When you get a ready to wear dress, which is also called pret, you get a finished garment in standard size that you can ...start wearing. You can find prets at many high-street retailers. They are mass-produced and industrially manufactured. However, the opposite can also be true. Sometimes, prets are made to meet high standards and in small production.
RJ’s Pret provides the best luxury pret Pakistani clothes. Block kari is one of the best-selling collections of RJ’s Pret.
What is Pret?
Ready-to-wear or pret are common terms these days. As we know, businessmen manufacture it in standard sizes and sell it in finished condition. Clients can start using it right after the purchase. It is not like made-to-measure clothes. It produces the garments in small quantities to ensure the quality and uniqueness. It does not always follow mass production strategy. Designers show them on stage in the fashion weeks.
Clients have to wear the prets without making any major adjustments in the suits. They make the suits in standard sizes from base pattern. But, of course, you can make little adjustments, which can help you get finished fit for the wearer.
RJ’s Pret is one of the best luxury pret brands in Pakistan, and block kari is their best collection with many finest dresses with delicate and elegant embroidery.
History of Pret
Ready-to-wear fashion has been in the market since the 19th century for men. In the 20th century designers also started making womenswear. And then the demand for affordable and fashionable clothing started growing. The factories started manufacturing clothes in higher volumes and started providing them to departmental stores to make them accessible for the public. Prets were now available for people of every social and financial status.
Yuves Saint launched the ready to wear collection in 1966. A ready-to-wear boutique named Rive Gauche was opened. Yes, few people could afford those expensive designs. Yet, Saint Laurent deserves the credit of inspiring the crossover between haute couture and high-street fashion.
And the practice continues till today. Many fashion houses produce ready-to-wear collections, often basing the lines on their most celebrated or photographed couture pieces. RJ’s Pret offers the best luxury pret collection.
Ready-to-wear vs made-to-measure: key differences
Convenience — as the name implies, ready-to-wear can be purchased and taken away immediately. The made-to-measure, on the other hand, would need to factor in a waiting time of eight to 10 weeks for the finished garment.
Quality/Reputation — Some people think opting ready-to-wear can mean you have to compromise on quality. However, it all depends on the brand you opt for.
Best Dresses of Block Kari
Let us check some great dresses from the Block Kari collection offered by RJ’s Pret. They are no doubt the best luxury pret Pakistani clothes.
Scarlet is a silhouette in red n black with loads of gold motifs and panels, paired with a block printed dupatta with black n gold borders all over. The brick pattern pants with block printed border and lace make the best luxury pret wear.
Enjoy Joy and elegance together with laces and chickenkari on this a-line shirt with contrast block printing borders embellished. Emerald is a classy Pearl neckline paired with block printed dupatta and lace loaded tulip pants make the best luxury pret ready to wear.

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