Pakistan is an Islamic country. Muslims have two major religious festivals in the year. First is eid-ul-Fitr and ...the second is eid-ul-azha. Both have their distinct historical backgrounds and significance. However, culture also plays a vital role in celebrating religious festivals. Pakistani culture emphasizes getting new eid dress on both occasions.
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So eid festivities are not complete in Pakistan without Pakistani eid dress, and RJ’s Pret provides the best material. You can double your eid fun and look great at eid parties.
Eid is full of colors and different social gatherings. Both eids are celebrated for three days. People visit their friends and family. Those living in other cities return to their hometowns to spend time with their beloved ones. Eid brings joy to everyone.
For one of the eids, Eid-ul-azha, Muslims sacrifice an animal and distribute the meat to poor and needy people. This Eid is all about helping the poor citizens of society and letting them enjoy the best meals, even if for some days.
Festive wear is a complete eid collection of RJ’s Pret. It is full of great dresses with the most exciting colors and vibrant designs. You will find some of the most gorgeous dupattas and shirts with the finest embroidery work. To check new dress designs for Eid, check the Festive wear collection today.

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