting old. We always have something special for our customers.


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