Latest Khaadi Cambric Pret Collection 2020 by Rjs Pret

Latest Khaadi Cambric Pret Collection 2020 by Rjs Pret


Khaadi Cambric pret is a kind of fine, lightweight, and plain weave cloth that has been used for clothing making and other purposes over a short period. It is one of the densest ranges of fabric woven in grieve. Initially, cambric was made from cotton or flax. Manufacturers first started using linen for producing this cloth in the nineteenth century. It was formerly used by ladies for purposes like lacework and embroidery work. The name of this fabric originally arises from Cambria, a city situated in southern France where the cloth was first developed. Here, at Rjs Pret, I have discussed Khaadi cambric pret fabric history and production.

Cambric History:

This fine fabric was first manufactured during the late 1400s, gaining fast attractiveness as a useful material for a huge range of applications. It was used for creating the stiff neck-ruffs used throughout the Elizabethan period. The textile was also used for creating other articles like wall hangings, swags, underskirts as well as several other cloth products. Its use as a material for lacework and embroidery work also began throughout this period.

Khaadi Cambric Pret Production:

For manufacturing, this fabric, linen, and cotton are knitted tightly. They offer the material charming and even grain. Once the textile is made, it has to go through the procedure of calendaring which uses warm rollers. For shrinking the fibers and aligning in a uniform direction. This offers the fabric a hard and shiny finish. Though, repeated washes may be necessary before the cloth attains the preferred look and surface. Poorer quality cambric may need to be treated again after a certain period for recovering its unique properties.

Difference between Cambric and Poplin:

Cambric and poplin are 2 different kinds of fabrics. The cotton single count is used for making both the fabrics. But, they have changed thread thickness which is one of the key differences between the two fabrics. Cambric has equal weft and warp thicknesses though, in the case of poplin, warp thickness is greater than the weft thickness.

What is Khaadi Cambric Pret Used For?

Different quality Khaadi cambric pret textiles are used for numerous purposes. It is used for creating a wide range of ready-to-wear clothes including shirts, frocks, women trousers, and other types of attires. The stuff is often used in costumes and outfits not intended for permanent or long-term usage, such as bridal outfits. Poorer quality fabric is used for creating tissues, undergarments, dusters, doilies as well as for coatings. It is occasionally used as backing textiles for several artworks and handworks. Other uses of the stuff include creating bandages, dust covers, etc. It can also be used in the method of bookbinding. During the 1800s, cambric began losing popularity due to the extensive availability of numerous other fabrics manufactured using comparatively current procedures. Currently, a difference of this textile, named Chambray, is commonly used for making tops and other articles of attire. Original and decent quality cambric is still obtainable at certain vintage stores.

Best Time to Wear Cambric Dresses:

Styles change according to seasons. Summertime industries produce just one product. Infused with gorgeous and cheerful colors, unique floral designs, and complicated embroidery, cambric is the ‘thing’ for the summer. Unstitched cambric dresses would keep you light through the hot summers, without compromising on the elegance quotient. Along with the finest fabric, our Cambric Collection promises you energetic shades that would infuse the season’s vibe in you and you’d be glittering wherever you go! Wait for the finest part. With Rjs Pret, the season’s tendencies are going to ensure that all of your stunning and stylish looks are on point!

Is Cambric Good For Summer?

Cambric fabric is just good for summers, which is why it’s the most well-known fabric during summer. The reasons behind this are observable. For one, it’s a soft and smooth fabric together with an epitome of extravagance and stylishness. Furthermore, wearing the cambric feels easy, therefore you finally got your wings to fly with this summer season. Fly in chic. Because Rjs Pret Cambric Collection ’19 is a concoction of gorgeous and fascinating prints. The fascinating color palette, delicate handwork, and blooming patterns enable you to flaunt your appearances. Oh, also, with our unstitched cambric textile dresses range, you can style your outfits according to the modern design, without giving up on luxury.

Is Cambric Good For Winters?

As the last week of the summer approaches closer, the icy winds start blowing, waving the arrival of winters. The style for winters is a whole innovative world. Though, you can trust cambric to bring luxury and ease in your life. Cambric pret textile has a hard material that can be cast-off in the winter season. Similar to the ones we have here in Lahore. They are heavy enough to be worn during the starting weeks of winter. With the new Cambric Collection, you’re going to take the joyful summer vibes with yourself to the gloomy winters and enhance up the atmosphere with your extraordinary and stylish presence.


Here at Rjs Pret, I have explained the full details of Khaadi cambric pret fabric. Khaadi cambric pret is made from a natural fiber that is hand turned and handwoven. The word Khadi is derived from wool, a term used for handspun. It is generally referred to as a rough smooth fabric. Khadi weaving is a 3000- year-old practice for handspun and handwoven textiles which got its significance from Mahatma Gandhi through his movement of freedom in 1934. Over the decade’s fabric has moved from freedom fighter’s uniqueness fabric to a fashion garment-creating some newest style trends. Pakistan is the biggest khadi making country in the world.
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