The global women’s ready to wear market is worth an estimated $300 billion annually. This makes it one of the most...profitable segments of the fashion industry, and an appealing sector for new investment. Ready to wear clothing is clothing that has been pre-made and is available for immediate purchase. It is not tailored or custom-made to meet specific needs.
There are also numerous companies operating in this space as a result of new innovation in fabric and manufacturing methods. RJ’s Pret is famous for its ready to wear dresses for women. Pakistani women make zero compromises when it comes to clothes. RJ’s Pret designers put in their best efforts to provide women with prets that give them the unique look they want on the occasions. Bling is one of their best-selling collections. High quality and extra durability makes RJ’s Pret one of the best ready to wear brands in pakistan.
Tips for finding the right place to get ready-to-wear clothes tailored
There are some factors you want to keep in mind when you are in the market for a good place to get your ready-to-wear garments tailored
Make sure they do alterations. A good tailor will be able to do both small repairs and major alterations to your garments, ensuring that they last a long time and fit you comfortably.
Ask about their policy on exchanges and refunds. You may be able to return an item if it is unsuitable, especially if it is something like a pair of pants.
Ask for samples. Many high-end clothing stores will offer sample garments to their customers so that they can try the garments on and see how they fit.
Ask about the tailor’s experience. Find out how long they have been working as a tailor and where they have worked in the past.
Shalwar Kameez
Shalwar Kameez is one of the most popular outfits when it comes to Pakistani clothes. It is a traditional outfit that is often worn by men and women at weddings and festivals. You can find Shalwar Kameez in many different styles, fabrics and colors. Shalwar Kameez is the most common ready to wear women's clothing in Pakistan.
Bling Collection
Bling is a great collection by RJ’s Pret. You can find many gorgeous dresses that augment your look. Visit the website to find the outfit for your next event.
Passion is a shirt and dupatta available in all sizes. The green dupatta and white shirt matches the Pakistani flag theme. It is one of many masterpieces of Bling ready to wear pret collection.
Icy Breeze
Icy Breeze is a blue embroidered net shirt with a beautiful lacy and embroidered floral daaman. RJ’s Pret is one of the best names in Pakistani ready to wear brands.
The women’s ready to wear market continues to grow as demand increases from emerging markets. The global market for women’s clothing is worth an estimated $300 billion annually. This makes it one of the most profitable segments of the fashion industry, and therefore an appealing sector for new investment. This article will discuss some of the various segments in the women’s ready to wear market.

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