Walima is the wedding event held in muslim wedding. It is the responsibility of the groom and his family to arrange walima.... Walima is an islamic concept. It is an official announcement by the groom about his wedding. The wedding dresses for walima are extremely important.
Walima in Arabic means feast. In many cultures, walima is a lavish feast. The groom invites the bride's family and his friends for dinner or lunch. No islamic and Pakistani wedding is ever complete without walima. It is a memorable event for both bride and groom. Walima is filled with cherished memories.
Mostly it is the day right after your wedding. RJ’s Pret has got a lot of great options for your walima. This event is kind of formal, and you can find the best Pakistani wedding formal dresses. You can go on the website of RJ’s Pret and get the best Pakistani wedding formal dresses.
Also, Pakistani weddings last for almost four to five days, and Walima is the last event. So, you can add to the glamor by ordering the best luxury pret online. RJ’s Pret offers the best bridal dresses for walima.
Walima is almost a symbol of domestic happiness and strong marital bonding in the east. It is the primary celebration of marriage. Yes, the islamic marriage always starts from Nikah. Walima is held after nikah, so it is actually the celebration of nikah. Nikah is two families coming together rather than two individuals in the east.
Most trendy options for walima are lehengas, and shararas. Maxi dresses and peshwas are also very common. For the bride, they usually coordinate the dress with a tissued dupatta. Then, they spread sequins over it.
RJ’s Pret proudly presents the walima collection.

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