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Similarly, religious festivals have their unique vibe. Abayas and head scarves are the most traditional attire for such events. Then there are two eids celebrated in Pakistan at different lunar months. Both have different historical backgrounds, but new dresses are mandatory at both. Pakistani girls dress have to be gorgeous at both eids. Girls buy eid dresses months before Eid. Eid is full of different parties with friends and family. The Eid continues for at least three days.
Also another important event in Pakistan is weddings. From a celebration point of view, Pakistani weddings differ from the entire world. There are almost four to five events with different vibes and cultural perspectives. Dresses, again, are more than necessary. Women dress design, especially bridal gown, is planned months before.
Grandiose is one of the best collections of RJ’s Pret. The best dresses of the collection are Lacy Dream Kurta and Wild Rose. They are made with high-quality fabrics and great embroidery designs. They are all about formal dressing for women, but you can also use Grandiose dresses at casual events.