Is Islamabad becoming the next fashion city in Pakistan?

Is Islamabad becoming the next fashion city in Pakistan?

What can make Islamabad the biggest fashion city?

All the biggest cities in the world have their own significant personal style with a lot of decency and pride. From Las Vegas to New York, and Sydney to Milan, there are multiple amazing perspectives that are defined in today's fashion world. Most amazingly, Pakistan is also not behind in the race. Its three biggest cities Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are creating a unique sartorial identity. In the last few years, Karachi and Lahore were at the forefront as they house the most in-demand designers and even they have the huge number of populous independent brands that offer you all kinds of trendy collection from casual to wedding and party wear to contemporary western collection. Lahore and Karachi have much more audacity and they are quite experimental in new styles. But today, Islamabad has also been introducing new waves of fashion and becoming the next fashion city in Pakistan. To discuss the new sense of fashion in Islamabad, RJ’s pret has mentioned a few essential points that may help people to understand why the city is the next fashion hub in the industry?

Why Islamabad was known for conservative fashion city approach?

Islamabad, which is considered as the best political capital in Pakistan was also assumed to be quite conservative in the past few years. Especially when it comes to style and fashion, the city was not able to withstand in the growing fashion industry as compared to Lahore and Karachi. Even an athletic woman standing outside the gym was a rare sight at that time, and dying hairs all brown was even a rarer! After that, all the people were removed from the latest fashion hubs of Pakistan and standing nowhere in current trends.
They were failed to practice modest fashion styles and lacking fashion sense which was the most important element that contributes towards the growth of the country. The city was much behind in everything whether its clothing, jewelry, fashion, or shoes. People from Islamabad always looked understated cuts rather than choosing the latest designs. After observing the latest fashion city trends from different major cities, the capital city got inspiration and developed multiple heart-throbbing styles in the fashion industry.

New waves of fashion city in Pakistan:

According to the popular fashion designers, when you have to follow the new fashion trends in Pakistan, unlike the different neighboring cities of Islamabad, their people tend to practice some cautious approach. Hence they are more open to incorporating the latest and amazing styles, especially after social media took over the digital world.
RJ’s pret designer says more about fashion city shops in Islamabad and believes, “Islamabad was considered quite lazy when it comes to following new fashion trends, but thanks to the growing digital market, and talented fashion designers, all the clothing styles are updated according to current trends. Social media has already made fashion trends quite accessible to every in the world, especially when it comes to a developing country like Pakistan, Islamabad can easily become the next fashion city which is determined to add an interesting flavor to your style.”

We should further participate in different fashion weeks happening everywhere in Pakistan, and when the capital city will be able to participate in those fashion weeks, the city will be automatically recognized as fashion city which is inviting people from all around the world and get inspired from their unique styles and trends. Islamabad fashion weeks that happened last year have already been evidently changing the shape of fashion culture in Pakistan. People explore new trends, dresses, and much more through a fashion city website in Pakistan. It gives them a clear perspective about what is more common and up to the mark in today's fast-moving world.

Even some biggest fashion designers of Pakistan have pointed at the diffusion of the latest fashion archives. They said Islamabad is building a strong market presence with time. There are a lot of new and talented designers emerge and they are coming up with fresh and unique ideas that can up the fashion game in Pakistan in the next 2 years. The city will soon recognize its worth in the fashion industry and may leave everyone behind the race.

What brand is performing well in a fashion city?

Well, there are a lot of brands that are contributing to the growth of the fashion industry in Pakistan. But when you have to choose the one only, RJ's pret is definitely a one that needs no recognition as the brand has already introduced the latest designs, intricate embroidery patterns, fine-quality clothing, and unique ideas that are making it an ideal choice for every woman in Pakistan. This is the best fashion city store that offers you to get trendy clothes for all the special occasions and events. You can choose clothes in casual, formal, luxury and ready to wear categories and enhance your personality in an efficient manner. Moreover, the brand is not only popular in Pakistan, but people from the US, UK, and Canada also love to shop from expert professionals.

Islamabad seems to be much amazing and fabulous in the latest fashion trends. Though, there are still many more areas that need concentration and designer's effort. However, the gaps will be covered soon as the city is taking steps to become the next fashion city in Pakistan and it must have to follow all the modern approaches that can play a vital role in Pakistan's fashion industry. The city is not only competing with Lahore and Karachi, but Milan, Italy, New York, and Australia are also included in the list. The city tends to follow all the latest design approaches so it can recognize its real worth. The brands like RJ’s pret are also playing an important role in making the city a fashion hub because these are actually the designers that are working at backend and introducing new styles and ideas.

So hopefully, all this collective effort may take the country to the next level in fashion in the next few years.

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