Advance Eid Mubarak- How to celebrate the religious occasion?

Advance Eid Mubarak and festival of sacrifice

Billions of Muslims around the world prepare for the remarkable occasion of Eid al-Adha every year and greet advance Eid Mubarak to celebrate this beautiful festival of sacrifice.

This festival is also called the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’. The greater Eid or Barri Eid is the second-most important festival in Islam which is celebrated all around the world with pure joys and enthusiasm. The occasion lasts for three-days, and all the Muslims come together to celebrate and honor the devotion of respectable Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) with feasting.

This peaceful Islamic festival marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage which is one of the most significant pillars of Islam. It’s an important duty of all Muslims to perform Hajj at least once in their life. Therefore, people tend to celebrate the occasion with full excitement and by following all the Islamic procedures. Here RJ’s pret has also compiled a guide that will help you understand everything about Eid-ul-Adha and the associated festivities.

What is Eid-ul-Adha? What is the meaning of Advance Eid Mubarak?

Advance Eid Mubarak wishes are mainly delivered to all Muslims around the world. However, before continuing further and explaining the main festivities of this beautiful occasion, let’s have a deeper insight into the history of Eid-ul- Adha.

Before you greet Eid Mubarak in advance 2021 or send Eid Mubarak wishes in advance to your family, it’s important to understand everything in detail. Our respectable Prophet Ibrahim and his wife never had a son. They have had been praying for several years for a child. Allah responded to their prayers and gave them Prophet Ismail who always cherished the hearts of his respectable parents. Then one night, Allah asked Prophet Ibrahim to make a sacrifice of his son in the path of Allah. After that, Prophet Ibrahim and his wife traveled back to Mecca so they can undertake this sacrifice for Allah. When Prophet Ibrahim put a knife on Ismail’s throat, Allah SWT instructed Ibrahim to not make this sacrifice, and instead provided him with the ram. Then Prophet Ibrahim cut the throat of the animal which is now celebrated as the occasion of Eid- ul Adha. On this Eid, Muslims honor this devotion of Prophet Ibrahim by making the sacrifice of goat, camel, sheep, or cow in their homes. Different developed countries like Egypt and the UK perform this Islamic ritual openly on streets in quite unhygienic surroundings so they can avoid the spread of other diseases caused by germs. Before making this sacrifice, Muslims make preparations for Eid and send Advance Eid Mubarak wishes to their family and friends.

Advance Eid Mubarak celebrations:

After advance eid Mubarak wishes, people make good deeds through this sacrifice, so every person is required to contribute some portion. Since one small animal like a goat equals one portion, which is not enough for a big family or massive distribution. Therefore it’s important to opt for a camel or a cow as both of these animals have seven portions which are good enough for big families as well as massive distribution among the poor. After making portions, families divide the meat equally so they can use it for celebrating feasts with family and friends. People also distribute that to their closer relatives who are not present in the gathering. And also to the poor who do not afford to make sacrifices. Many families who have not performed this sacrifice tend to purchase halal meat for enjoying their lunch and dinner, and then donate money all the money to charity.

The process of animal sacrifice:

Some non-believers feel trouble in accepting this sacrifice, and wonder when Muslims say ‘advance bakra Eid Mubarak’. That’s the reason, Muslims explain this festival and its importance to their Christian friends and also not forget them while celebrating the occasion. Because it’s an event when they make sure that everyone has good food on their plates. Then at the moment of sacrifice, the goat or cow is faced towards the direction of Mecca and the appointed person holds a sharp knife, recite Ayahs, and say Bismillah. After that, he draws the sharp blade in a quick motion across the throat of an animal. This beholds extreme significance and your animal feels no paid or suffering besides some initial painful moments.

Salat al-Eid

Besides greeting advance Eid Mubarak to the friends and family, the festivities of Eid al-Adha starts with the special Eid prayer called ‘Salat al-Eid’, which is then followed by a specific person who gives Khutbah. According to tradition, this is followed by a final sacrifice. And then the rest of the day, families visit their friends and relatives to wish Eid Mubarak. This is basically a traditional Arabic greeting, which is continued with swapping gifts.

Meaning of advance Eid Mubarak:

When people meet and greet with their family & friends on Eid, they say, Eid Mubarak, which means they are conveying good wishes on this beautiful occasion. Advance Eid Mubarak means, people are sending their wishes before the occasion of Eid. And wishing their loved ones before Eid day.

Difference between Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr:

Many people confuse Eid al-Adha with Eid al-Fitr. Although we convey the same greeting ‘Eid Mubarak’ on both occasions, there is a difference between their festivities. When we look at the similarities, we may find that people put mehndi on their hands, wear new clothes, and arrange gatherings with family and friends.

Eid al-Fitr usually happens a month before Eid al-Adha which is also called ‘Bakra Eid’. Eid ul Fitr marks the end of Holy month Ramadan, in which Muslims fast for 20 days. The purpose of this month is to shower our love and gratitude for Allah and give charities which are also called Zakat.

Eid ul Adha celebration process:

While in Eid ul Adha, people celebrate the occasion with meat which is the main festivity of this occasion, Eid al-Fitr is also called ‘Sweet Eid’ as we eat and distribute desserts, sweets, and other things. Kheer, Sawiyan are the main dishes of this event. People cook vermicelli in sweetened milk and then decorate it with dried fruits, this is the favorite dish of many South Asian countries.

How should you reply to Eid Mubarak?

According to many people, saying Advance Eid Mubarak is the best way to express your heartiest concerns before the day of Eid. So when you convey your advance wishes, it means you are sending best regards to your friends and family. And it could be best translated as have a blessed Eid occasion, or simply have a happy Eid.

You can reply with similar greetings, like Advance Eid Mubarak to you too, Khair Mubarak, Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid to you too, etc.

But definitely, the most common reply among all is Advance Eid Mubarak to you too. It expresses your kind regards towards the sender. This greeting is more about a cultural tradition as compared to some religious traditions. Expressing greetings is not only common in Pakistan or other Islamic countries, but this is also popular all around the world. Even non-Muslims also love to greet their Muslim friends with the same words on the beautiful occasion of Eid.

When does Eid ul Adha take place?

Eid al-Adha always celebrated on the 10th of the last Muslim month. Since the calendar follows the moon dates, so the date and celebration happen according to the moon’s phases. Now it means, the Muslim calendar is almost 11 days shorter than the English calendar (January–December). Hence, Eid al-Adha is celebrated on different dates according to the moon phases. This year in 2021, Eid ul Adha will take place on 31st July 2021 with the second day of Hajj.

What are the common ways to say Advance Eid Mubarak?

People who cannot meet physically or arrange any small or big gathering on the occasion of Eid, or cannot even say Advance Eid Mubarak, usually prefer to convey their heartiest greetings through multiple amazing ways. They use different words and sentences so they can celebrate the occasion with more joys and peace. The purpose of giving the greetings is to send prayers, like may Allah bless you with good health, wealth, happiness, and abundant love.

Some most common ways to say Advance Eid Mubarak are mentioned below:

  1. Have a blessed advanced Eid to you and your family
  2. Advance Bakra Eid Mubarak
  3. Advance Eid Mubarak to you and your family. Have a blessed day.
  4. May Allah’s blessings be showered on you on this beautiful occasion.
  5. May Allah accept your sacrifice and answer your prayers.
  6. Advance Eid Mubarak. May you celebrate this Eid with more joy and peace.
  7. Eid Mubarak Advance.
  8. With all the blessings and peace on this joyous Eid day. Happy Eid al-Adha.
  9. Wishing you a happy bakra Eid, may Allah accept your good deeds on this occasion.

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha as a religious holiday:

This beautiful festival of sacrifice commemorates the heart-warming story of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. They followed the commandments of Allah and then He blessed them with ram so they can slaughter the animal instead of his son. All the able-bodied Muslims who have great financial means have to conduct Hajj once in a life. It’s their religious duty commanded by Allah SWT. So if you have all the means to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage, you should take part in this religious holiday which is one of the five major pillars of Islam.

What is the Islamic ritual in the last days of Hajj?

Now in the last days of Hajj, all the male pilgrims are commanded to shave heads and then remove their white terrycloth dress worn to perform Hajj. On the other side, females are also commanded to cut a small lock of hair which is mainly a religious sign of spiritual rebirth.

How many Muslims took park in Hajj in 2019?

As stated by the Saudi General Authority for Statistics, there were more than 2 million Muslims who took part in the Hajj in 2019, with more than 700,000 from all around the world. Before leaving for Hajj, pilgrims wish their family Advance Eid Mubarak so they can convey their heartiest concerns before the day of Eid.

After Hajj, pilgrims also mark the day with animal sacrifice, like goat, cow, or camel, and distribute meat among poor, family members, and friends.

How is Greater Eid celebrated all around the World?

In all the Muslim countries of the world, Eid al-Adha is celebrated as a public holiday that mainly involves the slaughtering and sacrificing of animals, specifically goat and cow. This is also known as Qurbani in the Urdu language. Before Qurbani, Muslims gather to pray in the mosques. And then make sacrifices. After that, they get busy in family gatherings, and the meet & greet session starts. This beautiful day always begins with Morning Prayer, Muslims exchange gifts, foods, and even clothes.

The Islamic tradition of slaughtering animals:

Before the occasion, Muslims also greet Advance Eid Mubarak and send their heartiest wishes to each other for celebrating the beauty of this religious occasion. In Pakistan alone, more than 10 million animals slaughter each year which marks as millions of followers believe in this Islamic tradition and celebrate the beauty of this occasion.

Advance Eid Mubarak Wishes:

Eid-ul-Adha is one of the biggest Islamic festivals that is celebrated all around the world with religious joys and excitement. It is the best Islamic holiday when everyone meets and greets each other and makes sure their friends and family are having good food. As the celebration is all about animal sacrifice, people arrange get-togethers to enjoy meat festivities. People also greet advance Eid Mubarak to their friends and family through different heart-warming texts, wishes, quotes, and poetry.

Saying Advance Eid Mubarak for making strong connections

People say Eid Mubarak and Advance Eid Mubarak with love, care, and gratitude which expresses their utmost attachment with each other. These kinds of expressions are given in the form of Eid ul Adha’s wishes and texts. Now social platforms also play a vital role in making strong connections among people. You will see several upcoming technology innovations that can help you share the love in a more dedicated way.

The trend of sending Eid Mubarak SMS:

People send SMS Eid Mubarak in advance, which is the oldest trend but still loved by many people. You will find the Eid ul Adha SMS portal where you can get all the beautiful wishes and kind greetings to send to your loved ones. You can also post them on social media channels and can send them through SMS to celebrate this wonderful Islamic occasion. You can simply make them feel special by sending lots of love and care to this festival. Many sites create the Eid ul Adha portal through which you can send them prayers and greetings. So you can have a chance to send all the heart-touching messages to pass on your love to your special ones.

Advance eid Mubarak SMS:

Sending Eid Mubarak is not an issue today, you can simply send a text message filled with your heartiest concerns and wishes and convey everything you want. Here you will find a great collection of all the Eid Mubarak SMS which can be sent to your mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, friends, and other members of the family.

  • I wish you advance Eid Mubarak and the blessings of hope, love, and peace on this beautiful occasion.
  • May this blessed occasion of Eid give you all the reasons to smile and spread happiness & peace. Advance Eid Mubarak to you and your family.
  • Sending you hope, laughter, love, and peace on this beautiful occasion. Accept Advance Eid Mubarak.
  • Enjoy this beautiful occasion and be grateful to Allah for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you. Advance Eid Mubarak.
  • Eid Mubarak. May Allah’s blessings are with you and your family
  • May Allah bring joys, peace, prosperity, and happiness on this beautiful occasion.
  • May Allah fill your life with loads of happiness and peace. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

Eid Mubarak quotes:

Eid is one of the most beautiful Islamic festivals that spread peace, happiness, and prosperity all around the world. To help peacefully celebrate this occasion, here we have gathered a list of some impactful Eid Mubarak in advance quotes. Check out the list and select your favorite to send to your loved ones.

  • I am sending you more than just a simple Eid Wish, want to wish you more than a simple message too, as it’s an occasion that is filled with warm and loving thoughts for you. Advance Eid Mubarak
  • I hope that this Eid day brings love, warmth, happy hours, and many happy things. Have a blissful eid. Advance Eid Mubarak
  • Eid ul Adha is a beautiful occasion to rejoice and live your life in bliss, it is a day to spread peace and happiness, it is a day to shower love and care, and to ponder, it is a day to come together and celebrate the day happily. Advance Eid Mubarak.

How do Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha all around the world?

Eid is a peaceful occasion of celebrating happiness and peace. It’s an event when we celebrate the day with our family and friends. We let go of all the bad memories and grudges and tend to build strong connections with each other on this lovely occasion. All around the world, Eid festivities vary. All the countries have different ways and cultural approaches to mark the importance of this day. Saying Eid Mubarak is a tradition that is almost similar everywhere in the world, let’s check out some other ways adopted by everywhere in the world.

  • In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, all the Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Adha as a 4-day religious festival, instead of 3-day celebrations which are popular in different countries of the world. They all wish Eid Mubarak and send greetings before the day of Eid. All shops, offices, and markets get close and all the Muslims perform special religious duties and prayers. They perform Qurbani to commemorate the memory of Prophet Ibrahim. After animal sacrifices, they distribute the meat among relatives, friends, and the poor. In other countries, many families come together to exchange gifts as well.

  • In USA & Europe:

In the USA and Europe, Muslims skip their breakfast and then visit their nearby mosque for Eid prayers and the sermon. After that, they return home and perform Qurbani, and say Eid Mubarak to their family and friends. In European countries, their 5-day work schedule disturbs the occasion as it prevents people from spending Eid together. It’s common for many people to go straight to their or attend school after Eid prayer. And then they can’t celebrate the occasion together until the weekend. But saying Advance Eid Mubarak and sending greetings to their loved ones is quite common in Western countries as well.

  • Egypt:

Eid ul-Adha is celebrated with special excitement in Egypt. The occasion is generally called as ‘Eid-el-Kibr’ in Egypt. People also greet Advance eid Mubarak before the day of Eid. The occasion marks special significance as compared to Eid ul-Fitr. This day starts in a traditional way like Muslims perform special Eid prayers and attend sermon with a large gathering. People meet with their special ones and greet each other by saying ‘kol sana wa inta tayeb’. It means, ‘I hope every Eid, you find a lot of happiness, prosperity, and peace.’

After greeting, Qurbani meat is then donated with peace and generosity to share happiness with others. People who enjoy good financial status give meat to all the charitable organizations as well as distribute foodstuffs to the people who are dying from hunger. So all the poor and needy people look forward to this occasion so they can receive nutritious meat.

  • In Bangladesh:

Besides wishing advance Eid Mubarak, Eid is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bangladesh, Eid-ul-Adha is usually called ‘Kurbanir Eid’ or ‘Bakri Eid’ in the country. The occasion is usually observed as a religious festival. Eid festivities and preparations begin a couple of days before the day of Eid. Shops, gift stores, and clothing brands stock their shelves different items and accessories so families come and buy to celebrate the occasion with excitement.

Then on the Eid day, the animal sacrifice begins. In Bangladesh, buffaloes, cows, and goats are chosen for slaughtering that directly begins after Eid prayer. The animal sacrifice tradition begins for 3-4 days in Bangladesh. People love to wear new clothes and arrange get-togethers to mark the beauty of this occasion.

Advance Eid Mubarak funny pictures:

You must have seen different funny pictures of cows and goats circulated every year of eid. These pictures do not only make us laugh but also make our celebration special. People look for advance bakra Eid Mubarak images to send to their friends and family so they can celebrate the day with everyone by laughing and spreading smiles. You can also check Facebook and Instagram to gather a collection of funny pictures of stylish cows & goats. Besides sending them to others, you can also decorate your desktop by setting them as wallpaper. People create different gifs and memes for social media platforms and update their timelines according to the latest trend.

Bakra Eid poetry:

Sending wishes, quotes, and advance eid Mubarak messages are common which make the connection stronger with each other. Besides that, people also love to share heartwarming poetry with their loved ones, as it further creates warmth and peace in your relations. People also share poetry about Chaand Raat and Eid day, which feels amazing and increases the excitement of Eid.

In Pakistan and India, people also share funny poetry images and gifs in both Urdu and Hindi and make the connection stronger and healthier which ultimately gives more joy and peace. Sharing sad eid Mubarak advance Shayari is also a trend as we miss our loved ones who have recently died and miss the connection we shared with them on previous Eid. Some people are also away from us on Eid and living out of the city or country and couldn’t manage to come back to celebrate with their loved ones. So people cherish their love by sending them sad & emotional poetry so they can warm each other’s hearts with kind words and feelings.

Eid Mubarak advance cards:

Bakra Eid Poetry Product ImageGiving Eid greetings cards is the oldest tradition that can never lose its importance to date. Because giving presents, Eid cards, and other items to the loved ones are the best impression that makes your connection healthier with each other. Even people also create these greeting cards at home and decorate them with different items like laces, sequins, buttons, and beads. This is just a lovely way to say advance eid Mubarak to your dear ones which shows how much you cherish this occasion and your relationship.

People also mention Eid Mubarak in advance in English onto those cards and add pictures of each other’s to further express their love and care. However, if you think you are not creative enough to create the cards, you can simply buy them from a reliable shop and mention your heartiest wishes as an impression of love and gratitude.

Eid Mubarak festivities- Eid ul Adha celebrations:

As we know that Eid-ul-Fitr is all about eating sweet food items, vermicelli, chaat, wearing new clothes, and collecting Eidi. Then Eid-ul-Adha is simply about the meat food items including, Mutton roast, yummy Kababs, Dunba biryani, and delicious BBQs. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear new clothes, chooriya, or apply Mehendi. These are also part of this beautiful festival which makes your Eid more mesmerized and fun-filled. After all, looking beautiful is the priority of every girl so they buy different colorful clothing, apply stylish mehndi, wear trendy footwear, and buy matching jewelry.

Common Chaand Raat activities:

Well, the central element of Eid-ul-Azha which makes the occasion special is the slaughtering of cows and goats that simply brings a great enchantingly rustic effect to ultimately double the elegance. So on the Chaand Raat, girls get busy in applying beautiful mehndi, apply facial cleansers, and all the boys take their animals to ‘Daily Bakra Walk’ where they doll up their animals in attractive costumes. They also decorate them with ribbons, balloons, as well as sparkling glitters.

It brings childhood memories:

The event also seems nostalgic, because it brings hundreds of beautiful childhood memories. You start missing the moments when all the family members gather to enjoy foggy BBQ nights. And share their childhood bakra buying experience and firecrackers.

Is the particular smell of Qurbani meat is bearable?

However, the negative thing about this festival is the unpleasant smell of raw meat. It feels quite the worst, especially for vegetarian people. So that day becomes the smelly day for them and they hide in their rooms and other corners of the house.

Whatever, this occasion is the most important part of the Muslim religion, a beautiful day when all the Muslims in the world perform Qurbani in the path of Allah. They also love to greet Advance Eid Mubarak before the day of Eid and meet with their family and friends. The trend of collecting Eidi is also special in this event and kids and girls gather in groups to ask for money from their elders. Everything looks special and mesmerizing which doubles the happiness of eid. People also share their happiness in the form of eid cards, eid messages, and gifts.

Meat distribution among poor and the relatives:

As we all know that the head of the family accompanied by the appointed persons is responsible for the Qurbani of their animal. For the least suffering of the animal, they face it towards Mecca and put a sharp knife on its throat. After reciting Ayahs and Bismillah, they cut the throat, let the blood expel from the Halal flesh, and finish the process of Qurbani. Now they move towards the next phase which is the distribution of meat among the poor, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

They divide that meat into three parts, and each part has some special meanings. The first part is specific for family, the second part should be reserved for friends and relatives, and the third part must be given to the poor and needy. This shows their charitable and supportive attitude towards this beautiful Islamic festival. Hence, this wonderful Eid festival always represents care, love, solidarity, and unity among Muslims.

Traditional foods of Eid ul Adha:

Besides greeting advance Eid Mubarak, food is also one of the most integral and important parts of the Eid ul Adha celebration, because people love to taste different meaty items to celebrate the beauty of this occasion. The actual meaning of this holy festival is basically the “sacrifice feast”, which is celebrated with enthusiasm all across the world. Every Muslim loves to prepare delicious food items on this beautiful occasion.  Food items comprise yummy dishes and sweet desserts.

If cooking yummy items on Eid is your topmost concern for this Eid, then it’s best to check out the list of popular eatables that are loved all across the world. Bakr Eid is a dream come true for food lovers, they can’t resist the tantalizing spread of meaty and flavorsome delicacies. Some favorite items include:

  • Beef biryani
  • Kebabs
  • Roast lamb
  • Bihari boti
  • Baked ribs
  • BBQ
  • Karahi gosht
  • Shinwari
  • Mutton Qorma
  • Beef Haleem
  • Karahi fried chops

Eid shopping:

Like all the shopping lovers, the Pakistani audience also feels excited about shopping for Eid ul Adha. They love to buy colorful clothing, matching jewelry, stylish shoes, and different accessories to enhance their Eid look. People love to shop and visit stores to buy several fashion items. As we know that online buying and selling are also popular these days, but still people love to visit local stores so they can cherish the Eid more wonderfully. The reason is, they love to try before buy, especially when they need to buy clothes and shoes. Online shopping sites are competing with local stores and also providing some unique items all around the world. The benefit to buy online items is, you can find things on discounted rates. For example, a dress available in 50% may not be available in any physical store at this price.

Eid Mehndi designs:

You cannot deny the importance of mehndi on any special occasion, especially when the occasion is Eid, it feels incomplete without applying beautiful mehndi designs. That’s why every lady tends to find some effortless and timeless mehndi designs to celebrate the occasion more wonderfully. Like Choti Eid, girls also celebrate Chaand Raat before the day of Eid and decorate their hands and feet with amazing mehndi styles. So if you are looking for advanced Eid Mubarak mehndi designs. Here you can find something trendy yet stylish.

These are some most common advanced eid Mubarak mehndi designs in 2021:

  • Arabic mehndi
  • Moroccan mehndi
  • Gol tikka mehndi
  • Indo-Arabic mehndi
  • Peacock mehndi styles
  • Swirl mehndi designs
  • Mehndi tattoos
  • Arabic rose pattern mehndi
  • Quirky mehndi designs
  • Minimalistic mehndi
  • Elegant and elaborative mehndi
  • Modern twist mehndi
  • Arabic complex mehndi
  • Bail mehndi designs
  • White mehndi designs
  • Gorgeous nails mehndi
  • Artistic mehndi
  • Finger mehndi designs
  • Dotted mehndi designs
  • Chain mehndi
  • Foot mehndi

If you want to get the darkest possible color of your mehndi, then it’s recommended to apply lemon juice, sugar, and olive oil. This mixture will give the most beautiful color that will last long for at least 2 weeks. Many girls also love to visit mehndi stalls or street artists so they can get a flawless design. They also apply ‘thappa mehndi’ designs as it’s not time taking and give a beautiful reddish-brownish tone as well.

Favorite online shopping sites for Eid ul Adha:

Eid shopping is one of the most exciting experiences for girls, boys, and kids. They love to shop for different items that suit their style and also according to the latest trend. So when it comes to buying jewelry, handbags, mehndi, or other accessories, people love to explore different online mediums from where they can buy anything they want at affordable costs. To name a few,, funky fish, and RJ’s pret are the two most reliable shopping sites that offer everything you need to celebrate your occasion.

You can buy stylish and high-quality clothing, daily life items, unique jewelry, colorful footwear, and much more. So if you want to have a flawless shopping experience, visit the sites today or check out their social media platforms where they showcase all the products and offer discounted rates as well. Moreover, you need to buy the things for at least 1 week before Eid. You can also buy and gift the items to your loved ones and wish them advance Eid Mubarak in the form of gifts and their favorite items.

Eid clothes shopping:

If you want to stylize your personality beautifully this Eid, then you need to explore the list of some famous brands that can provide high-quality clothing that lasts for years. For example, the best clothing brand RJ’s pret offers a luxurious clothing collection for Eid. Their high-quality lawn is celebrity-approved and popular in India, US, UK, France, Italy, and Dubai.

What are the common colors of Eid collection?

Their special Eid collection comprises pastel and bright tones, the dresses are all stitched uniquely and decorated with embroidery, patches, lacework, beads, and stones. Moreover, they have an exquisite selection of colors that are suitable for every age group. You can find any dress design which includes lawn Kurtis, Kurtas, short frocks, long frocks, chiffon shirts, net shirts, tops, jeans, peplums, asymmetric styles, digital prints, loose wrap dresses, silk tunics, and 3 pc lawn dresses. From grey to pink, and violet to maroon, all the colors are available according to your choice. You can also buy and gift a dress to your special ones and greet advance Eid Mubarak in a special way.

What are the common eid Mubarak activities in Pakistan?

When you take a deeper look and analyze everything closely, you will find that Pakistani people celebrate Eid in a joyous way and make the occasion more special and memorable by participating in these activities. Advance Eid Mubarak activities involve:

  • Applying advance Eid Mubarak mehndi
  • Buying new clothes, shoes, and jewelry
  • Sending texts and advance eid Mubarak greetings
  • Creating pics of eid Mubarak in advance
  • Posting memes and Bakra eid Mubarak in advance image
  • Cooking delicious meaty items including beef, kebabs, beef Haleem and BBQ
  • Arranging small get-togethers
  • Meetings with friends and family
  • Delivering Eid Mubarak cards
  • Giving Eid is too young
  • Planning outdoor trips with friends and family

How do kids celebrate eid ul Adha?

Since Eid ul Adha is a festival celebrated with pure religious fervor, many Muslims perform all the Islamic duties associated with the occasion. As this is the most important event in Islam, so kids are also not behind in celebrating this beautiful occasion. They plan different activities and make the day enjoyable by having such pleasant moments. They also wish advance eid Mubarak to their friends and family.

  • Kids apply mehndi a day before Eid
  • They wish their friends Advance Eid Mubarak to their parents and siblings
  • They participate in different cooking activities
  • They collect Eidi from their elders
  • They create Eid greeting cards with chart papers, markers, and apply beads & other items
  • They buy new clothes and shoes
  • They also watch Eid related shows

How do young girls celebrate Eid?

Young girls anxiously wait for this beautiful occasion as they love to buy new things to look different and attractive from others. They celebrate this occasion by participating in several amazing activities. We have highlighted some important ones to give you an idea about their preparations.

  • Girls buy new clothes, matching jewelry, and stylish shoes for Eid
  • They send Advance Eid Mubarak messages to their friends
  • They also upload their Advance Eid Mubarak status and images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’
  • They send advance Eid Mubarak cards to their friends
  • Girls apply stylish mehndi on Chaand Raat
  • They also clean and decorate their house
  • They help their mothers in Qurbani activities, like cleaning the house, distributing meats, and dividing the sections
  • Girls also collect Eidi from their elder siblings and parents
  • They love to cook delicious meals including, biryani, kebabs, beef Haleem and much more
  • Some girls also watch cooking shows to try new recipes
  • Girls visit their friends and cousins and make outdoor plans
  • They take pictures and upload on social media

How do boys celebrate Eid ul Adha?

Boys are also not behind the race when it comes to celebrating Eid ul Adha. They love to participate in different activities and make the occasion purely memorable and joyous. They love to do these things on Eid:

  • Boys love to manage ‘bakra walks’ before Eid and try to spend maximum time with their animals. They love to feed the animals and then take them outside for a walk.
  • Boys love to participate in Qurbani and help out the elders or appointed person at the time of sacrifice
  • They also send advance Eid Mubarak messages to their friends and cousins.
  • They buy Kurtas to attend sermon and perform eid prayers
  • They visit mosques for Eid prayers
  • Boys also help their females in distributing and dividing the meat
  • They make outing plans with their friends and cousins
  • They enjoy their holidays by watching movies and playing games

Some important facts to know about Eid celebrations:

Below are some most important facts about advanced Eid Mubarak celebrations, have a look and plan your Eid activities:

  • Eid festivities begin a day before Eid when people start sending advance Eid Mubarak
  • We celebrate Eid ul Adha on the 10th of every Dhul Hijjah as per Islamic Calendar
  • You can celebrate the occasion any time after sunrise and before the Zuhr prayer
  • Muslims celebrate the occasion according to Islamic tradition, they perform wudhu, offer Fajr prayer, follow extra cleanliness, wear new clothing, perform special prayers, and attend sermons.
  • Special Eid prayers are performed in large gatherings that represent strength and unity.
  • Muslims always pay attention to the total number of Takbeers, because many people often incorrectly perform this. It holds the utmost importance like the first Rakat has seven Takbeers as well as the second Rakat comprises of five Rakats.
  • They attend the sermon after the prayer. Because it the religious duty of every Muslim. It usually lasts for 15-20 minutes.
  • After special prayers, Muslims undertake the special Qurbani ritual that especially entails the sacrifice of cow or goat. After that, they divide the Qurbani meat into three portions and distribute it among the poor, family, and friends. Islam teaches us to feed the hungry, the less privileged and to look out for the well-being of our neighbors
  • Following the sermon, Muslims embrace and exchange greetings with each other. Children often get Eidis from their elders. Friends and families make plans and spend time together. It marks a beautiful day to celebrate the occasion with joys and excitement.

Once after sending advance Eid Mubarak wishes to the day when all the festivities of Eid concluded successfully, people get back to the normal routines and pray that may Allah accept their sacrifices and bless them with happiness and peace.

Greet Eid Mubarak by following the Perfect fashion trends

If you are a fashion enthusiast and love to follow the latest fashion trends then you need to search some latest ideas and fashion inspirations that can enhance your personality wonderfully on Eid occasions. Have a look at some popular fashion trends from pop up colors to square sandals and sunset-colored dresses to neutral contemporary. As many people love to make Eid preparation after greeting advance Eid Mubarak to their family so we have come up with the trends that can help you look gorgeous and beautiful.

  • Sunset color dresses:

Every girl is obsessed with bright sunset shades these days. Especially when the occasion is Eid, they love to stylize themselves as celebrities. Because some of our favorite celebrities are also giving the same vibe so we further get impressed and love to follow their style. This traditional sunset-colored shalwar kameez trend is followed by your favorite star Iqra Aziz. The colors comprise red shades, orange, ad bright pink which purely fascinates us like a beautiful summer evening. To look more gorgeous, you can complement the dress with a colorful pair of earrings.

  • Color popping trend:

Every girl simply loves and adores color-popping trends as it makes them look fashionable and unique from others. Color popping looks attractive whether you are applying over your eyes, nails, or other accessories. Neutral and normal days never look unique unless you are adding a little style statement. You can also get ideas and leads from fashion models who are applying dark eye shadows without needing to rely on eyeliner and only sticking to simple mascara. If you don’t like eye shadows, you can simply try color pop manicure and use the shades that match with your eid dress. Girls also love bright lipsticks that make their personalities prominent and dominant among others. Especially if you are a married woman, you should try applying bright red, dark brown, maroon, and bright pink lipstick shades.

  • Pishwas style

The trend of wearing pishwas will never get old, this trend was quite famous on last Eid ul Fitr and still loved by many ladies in Pakistan. Pishwas is basically a simple long frock with wide Ghaira, the bottom is decorated with laces and tassels and matched with a colorful dupatta to enhance the style beautifully. The dress looks beautiful when paired with matching jewelry and khussas.

  • Square sandals:

Square sandals are quite popular in trend these days. These are the chicest footwear you will ever find. You can pair your outfit with matching or contrasting shade sandals that look gorgeous on your personality. These sandals are simply available in a myriad of attractive colors, and they will look absolutely perfect with both modern and contemporary style dresses. It can be presented as an advance Eid Mubarak gift too.

  • Khussas remain favorite:

Khussas sale significantly goes up in the days of Eid. People love to buy this traditional footwear as these are not only comfortable but also look stylish. Khussas symbolize our ethnicity and traditional diversity. The best part is you can buy khussas in any color and style you want. Today, many khussas are embellished with different decorations, like stars, beads, and other items decorate the footwear beautifully and give a perfect look when matched with the outfit. Khussas look cool with both shalwar kameez and frocks. You can also give them as a gift and say Advance Eid Mubarak to your loved ones through this lovely gift.

How to make Eid ul Adha special this year?

For most Muslim families, Eid is just a simple occasion that happens twice every year, and it doesn’t change anything. They just get up, wish Eid Mubarak, offer prayers, eat well and sleep for long hours. However, there should be much more than that, you should begin the celebration by wishing advance Eid Mubarak, buying new clothes, and plan something unique to mark the significance of this Holy occasion. Here are some ideas that can help you make this Eid memorable and different from previous Eids.

  • Plan things in advance:

It’s better to plan things so you can celebrate the occasion beautifully with friends and family. Arrange a family meeting a couple of days before and decide how you want to spend Eid this year. Greet advance Eid Mubarak, invite friends in the evening, and plan dinners and lunch with the family. Share your ideas with everyone in the family, including kids.

You should also discuss the menu before Eid, and plan cooking responsibilities instead of putting the workload on your mom.

  • Clean and decorate your home before Eid:

This shouldn’t be a responsibility of a single person only, instead, everyone should participate in the cleaning and decoration of the home. Make your household items as clean as you can. If the weather is warm, and you think you can easily manage & afford it, then it’s better to whitewash the house and put your beddings and mattress outside under the sun.

Once you clean the house perfectly, you can go the extra mile by decorating it with lights, streamers, or anything you want. It’s also best to involve kids in the process. Create different decorative signs of Advance Eid Mubarak or Eid Mubarak and paste these around everywhere in the house, especially outside the main door.

  • Make special meals of eid ul Adha:

As Bakra Eid is all about meat and yummy BBQs, so get your family ready for enjoying delicious meaty items. Because it’s the occasion when the family eats something unusual, be it desserts, sweets, or sour like chaat, kebabs, Haleem, and BBQ. The main point is, Eid ul Adha is special, and the things we eat on this Eid must be healthy and different from the normal routine.

  • Wish your family advance, Eid Mubarak:

Most of the families do not wish to advance Eid Mubarak and greet each other on the exact day of Eid. But it shouldn’t be like this, we should begin the celebrations a day before like in the evening by applying mehndi, wishing our friends and family, and arranging get together.

  • Have your kids make different items for each other:

Do you love the gift exchange ideas on Eid? If so, then it’s time to make some unique items for the family and friends. Get your kids to

involve in the process, and collect tools of arts & crafts for making the gifts. They look much personal and creative, save expensive trips to shopping centers. You can create each gift according to the choice of your recipient. These gifts can be given on Chaand Raat which seems the best way to greet advance Eid Mubarak.

  • Look for the people who are alone at Eid:

The best way to celebrate Eid is to spread the message of peace and happiness. Many people feel alone at Eid, most of them are immigrants and missing their families on this beautiful occasion. You can simply invite them to your place, and do hug and wish advance, Eid Mubarak. They would love to join your circle and you may feel happy to make them happy.

  • Record your Eid day activities:

From the time you wish to advance Eid Mubarak, to your family till they get ready and celebrate the occasion, record the videos and audios to make the occasion memorable and cherishing. It would certainly make a great piece of family history, and you would love to watch that when the occasion is over. If you are a responsible and tech-savvy person, you can simply do it and compile all the lovely moments in one file.

  • Head for a road trip:

There could be nothing better than traveling for celebrating Eid. You can drive your friends and family out into your favorite spot or countryside get lost in some beautiful place and unfamiliar roads. You can also go on a long drive with your partner or best friends to make the occasion memorable and classy. Spend the whole day outside and eat your favorite food items. This must be a perfect getaway of the year.

  • Share your Eid and food with neighbors:

Eid is a beautiful Islamic occasion that could be shared with neighbors as well. Share your happiness, your food, and create some wonderful Eid cards for them. You can also wish them to advance Eid Mubarak by sending sweets and desserts which also make the connection stronger and healthier.

  • Buy new clothes:

Buying clothes is the main element that cannot be ignored. People love to shop for new clothes so they can celebrate the occasion beautifully and with more excitement. It’s not necessary to go for expensive clothing. You can buy something that fits your budget or you can also wear nicer clothes if your budget is strict.  You can also donate some older clothes to the poor and the needy, so they can celebrate their Eid in a more satisfying way.

  • Go to the Muslim restaurant:

Visiting a Muslim restaurant on Eid is the best way to spend quality time with your family. By doing that, you are also helping a Muslim business grow and develop on this beautiful occasion. People also celebrate Chaand Raat by eating outside and wishing advance Eid Mubarak with their favorite friends.

Bottom line:

To wish everyone advance Eid Mubarak in a better way is definitely the most significant need of every Eid. It builds close connections and develops healthy relationships with friends and family. Besides, when you share your food and exchange gifts with others, you are simply developing a good connection with your dear ones. Understanding the real meaning of celebrating Eid is important because wearing new clothing and matching jewelry is not a basic essence of the eid. The primary reason is to donate, share happiness, and spread more love & peace. RJ’s pret helps you celebrate this wonderful occasion by offering high-quality clothing and everything you need to celebrate this blessed occasion.

We wish you advance Eid Mubarak!

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