7 Ways How A Bride-To-Be Can Amp Up Her Mehendi Outfit

7 Ways How A Bride-To-Be Can Amp Up Her Mehendi Outfit

Mehndi is one of the events we look forward to the most. As a full desi, I feel that a mehndi would not be the same without the classic dance floor and disco lights! You can choose to perform a choreographed dance performance with your future spouse, and there are usually many different options available.  

Of course, though, your first dance together will always be remembered as the most memorable moment of your life. It makes sense that you would want to look amazing. Rj’s Pret is here to assist you in getting started because of this. Here are seven quick and easy ways for all of you soon-to-be brides to spice up your mehendi attire! To learn more, scroll ahead.

7 Ways to Elevate Your Mehendi Outfit for a Stunning Bridal Look

While thrilling, getting ready for your mehendi ceremony can be overwhelming. In addition to wanting to look your best, you also want to relax and take pleasure in the celebrations. Here are seven techniques to make your mehendi attire appear even better so you may create a gorgeous bridal look. 

Shararas and Lehngas

    Many people opt for multi-hued lehengas and shararas or simple uniformity of color with a bright, eye-catching dupatta when it comes to their mehendi outfits. However, some prefer to mix it up, and that's perfectly fine. Don't let traditional greens and yellow banarasis limit your creativity. While gota-kinaris are typically the go-to for mehendi outfits, there are now many other options, such as traditional chatta-pattis, fishtail, flared, and traditional Hyderabadi lehengas.

    Frocks and Ghagra Style

      Ghagra choli" is a popular traditional attire that can be easily mixed and matched with other outfits. Wearing it with vintage treasures that have been handed down from earlier generations is one of our favorite looks. These antiques can be accessorized with a self-printed fabric that complements the heirloom or a simple ensemble that accentuates the dupatta. It is a singular and memorable experience to wear something that has been in the family for generations, particularly on one's wedding day. By combining various fusion styles, some fashion designers, such as Rj's Pret, have been successful in producing new Mehndi costumes. 


        The Anarkali dress is not only graceful but also timeless and elegant. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, from fully embellished to plain, yet it always stands out. The Anarkali dress is a perfect choice for Mehendi ceremonies due to its feminine silhouette. To enhance the look of an Anarkali outfit for Mehendi, one can take inspiration from the basic yet ethereal dressing style. We should take inspiration from her dressing sense.

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        Shalwar Kameez 

          The traditional Shalwar Kameez outfit can be made more special for a Mehendi celebration with a few enhancements. Though it may seem like an old trend, it still holds a certain charm and elegance that can add a royal yet simplistic touch to the occasion. Paired with Khussa shoes, not only is the outfit comfortable, but it also adds an old-world charm to the overall look. Rj's Pret always includes this classic silhouette in their collections.


            Velvet is the age-old trend that refuses to fade with time rather is becoming more and more popular with every passing year! There are a lot of block colors in velvet and one such color-blocked embellished velvet popular number is by RJ's Pret. It has been making the rounds all last year and has even been popular as light casual wear.

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              A kaftan can be a terrific option if you're seeking a casual yet fashionable Mehendi ceremony dress. Look for a kaftan with beautiful embroidery or embellishments along the neckline, sleeves, or hemline to make it appropriate for this particular event. This will give the kaftan a more opulent appearance. Select a kaftan with eye-catching prints that are reminiscent of classic Mehendi themes, such as geometric patterns, flowers, or paisleys. These designs will liven up your ensemble and capture the joyous spirit of the occasion. 

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              Modern Twist 

                Here are some ideas to spice up your Mehendi costume for future brides who want to put a contemporary spin on traditional clothing. Try out some modern silhouettes like jumpsuits, crop tops worn with skirts, or fusion pieces like dhoti trousers and a bold blouse. These contemporary takes on traditional clothing give the mehendi ensemble a chic and new look. Blend components from several cultures and styles to create a one-of-a-kind appearance.  

                It's time for ladies to prepare for the wedding season that is coming up. You must have had a lot of advice on what to and shouldn't be dressed in. But it's crucial to pick something that complements your comfort level and sense of style. Play around with various colors and silhouettes, but always keep comfort in mind first. For a gorgeous and ideal bridal style, don't forget to check out Rj's Pret bridal wear line. 

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