Buy Stylish and Fashionable Mehndi Outfits for Sisters at RJs Pret

Buy Stylish and Fashionable Mehndi Outfits for Sisters at RJs Pret

Mehndi Outfits for Sisters | Pakistani Brides sister/cousin mayun dress


A wedding is a significant occasion in anybody’s life. People plan their weddings for months and need everything perfect from head to toe. The most worrying thing about any wedding is the outfits of all the occasions including, Mehndi, Barat, and Walima. Bride and Groom desire to look elegant on their special time not only them but family members and friends also need their looks and clothes to be unique and changed yet traditional. During wedding bells, the bride and groom’s siblings try to wear perfect formal dresses. So here at RJ Pret, I will explain some of the stylish bridal dresses and mehndi outfits for sisters that may spark up their creativity and make their look stylish.

Stunning Mehndi Outfits for Sisters:

To start, let’s talk about this gorgeous dress which is bound to be the center of attention and speak volumes. This outfit is among those clothes which speak for itself, and will surely make you stand out amongst the rest; after all, you are the bride’s sister. This stunning cream-colored loose gharara has embroidery lined towards the finish. The dupatta is shimmery but simple and bordered with thread lace with a similar color combination to match the gharara. Both the dupatta and the gharara are then matched with an attractive short kurta in a gorgeous rustic color with excellent embroidery all over, in every nook and corner. The whole attire creates a very attractive and bewitching appearance, which is sure to catch the eye of numerous people!

Exquisite Mehndi Outfits for Sisters:

When we talk about the exquisite appearances, here is another one of the outfits perfect to wear for the bride’s sister. This outfit will give a very amazing kind of look from head to toe. The outfit follows a similar color design of a stunning greyish shady bluish undertone. Starting with the short frock, it has very complicated embroidery in silvery touch which follows a complex design and involves elaborate patterns on the whole front as well as the full-length sleeves. It is then matched with a gharara which also has embroidered designs from floor-length up till the mid-thigh. The gharara is gracefully draped towards the floor. Mutually the short frock and the gharara then matched with a chiffon dupatta in the same color with beads attached sparsely through the dupatta.

Casual Waist Length Kurti Suit Design for Bride’s Sisters

This Barat dress for bride sister follows a different pattern from usual Pakistani wedding clothes. The outfit consists of a medium length Kurti, which has unique embroidery all over. The Kurti hem has leaf-like cutwork towards the end. The bottom consists of a lehenga, which has a flowery pattern all over the lehenga and is floor length and attractively spreads out onto the floor giving it a graceful look. All of which makes a complete appearance of the whole outfit with a distinct idea though keeping the essentials same. This outfit is distinct while keeping a fashionable aesthetic.

Fascinating Kurta and Lehenga suit for Bride’s Sisters:

These simple mehndi dresses are for those who are looking for a more fascinating, attractive, and royal-like appearance. The dress consists of a medium kurta and lehenga which follows a similar design in both the torso and the bottom. The dress is then finished with its dupatta which adds a beautiful touch to the whole clothing. The dupatta can be worn in such a way that it can be dressed on one shoulder and crossed under the other shoulder. This makes the impression of a royal look with a modern style touch. The dupatta also adds a touch of a bright green color which contrasts beautifully with the color being followed all over the rest of the dress.

Peach Light Pink Bride’s Sister Dress Design:

Moving towards an extra subtle and lightweight color. This outfit is in a blush-like peachy dark-pink color. This outfit consists of a short frock which is our favorite. The frock has only subtle detailing on its neck and has a flowery border towards its hem. The overall appearance of the dress is completed with its dupatta in a similar color. The dupatta has a chiffon material and has shimmery sequins attached and finely spread out in several places onto the dupatta and communally placed on the border of the dupatta. Making a mirror-like effect which is bound to reflect and bounce off the numerous colored lights at the occasion.

Light Color Frock Dress for Bridal Sisters:

This Barat dresses for bridal sisters 2020 is a floor-length sleeveless long frock in a very delicate and refined light teal turquoise color. Providing a very slight color, with just the correct touch and hint of color, not too harsh and not too bright. The outfit is complete of a shimmery material and has very well detailing towards the rising torso region. The overall look of the outfit is completed with its dupatta which has outstanding golden flower designs spread out on all the dupatta. It also has a tassel in the same silver color at its borders. The dupatta is in the same bright color and in a delicate chiffon material, which is perfect to showcase the frock. Both the frock and the dupatta contrastingly finishing the look.

Peach Color Bridal Sister Suit Design:

This peach-colored mehndi outfits for sisters is perfect for those who need to keep their suit simple however out-class. This ankle-length outfit consists of an upper layer and an underlayer. The under layer is simple and has sequins attached to it on its neck and embroidery towards the border at the end. On the other hand, the upper layer of the outfit has fine-looking grey embroidery all over in changed designs, some flowery, and some following a stem-like design. The embroidery starts as absolutely covered towards the neckline, shoulder and starts falling dispersedly towards the mid and then continues to rise all the way up till the finish. The outfit is paired with its dupatta which follows a similar decoration to that which has been followed through the rest of the outfit. All of which adds up to make a beautiful and attractive look!


Hopefully, these Mehndi Outfits for Sisters and mehndi dress design ideas assisted you in figuring out the less subtle bridal outfit ideas to wear on the most special day of your siblings’ wedding ceremony. So, if you want some more ravishing ideas for trendy clothes, consider RJ’s pret where professional people can provide the best suggestions to select the right Mehndi Outfits.
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