Matha Patti Design | Latest Designs Matha Patti Collection 2021

Matha Patti Design | Latest Designs Matha Patti Collection 2021

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Dressing up plays a big part for the brides when it comes to Pakistani weddings. With extra excitement, they happily wait for their big day so that they can flaunt their final look. All start planning well in advance for the wedding day to ensure that everything is in order. The most significant part of a bride's wedding is her marriage outfit and jewellery. For Matha Tikka, brides can select from dozens of traditional as well as fashionable designs. It is difficult to shortlist one, right from huge and multi-layered styles to the elusive gem ones. Here at RJs Pret, we have shortlisted a few beautiful matha Patti design for you to select from for your marriage day! On a wedding day, jewellery gets you the final look. It is time to set up your bridal jewellery after you have finalized your dream wedding outfit. We come across wedding jewellery patterns now and then so that the brides can select from a lot of choices. The bride desires to look as perfect and attractive as ever. Everything must be best and on point on the wedding day, starting from their statement necklace to the nose pin. Every single piece of jewellery improves the look of a bride at her wedding. This headpiece has a significant impact on your complete look and is worn on the forehead and shows an essential role in the beauty of a bride.

Traditional Matha Patti:

Modern brides often select a traditional and customary look to offer a different touch to their big day look. What can be a better alternative to rocking your final wedding day look than finalizing a traditional Matha Tikka? If you need a retro princess to inspire your appearance, then you can confidently choose this 'old is gold' matha Patti designs. It will boost your look and add a traditional touch to it. Go for old-style bridal headpiece designs with matching jewellery to complete your look, just like our bride.

Thick and Oversize Matha Patti:

To complete your look, an attractive Tikka with dropping gem details is all you want! You can go for any pattern and details to create your look a petite bolder and you can stand out as the most stylish bride ever! Thick and oversize Tikka is now becoming a trend-setter and a bride can select the one that fits her style with its different styles and patterns. With green-shaded drop detailing, select a thick and oversize mang tikka and we have to admit, it will compliment your red wedding dress.

A Fashionable Matha Patti with Coloured Tourmaline Drops:

Some brides choose to coordinate their whole look with colour. Brides can select their dress for the marriage day and colour coordinate the Tikka consequently. You can select any style of mang tikka to rock your appearance and select the colour of your drops on it. For her head jewellery, this bride chose pink tourmaline droplets. Gold mang tikka looks great with a slight touch of pink and will add the desired colour on your marriage day to your final look.

Small Pendant-Design bridal headpiece:

For our brides for their big day, minimalism is the latest tendency and they need to keep their appearance simple yet graceful. On their marriage day, some brides select to stay away from all the extra glitz and gold. And, for them, the mang tikka looks shiny and fashionable with a single pendant or a stylish gem drop. To complete the look, they can select any Patti pattern and add a small gem or pendant. Take the bride's inspiration, where she can be seen adopting the minimalist tendency. She had selected minimal mehndi and minimal jewellery and looked stunning!

Gem mang tikka

The delicate pieces of jewellery are considered to be gems and offer you a pretty look. A gem bindi can glam up the look of a bride on her big day to another stage. They are very quirky and can add to your final look more features. Matha bindi can complete your look with gem strings attached and a gorgeous pearl core.

Beautiful Multi-Layered Matha bindi:

You can genuinely emphasize your special day look with a multi-layered bridal headpiece on your forehead, giving it a good feeling! You can select multi-layered strings in different patterns instead of a single-layered Matha bindi, from pearl strings to Kinden strings, and you can select from a range of choices. To complete her look, this bride had chosen a Pathani Matha Patti and looked beautiful!

Borla Design Matha bindi:

A Borla is a round-shaped decoration that is typically worn by the Marwari community in Rajasthan and Haryana. But very newly, our brides of the modern age have ongoing choosing for a hair accessory of Borla theme. You get a graceful and pretty look with the Borla on your forehead. Typically, a Borla is made with drops, pebbles, and gems and will give you a Rajputana bride feel.

Single Side Design hair accessory:

On the final day, it is all about playing with your look! The latest hair accessory pattern, which has become very popular, is the one-sided hair accessory style. The tendency is very stylish and will emphasize your look. For this kind, you can pick the number of strings for your Patti, or you can select a single-layered, double-layered, or multi-layered Patti.

Flowery Design bindia:

For quite some time now, floral jewellery has been stylish, with brides wearing natural or artificial flowers. In their pre-wedding functions, such as mehndi and mayon, we have seen many brides opting for floral jewellery. For the pre-wedding functions, a floral style matha tikki becomes your statement jewellery. Flowers give a natural and new feeling to the diversity of your whole look.


The more intricate variant of the hair accessories is Matha Patti, and it has now developed from traditional jewellery to a kind of fashion statement. Any style you can think of, whether it's layered, tiara style, or sideways style, these hair accessories can incorporate everything. If you want to buy these kinds of bridal headpieces, you can visit RJs Pret. They offer the latest designs of bridal dresses with matching accessories for women.
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