Pakistani Shalwar Kameez and Lawn Suits

How Do Pakistani Shalwar Kameez and Lawn Suits Elevate Your Look on Festival Events?

When it comes to wearing traditional clothes in Pakistan, Shalwar Kameez ranks on the list. Well, there is not a single way of styling a shalwar kameez. The majority of Pakistani women wear shalwar kameez and there are a hundred different ways to carry shalwar kameez and make an effortless style statement.

And when you talk about shalwar kameez, the first word that clicks instantly in your mind is the lawn. The lawn fabric is most common in Pakistan for shalwar kameez and suits. Here the summer arrives and you start getting lawn promotions from every brand. All brands start promoting their lawn articles and people love to grab them. But the question is, why lawn? Let's find out the answer to this question.

Why is the lawn the most common fabric for shalwar kameez?

Well, the answer to this question is quite obvious. In the scorching heat of summer, women always look for the comfiest way to dress up. Meanwhile, they want to look elegant. In these circumstances, lawn is the best choice for Pakistani women.

The lawn fabric is very soft and airy, best for the summer season. You can get the lawn outfit in a variety of colors ranging from vibrant and bright to soft and nude.

The lawn is a great choice for everyday use. But the question is, can a lawn outfit elevate your look at the festive events? Let's explore it!

How do shalwar kameez and Lawn Suits Elevate Your Look at Festival Events?

There are many factors that play a vital role in elevating your look at festive events when you wear a shalwar kameez or lawn suit on festive events. Let's discuss them here one by one.

Elegant embroidery on lawn suits to elevate your look

Lawn suits are not always printed. They do have elegant embroidered at Daman and neckline, making them

Suitable for festive events. The embroideries play a vital role in elevating the charm of the overall dress. You may have noticed that the Eid collection of different brands includes embroidered lawn dresses. The reason is the same as we have already mentioned. 

Accessories on the lawn suits add more to your look at festive events

When you get an unstitched lawn suit, you are free to accessorize it with laces and tassels. The more sugar you add, the sweeter the results you get. It means the more accessories you add to your lawn dress, the more perfect it will become for elevating your look at festive events.

For instance, for a Sindhi festival, you can add a touch of ajrak to a plain white outfit. If you find it too tiring to design a dress yourself, you can go for the ready-made ones. There are so many options in ready-made outfits as well.

Ajrak blend is one such lawn shirt designed by RJ’s Pret. The shirt is made of pure lawn fabric with light embellishment of ajrak and tassels. 

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez and Lawn Suits


For the accessories, you are not restricted to lesser options. You have so many options to choose from and that's great.

Shalwar kameez and lawn suits combine fashion and comfort

Lawn suits and shalwar kameez bring fashion and comfort to the same point. At festive events, women often have to host parties and dinners. In such circumstances, they look for something comfiest yet stylish. This is the reason lawn suits are opted for festive events.

The comfort level of a lawn suit has no comparison. You feel yourself all dressed up yet the lightest. And when wearing salwar kameez, women feel the most comfortable. Imagine a woman wearing a salwar kameez while the other woman wearing a sharaara on Eid. Who is feeling more comfortable? Of course, the one wearing a shalwar kameez. She can wander everywhere, and meet and greet everyone without feeling uncomfortable.

How a formal dupatta with a lawn suit can elevate your look at festive events?

Pairing your lawn suit with a formal or fancy dupatta is an amazing way to add an embellished touch to your look and spice things up at festive events. Pair your lawn suit with a chiffon or organza dupatta and the results will be stunning. You will end up looking breathtakingly beautiful at the festival. 

Are you looking to buy a lawn outfit with perfect stitching and a formal dupatta? Here you go!

Pink Garden is a lawn outfit from RJ’s Pret. The shirt is made of pure lawn with shiffli embellishments. But the dupatta paired with this lawn shirt is made of crinkle chiffon. The hand-embellished motifs, gotta, and 3D flowers add more to the beauty of this dress. This dress is perfect for festive events.

formal dupatta with a lawn suit


What does RJ's Pret bring for you in lawn fabric?

Now that you have read so much about lawn suits and salwar kameez, you must be thinking of buying a wonderful lawn dress for the upcoming festival. Well, there are innumerable brands selling lawn outfits online and in stores. But when it comes to making a purchase online, you get afraid to find an authentic store. 

Don't worry! Rj’s Pret is the most authentic clothing store providing you with the best designs, premium quality, amazing stitching, and the comfiest fabric. We have so many articles on the lawn that you will love to wear at festive events. Visit our website and have a look. Say bye to the scams because RJ’s Pret is known to deliver the exact product shown in the picture online.

To sum it up

No one can deny the significance of lawns in Pakistan. Be it an everyday occasion or a festive event, the fabric used frequently in Pakistan is the lawn. It simply depends on the way you style the outfit to make it meet the requirements of the event. For everyday use, printed lawn suits are enough but for festive events, embellishments, accessories, and adornments are required so that a lawn suit can elevate your look!

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