Unique Chunri Dupatta Designs | Chunri Dupatta with White Suit

Unique Chunri Dupatta Designs | Chunri Dupatta with White Suit

Chunri Dupatta with White Suit | Simple Style Tips


Long frocks are very famous among women, in the past, it was pretty to wear dupattas that were short in size to attract eyes on the outfit. Nowadays, it is the ‘dupatta’ that’s in emphasis, period. However, chunri is very famous in Punjab and now it is also getting the attention of every woman in Pakistan. Besides, thanks to ever-changing designs, the dupatta selections are essentially endless. You can wear them in numerous trendy ways. Here at RJs Pret, I am going to explain different designs of simple dupattas and chunari dupatta designs. A dupatta similarly well-known as ‘chunni’ ‘odni’ or ‘chunari dupatta, is a comparison of a scarf you can wear with a modern and eastern dress. Moreover, it comes in different sizes so you can match it with different dresses accordingly. It is used to be a part of an outfit that represented a lady’s modesty in the past days. Now, it is the part of our culture.

Phulkari Dupatta:

Phulkari dupattas are a perfect illustration of the liveliness of Punjab. The extremely complicated multi-colored embroidery done on jute, khadi, or georgette stuff is famous everywhere. From street designs to top designer tags, all have suddenly selected this design up. The finest part around these dupattas is that you do not want a set design, you can combine and match them with a simple suit. 

Bandhani Dupatta:

Bandhani design dupattas come back from the past and the procedure of designing is well-known. These are tied and decorated dupattas that derive from a range of stuff. Gujarat and Rajasthan are well-known for their reliable bandhani dupattas. Bandhani designs sarees, dupattas, and outfits that never truly go out of design. You can just wear a bandhani dupatta with a brown and a black kurta and match them with ethnic jewellery to appear graceful.

Chanderi and Chunri Dupatta:

A Chanderi dupatta can enhance the indulgence to your suit and is the chicest dupattas you can own. They are created from a small urban area called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh and are well-known for their stylishness and elegance. Chanderi dupattas derive in a mix of stuff and have deviations like chandlery silk, chiffon, etc. These are lightweight yet festive because of the superb cutwork. You can wear these with outfits made from chiffon, linen, zari, tussah, etc.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta:

Banarasi dupattas, as the name advises, are created from Varanasi, a place well-known for its numerous wonders. The Banarasi brocade collection was continuously famous for its ironic and thick zari work that shows grandeur. However, the Banarasi design dupatta rapidly creates its technique back into the Pakistan couture line. With this kind of dupatta keep your suit simple. A floor-length Anarkali outfit will be suitable for it.

Georgette Dupatta:

We all know we cannot find a prettier dupatta then the Georgette dupatta. It is known as the everyday wear dupatta derived from georgette since it is bright, graceful, and comfy to wear. There’s no extra stylish dupatta than a georgette if apportioned well.

Mirror Work Dupatta:

Mirror work is another design that is an equal portion of modern and antique. It is not detailed to specific stuff; you would usually get these in linen, georgette, silk, etc., which are comfy to work through and can grip the mirrors. You can garb up and wear this pretty dupatta, created for the event.

Chiffon Dupatta:

Chiffon is lightweight and delicate, and a complete enchantment to work with. It’s similarly very collective for both regular and gathering wear outfits. It is soft and charming on the skin, creating it easy to bring aroundand easy to carry. We all want chiffon dupattas in customary colours like brown, pink, blue, and yellow.

Chunri Dupatta:

Chunri is the dupatta that every girl must stylize once in any event. Just similar to the Banarasi and Calamari, Chunri is flattering and increasingly prevalent. From sarees, shirts, clothes, one-piece outfits, and dupattas, Chunri is everywhere. It describes the Bohemian style in the rightest sense.

Kalamkari Dupatta:

Kalamkari style describes our ethos and inheritance like nothing different. However it is a method modified from Persian ethos, the style has been an important part of our ethos for the longest time. It is a hand-decorated procedure that wants a lot of time, accuracy, and patience to make it more pretty. Kalamkari dupattas are a standard instance of the mix-and-match design. You can wear these with unique everyday shirts to gatherings, and work with ethnic jewellery to stand out.

Net Dupatta:

Beautiful and stylish net dupattas are majorly used with gathering wear outfits, ghararas, etc. They are flimsy but grip thick embroidery and have an inherent shine in them that makes all things popular. They appear excessive with dhoti designs, Anarkali, long frock outfits, and of course ghararas.

Zari Dupatta:

Zari or chiffon dupattas are timeless and appear excessive with customary outfits. The leading designers of our times have assortments with pretty zari dupattas, and they are giving them at style week, adding a whole innovative outlook to this age-old attractiveness.


Here at RJs Pret, I have explained different designs of Pakistani dupatta and chunri dupatta. Chunri dupatta is used to cover the head and figure and it’s a sign of elegance. Chunri clothes are similarly well-known due to their shades and designs available in the marketplace. Chunri outfits are fashionable, casual, and exclusive designs.
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