Simple Latest mehndi designs for Eid occasions

Trendy mehndi designs for Eid you shouldn’t miss

Eid is the most anticipated Islamic occasion celebrated by every Muslim around the globe. People wear new & colorful clothes, girls buy jewelry, stylish footwear, and make all the possible arrangements to celebrate the happiness of this laudable occasion. However, the beauty of the celebration is incomplete without applying mehndi. Every woman is fascinated with different amazing styles of mehndi that can create a ravishing look of their hands and feet.

Mehndi is globally popular, especially when the occasions are Eid and weddings. So you can’t neglect the significance of this awesome art which decorates your hands beautifully for at least 2 weeks. Now with the tremendous popularity of mehndi, girls prefer to apply it on hands, feet, legs, arms, back, and shoulders too. Especially in Western countries, people apply mehndi tattoos on different parts of their body. That’s the reason, they tend to find the latest mehndi designs for Eid so they can fully celebrate the joys of this occasion. There are many online platforms and YouTube tutorials that help beginners in applying creative designs. However, people who have less practice in this area often choose mehndi stylists who can help them apply beautiful mehndi according to the latest trend.

You can even consider the help of RJ’s pret designers, who are mainly popular in designing luxurious clothing, but also much helpful in providing effective suggestions and guidelines regarding the latest mehndi styles. Here we have compiled a guide through which you can learn different styles, mehndi types, significance in Pakistani culture, and easy design ideas for beginners, popular styles, medicinal properties, and important tips for a darker color.

Latest mehndi designs for Eid collection:

If you are looking for mehndi designs 2020 new style for Eid, then here you can check several ideas that can double the beauty of this occasion. The latest collection of mehndi designs includes the back, front, arms, and feet designs. You can choose some easy and simple designs for Eid occasions, especially on Eid-ul-Adha, many people tend to apply light mehndi as this occasion is more of an Islamic nature rather than focusing on style and beauty.

Heavily covered and massive mehndi designs for Eid are usually common in some big occasions, like anniversaries, parties, weddings, engagements, and other get-togethers, where every woman lurks around to see what others are wearing. So when you apply heavy mehndi on such occasions, you are simply dominating your personality and looking sharper. But if the occasion is Eid, try some light, sophisticated and decent designs.

What are the most popular mehndi designs for Eid 2020?

There are a lot of popular mehndi designs for Eid, as the trend is expanding rapidly so many people are focusing on some ideas to decorate their hands. Some famous mehndi designs include:

  •       Indian designs
  •       Pakistani mehndi styles
  •       Afghani designs
  •       Indo-Western designs
  •       Indo-Arabic styles
  •       Moroccan mehndi
  •       African mehndi
  •       Floral patterns
  •       Elegant designs
  •       Easy patterns

Arabic Mehndi:

Arabic mehndi designs 2020 for Eid are generally more floral, delicate, and flowy. In these designs, you will find different major gaps between the flow of Arabic-style mehndi, which simply makes your hands more attractive and gorgeous. In Arabic mehndi, you would see a lot of bold as well as complicated designs that simply complement well to create a design of your choice. Such style of mehndi is usually designed in various small patches but you will also find a great upshot in this design pattern. Arabic mehndi always looks extremely appealing due to their curvy & flowy nature. This unique styling pattern significantly shows that you can still make your hands attractive without covering the entire hand with mehndi.

So if you want some easy and attractive mehndi designs for Eid, it’s recommended to try the Arabic style once for a better & beautiful experience.

Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid:

When it comes to applying the best mehndi designs in 2020 for Eid, then Pakistani styles are much elegant to choose from. These are basically the combination of both, fuller coverage and lighter coverage on hands. They are also quite flowy and attractive but they uniquely cover the entire surface of your hands.

You will find a lot of filling in Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid. These design patterns basically include leaves, motifs, flowers, dots, also stars, intricate and other ideas. These designs are also filled by leaving some essential gaps between flowers and dotted lines.

One of the popular signature mehndi designs is a beautiful circular motif which is also known as ‘tikka style’. Now, this is everyone’s go-to style suitable for casual days as well as Eid occasions. These designs look great in both ways, whether these are simple or designed heavily. The design has got much popular as it looks like the essence of mehndi trends in 2020. Though, the motif style looks simple, but even adored by brides. Hence, the style is unique, timeless, and gorgeous than the traditional ones.

Hand mehndi designs:

Most of the time, mehndi is applied on the back and front area of the hands. Today, you will find a great variety of attractive designs that can be applied on palms, half area of the hands, fingers, arms, and wrists. The mehndi artist should be an expert and professional for making these intricate designs. However, according to the latest trend, fingers are half-covered with mehndi. You can make a net of winding petals on the backside of your hand that can connect your fingers with the check-board. These are one of the best mehndi designs for Eid this year.

There are also ornamental and simple Eid mehndi designs for hands 2020 which can be applied beautifully and connects your fingers with pearl-shaped style. Multiple formats need to be followed in such a context. Artists apply mehndi using different ornaments on the posterior of your hands. Girls also love to apply glitter and colorful mehndi to beautify their designs. It simply makes your design more exquisite and interesting.

Finger mehndi designs:

Mehndi’s finger designs for Eid add more charm and beauty to your hands. By applying such designs, you can simply make your hands more attractive on Eid than others. Make sure the design is appealing and you are considering the help of reliable artists because fingers designs are a little complicated and need more attention. These finger designs always work like ornaments. Like if you want to give it a ring-like look, then it’s better to create some thin floral design that wraps your fingers and looks impressive. Flowers crafted in rounds and circles with these shapes on the fingers will be suitable on different occasions. One can consider this design with multiple thick outlines that are covered with glitters or you can also keep them empty from inside.

Palm mehndi designs for Eid:

You will see millions of attractive palm mehndi designs for Eid that are gaining huge popularity in 2020. Applying mehndi on palms is probably the latest trend that looks good with fully-covered as well as the side areas of your palms. While the central area of your palm would always remain empty and give a winding style look. Such Mughalai mehndi designs mixed with the latest design approach will give a new life to your hands. The traditional designs always have paisley as well as flowers and leaves in various appealing formats. So you can decorate this design with a black outline and add glitters or beads in the center.

Feet mehndi designs:

With the latest advancement in style & fashion, beautiful mehndi designs 2020 for Eid are now becoming an amazing art that is adored by all the ladies in the world.

You can select from thousands of attractive Mehndi designs for Eid that can be applied on the feet to give a prominent and charming look. Foot Mehndi designs usually consist of the floral net, leaves, patterns, chains, and dotted net style. You can even make peacock designs in different forms. But Eid is usually a simple occasion so many girls do not prefer to cover the full feet, so they choose from some particular designs where they tend to leave many parts uncovered.

In today’s era, girls can also apply mehndi on their anklets around the feet which is usually known as ornamental mehndi design.

Leg Mehndi designs:

Mehndi can offer some wonderful effects on your legs. As many artists believe that legs are an amazing canvas that simply shows the skillset of a person who is applying mehndi. Today in all Asian countries, girls feel happy to apply mehndi on their legs as they think it looks traditional and unique. With growing advancements, this trend is now getting immense popularity, especially in India and Pakistan. There are various awesome mehndi designs for Eid that can be easily applied all around the legs which makes them beautiful and stylish. Among hundreds of popular designs, the intricate anklet design is a favorite of many girls as it contains numerous small petals as well as delicate chains around your ankle area. It can be decorated with a big motif that has various leaves or curvy flower petals.

Special Eid mehndi designs:

As we all know the Eid festival is incomplete without the joys of sweets, new clothes, and off-course mehndi. That’s why all the mehndi artists tend to introduce special and latest mehndi designs in 2020 for Eid so they can give people a new idea to celebrate the occasion better. With these special designs, a person can decorate hands and feet more beautifully. This latest & special trend includes the use of beautiful glitters everywhere in the mehndi. However, Eid designs have small motifs and flower patterns. Many girls prefer thin patterns like zigzag chains, small leaves, check boards as well as beads-like styles.

The simple mehndi designs for Eid are also available with the combination of red and black mehndi’s outline which decorate the hands with beautiful patterns. You can fill the petals with both shades. Girls also love to choose red, black, brown, and gold mehndi. 

Kids’ mehndi designs:

Kids are also not exceptional especially when it comes to applying mehndi on Eid occasion. Mothers also look for Eid mehndi designs 2020 for kids, so they can decorate their little girls’ hands with beautiful flowers and patterns. You can select from thousands of mehndi designs for your little ones. However, such styles and patterns are not much complicated to draw and their motifs are not large. These styles are quite simple as well as easy to apply. Because kids cannot tolerate mehndi for long hours and feel irritated after applying mehndi design. You will find various mehndi styles with filled fingers and different cute motifs on the hands. Girls can also create diagonal designs and shapes on the hands, which include stars, moon, chain, flowers, and petals.

Black mehndi designs:

If you want to mesmerize your friends and family with stunning mehndi, try applying new mehndi designs 2020 for Eid with black mehndi. This mehndi available in black color always looks stunning which gives a darker black shade. Many girls use black mehndi for outline and shading which looks auspicious on fingers and palm. Furthermore, black cone mehndi is flexible to apply. Peacock, thick floral, elaborate mehndi, joint geometrical black patterns, intricate style, black tikka style, floral boundary, and dark leafy patterns. There are a lot of others that can give a striking look to your hands.

Simple & easy mehndi designs

Simple and easy mehndi designs for Eid are so common which are adored by all the girls, and even kids. The fact is, they are easy to apply for a common person as well, and they don’t need to head to the mehndi artists. These designs are easy to draw and make the application much effortless. Simple designing doesn’t mean that they are not heavy and fully covered, but it means they don’t need intricate work.

These easy mehndi designs 2020 for Eid are appropriate for this occasion and have not so heavy nature like a traditional design. Because Eid is not an occasion that requires some heavy or full design, that’s the reason people prefer to apply simpler designs.

Jewelry mehndi designs:

Ornamental or jewelry mehndi designs are basically a recent trend in the fashion industry. It is quite different from those random and traditional mehndi designs that we have been seeing for over a hundred years. Ornamental mehndi designs 2020 for Eid have some special look which usually involves flowers, dotted patterns as well as chains. These designs look like someone is wearing jewelry like rings and bracelets on their hands, and it looks amazing.

Honorable mentions with mehndi:

Mentioning something beautiful or the name of the husband with mehndi design is common in Indian bridal culture. But this trend is getting popular in Pakistan too. Now a newlywed bride can craft certain meaningful things with mehndi on Eid occasions. These things mainly include the picture of the bride & groom, their names, heart-shapes, or initials of their names. The bride writes the name of his groom to express her love and care for him. Such types of mehndi designs for Eid look gorgeous as they are created on some purpose and to show gratitude and warmth for your partner.

Summer mehndi designs for Eid:

In the summer season, you can easily keep your hands cool with stunning mehndi. Summer mehndi designs for Eid include various styles that create an attractive look of your hands. The most popular summer mehndi designs include, single stroke rose design, mehndi designs with rose, sizzling traditional summer designs, wrist mehndi designs, Arabic pattern simple summer, peacock design, and many others.

Stylish Chaand Raat mehndi designs for Eid:

If you want to celebrate Chand Raat with your cousins and friends, then applying mehndi could double the excitement and joys, as this occasion is specific for mehndi festivity. You can adorn your hands and feet with beautiful mehndi, but make sure you are not creating overly design patterns that look overwhelming for Eid. New designs of mehndi for Eid always create a gorgeous look especially when they complement your jewelry and dress. You can apply gol tikka mehndi, palm mehndi, or finger mehndi designs as they are easy to draw and latest in trend.

Fantastic ideas for teen girls:

Young and teen girls love to apply all kinds of mehndi designs which include both simple and intricate mehndi styles. Most of the teen girls like floral mehndi patterns and backhand mehndi designs. They also love Aztec designs which start from the borderline to the front and continue to back part of the hand. They make small flowers-like patterns in the center and pine tree leaf style for adding more character and flavor to the design. Girls also love to create a big heart-shaped design on the palm and decorate the inner side with different flowers and leaves. A key and lock entanglement in the heart is also much popular among teens. Floral paisleys pattern is also appreciable as many new brides prefer to choose the design on their first Eid after marriage. Mehndi’s simple designs for Eid make your day wonderful as they can simply enhance the beauty and elegance of the occasion.

Why girls love mehndi?

Mehndi has been loved by all the young and teen girls since the start. When they decorate their feet, palms, and backhands with gorgeous designs, they simply make their occasion more memorable and wonderful. When girls apply mehndi on engagement and wedding, it almost gives them a feeling of a princess and adds a sparkling gleam to their beauty. It seems like a lavish and colorful cosmetic option that makes someone more attractive, amazing, and stunning. Cool mehndi designs for Eid give them a healing sensation as well as many girls also use them for health reasons to cure their dry skin of scars, cuts, and bruises.

Importance of applying mehndi on Eid occasions

Applying natural Mehndi is extremely popular on all occasions especially when on Eid. There are different design types for different occasions, for example, you can’t apply the simple design on weddings and don’t go too heavy for Eid occasion. There are several reasons which make mehndi a popular option among all women and teenagers. Mehndi is basically created from various natural products, so when you make mehndi designs for eid, you can make sure that the mehndi is free from all the chemicals.

It’s quite safe to apply without any harmful effects. Mehndi can be applied easily as it has various designs and forms, and one can choose the style according to the needs and requirements of the occasion. If you don’t like any particular design, you can wash your hands, and choose some other design. But it’s better to wash the hands immediately before it gets darker. Applying mehndi on Eid has great importance. Even many girls couldn’t celebrate the occasion without mehndi. Designs of mehndi 2020 for Eid also come with different innovations. You will see new styles every year which are different from the previous ones.

Fresh mehndi designs for Eid every woman love

Mehndi is not only popular in Eastern countries but also famous in the Western world. That’s the reason, mehndi artists introduce new styles of mehndi every year with little innovations. Backhand, gol Tikki, and fusion style, circular patterns of mehndi, simple leaf motifs, Rajasthani style, heart-shaped designs, ornamental designs, criss-cross, and mandala are the freshest designs Eid mehndi designs for hands that look awesome and stunning on this beautiful occasion. You can search for different new ideas on YouTube and other online platforms.

Mind-blowing Indian mehndi designs:

Indian Mehndi Designs are comparatively more beautiful and awesome because the mehndi trend has originated from Indian culture which has now prevailed everywhere in the world. India mehndi designs basically consist of Arabic as well as Pakistani mehndi styles. These mehndi designs are much delicate as well as intricate. These designs also cover your entire hands, feet, and legs with several floral patterns, gol tikkis, and motifs. Indian mehndi designs for Eid are usually based on thick, intricate, and bold patterns that simply merge into one another create a striking layout.

Names of mehndi designs:

There are hundreds of different mehndi design names, some of the common ones are, peacock style, bangle-style, elegant short mehndi design, gol tikka design, asymmetric mehndi, simple finger design, circular pattern, black hand simple mehndi, fusion style mehndi, criss-cross, heart-shaped and a lot of mehndi designs for eid that create an auspicious look to help you celebrate the joys of this peaceful occasion.

Moroccan mehndi design:

Moroccan mehndi styles have originated from the middle-east. They look geometric and more stylish than other cultural patterns. These mehndi designs consist of big and small squares types. They also contain rectangles and triangles which are merged to create another unique art. Girls prefer to create some beautiful flowery patterns surrounding their geometric figures that make the overall look more amazing & interesting. Such auspicious designs can be applied on foot, hands, neck, legs, shoulders, and back. These are the popular mehndi designs for Eid so far.

Bangle style design:

Bangle style mehndi designs for Eid are getting tremendous popularity due to their graceful nature. It’s a style in which mehndi can cover your whole wrist, and look beautiful on your hand. It just appears to be the bangles. So the design is called bangle mehndi style. Girls craft Arabic mehndi design, Indian mehndi design, and Pakistan designs patterns around the arms and wrist that gives them a perfect edgy look. To add a more sparkly touch to the design, girls try to embellish it with multiple amazing beads and stones. They look best for simple occasions, even favorite of many girls for destination weddings and theme parties.

Floral mehndi designs:

Floral mehndi designs for Eid are much common among others. These are easy and simple, and every girl loves to apply them to any other design. These floral patterns are best for hands and feet. Floral styles are also quite versatile. You will find a great experimentation scope in this design, and you can add your own ideas to make it more attractive. Basic floral patterns are usually appropriate for simple occasions, but in festivals like Eid, you can stylize them further with flowers, leaves, dots, chains, and other designs.

Ornamental mehndi designs:

Ornamental mehndi designs for Eid look gorgeous, as they are quite different from other traditional designs. With ornamental designs, you can simply create a ring-like style, bangle or bracelet-like design, or other design that connects fingers with your wrist. These ornamental designs are best for Eid, as they do not cover your hands full and only cover the part where you wear jewelry, like fingers and wrist.

Tattoo mehndi designs:

A tattoo is basically a simple and temporary style that stays on your body for a few months. But when it comes to applying a tattoo with mehndi, then you will find various styles that are different from traditional mehndi designs. Tattoo mehndi takes some time to disappear, like 2-3 three weeks. The artists also add sugar, honey, lemon, and their mixtures to the tattoo mehndi to make your design long-lasting and attractive. After that, the artists use a brush or needle to apply the design delicately on your hands. The tattoo mehndi basically consists of ink, so it takes some time to dry. Tattoo mehndi designs for Eid are not much common in Pakistan but quite popular in Morocco and Egypt.

Meaningful mehndi design ideas:

signs for Eid are intended to give some hidden meaning crafted in the mehndi design. These designs are applied by a newly married woman who crafts his husband’s name on her hand. Or make a heart-shaped style and other patterns that give some hidden meaning about her life. Girls also create their favorite shapes and icons that inspire them and create initials of their names for the most gorgeous look.

Rosette and filigree designs:

Rosette and filigree mehndi designs include rose-like patterns which include a big part of the unique mehndi design. Different patterns of rose designs run with the complete flow and make every design look best on your hand.

However, in the past few years, there was a trend in such a rosette mehndi design that simply turned into a beautiful delicate pattern, such as filigree.

This pattern is the same, as it’s made on your hands and looks gorgeous like a bouquet of roses. Floral and filigree designs are included in the most beautiful category of mehndi designs for Eid.

Black mehndi patterns:

Brown and red mehndi designs for Eid are so common in India and Pakistan, but have you created a design with black mehndi? If so, you must know how beautiful it looks. Black mehndi is quite shiny, has thicker outlines, and gives pure blackish color after washing hands. Some specific designs could be created with black mehndi. These patterns have a unique look than brown mehndi, and the flowers created with this mehndi look stunning and more natural.

White mehndi patterns:

After trying traditional mehndi, white mehndi also looks amazing which is new in trend. This style of mehndi has got huge popularity over the years. White mehndi doesn’t only look traditional, but it’s also a great substitute for brown or black mehndi. White mehndi is popular in Western and Southeast Asian countries. Whereas in Asian regions, the regular mehndi style is more loved, even irreplaceable.

Glittering design ideas:

Glitter mehndi highlights the detailed patterns of your mehndi and gives a new look to your design. That’s the reason, many young girls prefer glitter mehndi designs for Eid that can also complement their dress. Most importantly, glitter mehndi is available in every color so you can easily match with your outfit and makeup. For example, blue mehndi with strokes of pink glitters simply look incredible, especially if the dress contains these contrasted shades then the elegance looks double and more amazing. Glitter mehndi is available in several colors, such as yellow, pink, red, blue, green, gold, and purple. Fancy glittering designs look more prominent on thick outlines. Girls also use mauve shimmers with an eye-catching blue gel that further gives a mesmerizing look. You can simply get a minimal look with glitter designs, especially on Eids and weddings.

The lace glove style mehndi:

The lacy mehndi design pattern on the backside of your hand and the wrist looks unique and modern; such amazing designs look intricate and just give a clear illusion of wearing anything lace glove. The style has several floral petals-like designs that make a great lacy glove look. This mehndi design looks modern, especially for newlywed girls.

Peacock style:

Peacock mehndi designs for Eid have a peafowl structure which is quite popular in trend. This style has taken great inspiration from mor-pankh, known as feathers of a peacock. It looks most beautiful, and when you draw this from mehndi it looks stunning. There are different varieties in peacock style, which include peacock design for brides, Western peacock, Arabic peacock, simple peacock, shaded peacock, Indian black peacock, unique peacock, bail style peacock, floral peacock, abstract peacock, Arabian peacock, and much more.

Cris-cross mehndi designs:

Many girls do not prefer the same designs on both hands, they love to choose two different styles for their hands. In criss-cross style, your right hand will have Mandala mehndi style, while a beautiful and unique criss-cross design will be made on your hand. These designs will look awesome on Eid and create more uniqueness and style.

Minimalist mehndi style:

If you are looking for some easy mehndi designs for eid that can go with your simple Eid look, then trying Minimalist mehndi is best for your styling needs. This mehndi style is different from the usual mehndi, as it’s not bold or thick. Girls even try this design on their back of the neck, on their wrist, or can even create on fingers for a decent look. It is good for the girls who choose a subtle look for Eid occasions.

Back mehndi trend:

In 2020, mehndi is not just limited to your hands and feet. Because many girls want a more adventurous look and try something different to look unique, that’s why they choose to apply mehndi on their back. Back mehndi designs for Eid could be simpler and intricate that can stylize the back area of your body perfectly. This style is best when you have plans to wear a Saari, backless kurta, and top that shows your half skin on the back.

Hanging star design:

Many girls love unique mehndi patterns, but they also don’t want to fill their hands. If you are one of those girls, then don’t worry. Hanging star pattern is best for you. This is one of the unique mehndi styles. These cute and sweet designs can be created to celebrate the beauty of Eid occasion and also attract people towards your hands. Girls also make small mehndi patterns by creating one kind of motif only.

Heart-shaped mehndi design:

The heart is one of the easiest shapes to draw with mehndi. Especially if you are a new bride then this design will simply enhance the beauty of your occasion. There are multiple patterns in heart-shaped design, which include rose heart pattern, adjoining hearts, soul stringer, bracelet heart design, single huge heart, floral heart, colored hearts, hearty feat, and much more to inspire you. These simple mehndi designs 2020 for eid are favorite of every young girl, as these designs attract them more than other traditional ones.

Creative ideas to mention your to-be husband’s name

If you are a new bride and it’s your first Eid with your husband, then you must love to mention his name on your hand with mehndi. Now there are different ways to hide his name on your hand. Like girls create one big heart with mehndi and strike the name of their husband in the middle. Other than that, you can also scatter all the alphabets of your husband’s name on your hand. Moreover, girls also love to mention the alphabets on their fingertips. One style is more common than all, writing the name in the circle created on your ring finger.

Latest ideas for beginners:

Mehndi designs are quite complicated for both even experts and beginners. That’s the reason, every girl tends to make simple and easy designs according to the latest trends. There are multiple ideas for beginners, for example, simple floral designs are easy to make. Other than that, bracelet mehndi, shaded flowers, Arabic mehndi, easy contemporary mehndi, mesh style mehndi, stunning hand glove mehndi, Easy heart mehndi, fusion mehndi, trendy half jaali mehndi, Moroccan style, and much more for beginners.

What are some easy mehndi designs?

When it comes to easy mehndi designs for Eid, everyone wants to create beautiful but easy styles that look perfect and gorgeous. Some easy designs include floral styles, gol Tikki, half fingers design, peacock design, criss-cross pattern, and hanging star designs.

Medicinal properties of mehndi:

Mehndi is getting extremely popular due to several medicinal reasons spread all across the globe. Mehndi is also a part of multiple cosmetic purposes, which is even used as a conditioner as well as considered as the best dye for hair of both men & women. It is one of the natural dyes that cater to the elegant color of the hair and provide some lustrous appearance. Moreover, mehndi applied on hands gives some cooling effects and also used as a relief for a headache.

Important tips for the darker color of a mehndi:

Many girls love to apply beautiful mehndi designs for eid because they like the darker possible shade. If you want your mehndi to appear darker for Eid, then it’s best to apply these tips.

  •       Let your mehndi dry for 2-3 hours
  •       Dab 3-4 drops of lemon juice
  •       Also apply sugar, lime juice, and olive oil for long-lasting dark color
  •       Apply Vicks and try clove smoke
  •       Apply mustard oil
  •       Also, apply the best quality eucalyptus oil

Bottom line:

All the above-mentioned designs are quite easy to apply which is also the latest trend. You don’t need to spend hours making intricate designs because you have all the ideas that can help you select the best design. So when it comes to choosing mehndi designs for Eid in 2020, then scan the list once again and find some elegant choices that create a perfect look for your hands and feet. If you need more suggestions, you can even consult with RJ’s pret designers as they can guide you efficiently according to current popular trends.

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