6 things you never knew about my little pony

6 things you never knew about my little pony

Interesting things about my little pony

My Little Pony is one of the popular media franchises and a very interesting toy line that mainly targets young girls. This toy line is developed in 1982 by a popular American company Hasbro. The ponies present in this animated movie features beautiful and colorful bodies, have unique symbols on their flanks and also have small manes that make them cute and attractive.

My Little Pony animated-feature series has been revamped many times, sometimes with traditional looks and most of the time with modern looks so they can continue appealing to the targeted market. You may know a lot about the series, but there are some interesting things you might have been missed. To explain everything in a more convenient way, RJ’s pret introduced a guide that will better help you understand some fun facts about this interesting series.

Rise of my little pony:

My little pony has gone through several phases and ups and downs. But they never stopped rising due to continuous innovations and sustainability strategies.

According to my little pony wiki, the toy line has got huge popularity during the 1980s and then after the extreme appreciation, the toy line was revived in 1997; but unfortunately, it did not get enough popularity as the previous series so they got discontinued in 1997.

After that, the brand experienced huge success in 2003 as the toys resembled the original toys. And then finally, the company launched its fourth incarnation, which started as the animated series called my little pony friendship is magic.

Friendship is Magic successfully continued nine-season series which was ended recently in 2019. During the series, people got a chance to meet different types of ponies which include Earth ponies, Unicorns, Alicorns and Pegasi.

The most popular ponies in the series were their main characters which are also called the Mane 6. These were Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity.

Some interesting things about my little pony:

Since Mane 6 are the main my little pony characters, so you must know a lot of details about their personal lives too, but there are some backstories too which may not have been known by anyone.

Cheese sandwich:

Cheese Sandwich was a very minor character that just appeared in two episodes in a formal way, but it was also mentioned in four additional episodes. He is basically the spouse of the Pinkie Pie in the future. There are not enough details known about the Cheese Sandwich by many people or must have forgotten about, Cheese was a bit shy colt. He was inspired to get rid of its shell and excited to become a Party Pony after attending the parties thrown by Pinky Pie.

Starlight glimmer:

Starlight Glimmer was mainly known as a popular antagonist in the premiere of season five. She was running a small village in which all the ponies tend to give up the cutie mark present on their flanks for grey equal signs. The entire mane 6 my little pony characters were supposed to stop her from doing this. But what you don’t know about starlight glimmer is, she was the most powerful magic-user. She has created a spell which has switched the cuties marks of the village residents' and she was also able to use a time travel spell efficiently so she can try to prevent the sonic rainboom of Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash:

Rainbow Dash is mainly an interesting tomboyish Pegasus that has a great empathy for athleticism as well as speed power. She was managing the weather condition around Ponyville. After that, she became a member of Wonderbolts which was the pegasi’s group who did aerial tricks.

What you have not realized about her is, she was not living in the pony Ville, and she just spends too much time there. She was also a former resident of Cloudsdale. After that, she became the resident of "cloudominium".


Fluttershy was also a cute Pegasus pony. She was so reserved when compared to Rainbow Dash. She was also a Pegasus, but she never used her wings a lot. She preferred spending her time on the ground with animals.

There is a little-known fun fact about her is, like Rainbow Dash, she was also not an actual resident of Ponyville. She was simply living outside the Ponyville in some cottage located on the outskirts of ever free forest.

Mrs. Cake:

Mrs. Cup Cake, was actually the co-owner of their bakery, which is called Sugarcube Corner. Her husband Mr. Cake, also acted as an employer of Pinkie Pie and landlords.

Something you don’t know about Mrs. Cake is, she was married to Mr. Cake when her name was Chiffon Swirl before, and this fact was revealed in the seventh episode of season seven "The Perfect Pear."


Rarity was the famous Unicorn pony that was responsible to run the Carousel Boutique, running in Ponyville. However, it also had some additional location is Canterlot which is known as Canterlot Carousel. Rarity was a fashion enthusiast and always used her Unicorn magic to sew stylish clothes for her boutiques.

But Rarity's magic is not essentially depicted to the magic of Starlight Glimmer. Still, she was much powerful as well as a talented magic-user. Rarity got her cutie mark when she activated the talent accidentally and earned gem-finding magic, which was being developed with time.

Bottom line:

My little pony franchise has got huge popularity with every season. Now you can also watch my little pony movie which is also a portrayal of their interesting storyline. I hope the above mentioned facts must be tempting and you are planning to watch the whole animated series. But if you have watched the series already, you might have missed certain important details highlighted by RJ’s pret. If you are looking for some more interesting topics, visit the official website today.

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