Diamond and Gold Nose studs

Diamond and Gold Nose studs


Nose piercings or nose studs are tremendously common, mostly among females under the age of thirty. However, if you insert your nose stud incorrectly, you will run a severe risk of infection that might turn restrained sparkle into a bloody, runny, swollen mess. So try to insert your nose stud properly to avoid this type of major risk. Piercing is known and implemented globally. It has both traditional and historic meanings people accept piercing for looking unique and fashionable among all. Women love to wear nose rings. There are many online shopping stores for buying a nose stud. However, if you insert your nose stud incorrectly, you will run a severe risk of infection that might turn restrained sparkle into a bloody, runny, or swollen mess. So try to insert your nose stud properly to avoid this type of major risk. One of the most confusing things about nose piercing is its side. Here at RJ pret I am going to describe everything about nose piercings and rings.

Which side of the nose do you think to pierce?

Nose piercing just ads on to your facial beauty but the most puzzling part is deciding which side of your nose are you supposed to pierce? It is very hard for the people with asymmetrical nose to consider which side of the nose is best for piercing. Some people recommended the left side but some prefer the right side. You have to decide it according to your face cut. When you are deciding the side for piercing you must consider some facial and scientific factors. Why is nose piercing on the left? This is a very considerable question. In Pakistan, bridal nose rings are designed for the nose left side that’s why women prefer the left side and also it looks more beautiful than piercing on the right side.

Nose Jellwery and its types:

There are different types of nose Jellwery; each has its own advantages and disadvantages. They come with different names and designs such as Nose Pins, Nathni, Nose Hoops. It can be complicated at the beginning to choose what style may look beautiful on you based on your face shape. In this article we will be I will describe different nose rings designs and styles so you can pick according to your face shape.
  1. Classic Nose Rings

Nose rings are basically a round loop about the size that touches your nose. I love this style because it looks classic on a modern outfit in any traditional event. Sincerely if I pierce my nose any time, this will be my favorite style. It looks beautiful on any face type round, oval and square. There are many press choices possible if you don’t need to permanently pierce your nose.
  1. Nose Studs:

Nose studs are also straight style nose rings. You should choose this style because it is easy to insert in and out. These are usually used as casual nose rings. These are available in different styles and shapes you can choose them according to your face cut.
  1. Nose Bone style:

This design has a little ball at the edge to stop the jewelry from falling out. The ball doesn't need to be very large then the norm of the nose bone to keep it securely in place. You may feel some trouble when placing in or taking out this design as the ball is heavier than your piercing but this is common. This style is a favorite for those who don’t like the feeling of an L bend inside their nose, or that want to be sure the support will not be seen within the nose.
  1. Nose Screw

This nose screw style has u shaped bend that will emerge with the original curve inside the nose. This curve holds the jewel in place and allows a more relaxed insertion to the nose. It is given in both right and left curve bends. The right bend nose screw is for the right nostril and the left is for the left nostril.
  1. L Bend style:

The L bend nose stud style is the most common choice allowing easy insertion among an L style bend to maintain the jewelry secure. It is favored by those who don’t like the fuller feel inside the nose of the nose pin.
  1. Nose Ring

Nose rings are round loops that appear in different designs and forms. Open hoops have an opening within the ring and a little ball on the edge, comparable to the nose bone, to keep the jewels secure. Nose rings are specially designed in different styles for the bridals. There are different types of nose rings known as nath, nathli, etc. In Pakistan, women also love to wear big circles of nose rings at their weddings to look traditional.
  1. Septum Ring

Septum nose rings are specially designed for the middle segment of the nose between the two nostrils. They also come in different hoop styles including seamless rings, segment rings, and the most common the septum clickers. Always remember that when you are buying your favorite style of the nose stud, each of the designs comes with nose ring backing. It is surpassing to adding security.

Gold and diamond nose studs:

Gold is the best option for the nose piercings jewels. By wearing the nose studs gold you will feel comfortable and these studs are also easy to insert in and out. Women casually wear the gold nose ring to avoid the risk of infection. Diamond nose studs are also preferred to wear because it looks more beautiful than any other nose stud. The prices vary according to the designs of the studs. Everyone knows that diamond is expensive than gold but buying diamond nose stud is not very difficult because it is not very expensive. The starting price of diamond nose stud in Pakistan is Rs 5000.

Final thoughts:

In this article, I have described different types of nose jewelry. There are many metals but gold and diamond are best to choose for your nose to avoid the risk of infection. These nose studs are available at any jewelry shop; however, you can also buy them from online stores. Rj Pret is one of the best online shopping websites you can buy clothes and also some other accessories from their online store.
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