Why is Beacon house playgroup best for your children?

Why is Beacon house playgroup best for your children?

Top reasons to choose Beacon house playgroup

We have all learned the phrase, “children are great imitators, so give them something best to imitate.” I think this can only be achieved when we provide them the opportunity to interact, play and learn with the children of their same age group; so they can meet new people on a regular basis and enjoy the challenges of a playful learning environment. Fortunately, this opportunity can be given through a playgroup where children learn and play together with little fun and joy. And when we talk about playgroups, we should never forget the Beaconhouse playgroup program that has been operated by one of the top schools of Pakistan. As discussed by RJ’s pret professionals, “playgroup is the most interesting, interactive and fun experience for both children and parents where teachers and school administration can provide them a range of healthy activities that cannot be enjoyed at home. It is the safest way to engage their kids socially with new people so they can broaden their friends’ network and begin a first phase of learning in a joyful environment.” Let’s discuss something about playgroup benefits and the Beaconhouse school curriculum.

Beaconhouse playgroup- allows children to develop their social skills

Your kid may be an introvert or a social butterfly or wind up playing with selective children- well whatever he prefers, that’s completely fine. Because every child has its own special approach and attitude towards developing new relations. Beaconhouse playgroup school helps children to develop their own social skills by staying in their comfort zone. And that thing mostly happens between ages 1-3. Then after age 3 to 6, children start to interact more openly with their age fellows and start experiencing new things in life. This is actually a time when they are learning some new social boundaries that are definitely the most significant lesson for their entire adulthood.

Beaconhouse playgroup offers more academic brilliance than others do:

When it comes to academic brilliance, no other school can beat the excellence of a beacon house school system that runs from the very beginning phase- the playgroup. Children show excellent performance at both A and O levels and can easily secure scholarships and admissions at the top universities of the world. The school develops a strong foundation in its students and prepares them to achieve the biggest milestones in life. Beaconhouse playgroup syllabus is structured on playful learning where children can plan and learn in a highly creative environment. Some of the amazing activities include puzzles, picture talk, role play, dough play, flashcards, matching games and many more.

Beaconhouse playgroup builds a child's emotional confidence:

Well, we believe that a child's initial growth starts from its own family first, where he could learn and develop the best skills. He also develops a great relationship with his own siblings and parents. And this eventually gives your children a feeling of emotional attachment, growth, and stability. One of the major benefits of playgroup is the children always come assisted by their parents and other caregivers. Then at the same time, your kid meets new children at a playgroup that offers him an opportunity to get separated from parents or siblings and interact with other people of his own age so he can better develop his emotional and social confidence. Beaconhouse professionals build important traits in their children and encourage them to become independent from the every growing phase.

The best global learning partners at Beaconhouse:

Yes, we are talking about the higher-caliber and talented teachers of the Beaconhouse school system. Their teachers are their main assets who develop the ability of brightest thinking in their children from the beginning phase. Their teachers have the best understanding of all the rules and principles who themselves are the certified educators from top institutes of Pakistan. Their teachers efficiently develop Beaconhouse prenursery worksheets, curriculum materials and offer numerous helpful sources to their children so they can better learn & grow in every phase of life.

Encourage physical activities:

Beaconhouse school staffs encourage their playgroup students towards different physical activities that keep their body and mind active. Their physical activities include playdough, running, molding, jumping, twirling, singing, and much more. The children get active the moment they join the playgroup. If the children don't like physical activities, the school offers them to try a range of other activities. The purpose is to engage the children both physically and mentally so they can develop creative skills that can set them apart from the competition. Children also develop fine motor skills by indoor activities that include, puzzles, toys, and crafting.

Developing children’s creativity and imagination:

Beaconhouse applies several key strategies to develop highly focused and creative thinking that allows children to learn and play in some unique and unstructured way. At Beaconhouse School, children also play dress-ups on some special days and occasions and develop the play scenarios with toys, dolls, and other creatures. Children develop more than 80% of the brain in the first four years of their life so the school gives them an opportunity and space for brain firing. The school administration believes that creativity is the key element that should be instilled in the next generation, they will always need this skill to get success in their lives.

Who is the owner of the Beaconhouse school system Pakistan?

Now you must be thinking who the smartest mind behind this brilliant launch is? Nasreen Mahmood Kasuri sets the foundation of this top institution on 12th September 2012 in Pakistan who has also been awarded as the women power 100.

Is Beaconhouse a good school?

Yes, the Beaconhouse school system is included in the list of top institutes of Pakistan that provide ample opportunities for their students to grow in every field. The school sets the smart foundation of brilliance and creativity while following the history and culture of Pakistan. So if you want your children to enroll in some best institution of Pakistan, choose the Beaconhouse playgroup program and give him a chance to enlighten his career by following a smart set of rules. If you want some detailed guidance about other topics, visit the official website of RJ’s pret for further details.
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