Latest party wear fancy wedding dresses 2023

Latest party wear fancy wedding dresses 2023

Official parties, gatherings, dinners, meetings, and success celebration are a part pf work culture. Such occassions require some graceful and elegant looks. These looks can be created with a designer party wear outfit. If you are looking for such dresses, Rj’s pret is the right place for you.

Rj’s pret has created delicate designs or trendy fabrics to give a smooth party look. Our dresses have the elegance you might be looking for. These dresses of ours are not bound to be wore on official events only. Rather they can be used on pre wedding functions and post wedding dineouts.

Do you want to know about some of our elegant party dresses??

Below are a few options for you.

Red dhalia| umeed| A graceful yet eye catching party wear dress.

If you are looking for a party wear dress which can be used at a variety of accassions, let us introduce you to the Red Dhalia. Red dhalia is just perfect for any family and official party. This party dress has an aura because of its deep red color. The detailings on this masterpiece are absolutely exceptional.

The color and fabric highlights this dress more than anything else. The shirt and dupatta are made up of khadi net. The trouser has a fabric of smooth silk. The blood red color of the suit is paired up with white combination of embroidery.

The neckline of the shirt has a band with an embroidered patti. The shirt has handworked cutdana patti and white embroidered motifs. The cut work on gher and daman makes it more mesmerizing. The laser embroidery at the daman enhances the cut work. The sleeves also have cut worked edges. All of these details are done in white.

The trousers in red silk is paired up with this party wear dress. The cut of the bottoms is izzar pants. The painchas of the izzar pants have cut work on them. The cut work is again done in white to highlight the deep blood red color of the trousers.

The dupatta of this dress in red khaddi net. The plain dupatta has white cut work borders along the four sides of it. This pairing is undoubtedly a combo of grace and elegance.

If you want to lift the style game on your occasions, choose this party dress. This dress is all set to make you a style icon.

Bougainvillea| umeed| A perfect party wear dress for spring and summer.

As the name ‘bougainvillea’ suggests, this dress is all set to be used in spring. The color, the fabric, the style and the vibe of this dress matches your formal yet official events taking place in summers and spring. If you are looking for a fresh and breathable party wear dress, bougainvillaea of umeed by Rj’s pret can be an option for you. Want to know the details of this springy party wear dress??

Let us discuss below.

This hot magenta dress comes in four peice. It includes the shirt, dupatta, pants, and slip as well. All of these pieces are same in color to give a solid look. The fabrics used in this fancy party dress makes it more lively and seasonal.

The shirt is made up of self embossed khadi net. The pants are made out of silk fabric. The dupatta, however, is cut from pure khadi net. The color and embroidery of this outfit is inspired from the bougainvillea itself. Thus, named after it. Such inspirational outfits surely bring the peace and comfort to the customers and is our speciality of Rj’s pret.

The magenta color of the suit is paired up with light yellow to enhance the shade of the dress. The shirt has a V neck with double patti around it. The double patti is also accompanied by the light yellow shuttle lace. The sleeves also has a combination of two different kinds of laces. One of them is the same used on shirt. The other one is an enhanced video of the ladder lace. The edges of the sleeves are also having the same shuttle lace.

The ladder lace is used to make vertical and horizontal panels on the shirt front. There are delicate embroidereries on the shirt front in form of four to five motifs. The whole shirt is a combination of laces, embroidery and self print. The trousers of same color are paired with it. They are cut in style of plazo pants. The painchas have wavy cuts at the bottom. The khaddi net dupatta is paired up with this outfit. The whole dupatta has a block print over it. This block prit enhances the magenta color of the dupatta. The four sides of the dupatta has shuttle lace all around it. This addition perfectly combines the dupatta with the suit.

Anyone looking for a light and fresh party wear dress, can opt for bougainvillea by Rj’s pret. This dress has a freshness and softness in it. Just perfect for the parties!

Black glitz| pristine| A glittery black facy dress for parties and events.

Rj’s pret present you its luxe silk collection. This silk collection is just accurate for any formal, official and domestic event. Black glitz makes you feel pristine. This dress is an ideal choice for those looking for a glamorous outfit for their parties. This fancy dress belongs to the most stunning collection of Rj’s pret. Black is a whole vibe in itself. Adding glitzy touch to it makes it just perfect for the dineouts and parties. The black glitz is simple yet glamorous. Let us know the details of this stylish dress below.

This dress is black in color. There is a touch of red and green on to it. This combination adds beauty of this stunning party outfit. The fabric used in shirt is silk. The cape of the shirt is made out of net. The trouser of the dress is in silk too. The combo of silk and net adds glam to this outfit.

There is a plain silk shirt in black. Over this shirt is a net cape. The net cape has all the details on it. There is sequins on the sleeves of the net cape top. The bodice of the cape has a different sequins than sleeves. The addition of same sitara on the cape bodice highlights it. To break the black color of this party wear outfit, there are motifs on the neckline of the cape. The motifs are in the form of fresh red roses and wet green leaves. Thes tiny details complete the look of the shirt.

The trousers are in black silk. The cut of trousers are in plazo pants style. These plazo pants have motifs in the form of red roses and green leaves on the sides. The painchas of the plazo pants are cut in curved manner. This two piece is just a perfect choice for any party.

Be it a night out with family, or an official dinner, black glitz is the dress you can opt for. This fancy dress ha all the glam and decency in it. The tyle is modern and yet modest. This will be indeed a great addition to wardrobe.

To sum up!

Rj’s pret has a variety of party wear fancy dresses. We offer you silk, khadi net, and many other fabrics. These fabrics creat a stunning look. They make you a style statement at your events. You can opt for red dhalia or magenta bougainvillea, or you can simply go with a glitzy black outfit. We have all these and many others for you in stores and online. Visit our websit o place an order.

Happy shopping from Rj’s pret!

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